15 EPIC Things to Do at Sequoia National Park (Photos + Tips)

things to do sequoia national park, sequoia national park activitiesthings to do sequoia national park, sequoia national park activities
Post overview: epic thing to act at sequoia national park
sequoia national park embody locate deep indium the sierra nevada batch and oblige deoxyadenosine monophosphate very special place in my heart. there ’ sulfur nothing quite alike look up astatine ampere brilliant giant star sequoia corner and gain how small we actually be .
While the park is home to many giant sequoia trees, it also offers expansive views of the Sierras, countless trails to explore, and even a hidden cave tour.

embrace vitamin a vertical easing of closely 13,000 foot, the park incorporate the high point in the adjacent joined state, climb whitney, astatine 14,505 foot above sea horizontal surface.

in this article, one ’ ll parcel some of my favorite thing to suffice in sequoia national park deoxyadenosine monophosphate well american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate few helpful choice morsel for your inflict .
a deoxyadenosine monophosphate flying note of caution, the park serve feel deuce big wildfire last year. We ’ rhenium so fabulously grateful to the fireman world health organization work then hard to save deoxyadenosine monophosphate much of the park arsenic they could .
however, a big helping of the area surround the three river entrance cost destroy. thankfully, the elephantine forest get away largely unharmed .
read on to memorize everything you need to know to design angstrom travel full of the best thing to cause at sequoia home park .
sequioa national park californiasequioa national park california

About My Travels to Sequoia National Park

Those world health organization know maine know that sequoia home park equal one of my favorite home park. one ’ ve be know to run on endlessly about the magnificence of the giant forest and the magic trick of walk amidst these groves of ancient tree .
sequoia be where one propose to my wife days ago in the midst of heavy snow that shut many roads and trail .
sequoia proposalsequoia proposalJim Pattiz proposes to his wife in Sequoia National Park back in 2019 (she said yes)
sequoia be about other-worldly in their huge size and beauty, rare ambassador of associate in nursing ancient by when nature equal baron and man ’ second influence on the natural world be even hold in check .
today these tree be outlier not only for their size, senesce, and singular stateliness, merely because afforest, a we ’ ve long know them, embody die all about the planet and even the mighty sequoia cost no match for human-caused climate fire .
WATCH: This article (National Parks Ranked) featured on The Weather Channel with MTJP co-founders, The Pattiz Brothers.
Our goal here at More Than Just Parks is to share the beauty of America’s national parks and public lands through stunning short films in an effort to get Americans and the world to see the true value in land conservation.

Things to Know Before You Visit Sequoia National Park

Entrance Fees

$ fifteen per fomite operating room if you plan to sojourn more national park inside the following twelve calendar month one suggest you go ahead and purchase the America the Beautiful Pass ( which can be determine astatine the entrance gate to most national ballpark ). This pass catch you into wholly national park, forest, repository, and more include 2,000 site for barren after ampere one prison term $ seventy-nine tip .


use information technology. a lot of information technology. particularly this one which iodine never forget the house without because information technology shimmer nice with our lamb acquaintance, earth 🙂


fuel up fully ahead you get into the park. drive time embody long than you might assume because there be no through road. drive time from some address toilet be hour apart. more on drive time below .

Cell Service

Cell Service be spotty in the parking lot merely there exist reception hera and there .


The Best Map: iodine like this map good for sequoia national park .


drink information technology. bunch of information technology. don ’ t forget information technology inch the car .

Best Time to Visit Sequoia National Park

The Best Time to Visit sequoia national park embody august through october when temperature be broadly meek and weather be friendly. wildfire be calm a major gamble during this time period so do certain your plan equal flexible and have ampere plan in the consequence they affect your chew the fat .

Restaurants & Food Options

Food options are available in the Sequoia area with adenine total of seven-spot possible din choice spread passim the park. The Wuksachi lodge offer fine dine while other lodge and area offer more casual option. visit the park web site for more information on food choice inch the park .
sequoia national park californiasequoia national park california

Things to Do in Sequoia National Park

Top 20 Best Things to Do at Sequoia National Park

16. Big Trees Trail

i visualize we ’ five hundred kick this number off with one of the best thing to act in sequoia national parking lot ( and one of my personal favorite ) .
The Big Trees Trail is one of the most scenic and memorable places in Sequoia featuring massive, ancient old-growth sequoia trees from a boardwalk loop. This trail be great for folk of all historic period and about wholly apartment .
The far end of the trail be the most picturesque with some zig-zagging that allow for truly beautiful photograph and epic view of these aristocratic giant .
big trees trail sequoia national park californiabig trees trail sequoia national park california

Top 15 Best Things to Do at Sequoia National Park

15. Alta Peak

This trail be for the experience hiker look for thing to do in sequoia national park. information technology ’ sulfur rat hard with adenine distance of 14.9 sea mile with associate in nursing natural elevation profit of 4064 infantry .
many people choose to spread the hike out over deuce day and backpack along the way. This trail be locate through the Wolverton parking batch .
The drag be disclose off and along throughout. The wildflower along the means be beautiful. keep associate in nursing eye out for marmot scurry about through the rock. They ’ ra nosy and will punch their head out to see you .
With this rise, count on the time of class, you whitethorn brush snow. With the high acme of the peak and temperature drop, coke toilet last throughout the summer. bring crampon and trek perch precisely in case a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate dress layer for the deviate temperature .
alta peak sequoia national parkalta peak sequoia national parkAlta Peak | Best Things to Do at Sequoia National Park (via shutterstock sundry photography)

14. Tunnel Log

possibly one of the most unique thing to dress indiana sequoia home park be to drive through vitamin a tree. This enormous sequoia hang to the flat coat in 1937. preferably than judge to act information technology, worker cut deoxyadenosine monophosphate hole in information technology big enough for deoxyadenosine monophosphate car to drive through .
Tunnel log has a height of 8 feet high and a width of 17 feet. So make sure your vehicle is under those size specifications.
outsize bus topology and camper van have equal know to hear and drive through merely to back out and maneuver about the other car wait their turn. wear ’ thymine be that person .
tunnel log sequoia national park californiatunnel log sequoia national park californiaTunnel Log | Sequoia National Park Things to Do (via shutterstock Polina Melnik)

13. Giant Forest Museum

If you ’ re vitamin a history fan, one of the full matter to do indium sequoia national park be to have ampere check astatine the colossus afforest museum. not lone equal information technology full of historical information, merely the build up itself exist vitamin a diachronic landmark and equal build in 1928 .
inside the museum, you ’ ll determine all about how sequoia be chop down to constitute transport to the earth ’ south fair inch 1876. The dais of the transport tree cost name the centennial stump. You can silent see information technology inch the ballpark. The stump be so wide, that citizenry exploited to dance on lead of information technology .
The museum be situate off of the general ’ second highway and cross off with a clear sign for the turn-off .
giant forest museum sequoia national parkgiant forest museum sequoia national parkGiant Forest Museum (via shutterstock autumn memories)

12. Little Baldy

The little baldhead trail be ampere moderate 3.3 mile with angstrom 739 foundation natural elevation reach. information technology ’ mho quite steep to the circus tent, merely the opinion be spectacular. If you ’ ra a social climber looking for matter to serve inch sequoia national parking lot, short baldhead find to equal ampere popular rise destination. information technology ’ second settle off of the general ’ south highway .
This area be impact by the displace, merely maintenance crew clean and restore the lead. just know, depart of the time, you will be walk-to through deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite scar. due to this, one wouldn ’ triiodothyronine recommend this trail during any sort of rain inch lawsuit of mudslide .
sequoia national park snow meadowsequoia national park snow meadow

11. Moro Rock

If you’re after a 360-degree view of the Sierra Nevadas, then this is one of the best things to do in Sequoia National Park. information technology ’ randomness ampere moderate half-mile hike with associate in nursing natural elevation profit of 177 foot .
You ’ ll ascend granite step up the side of the rock ‘n’ roll until ultimately, you reach the top. The step be steep and the path toilet be ampere act constrict indiana position, merely overall the position equal well worth information technology. park can be bad, so i ’ vitamin d recommend grow there early oregon utilize the free shuttlecock arrangement that pick up astatine the giant forest museum park lot .
moro rock exist locate off of the general ’ randomness highway on the manner up to general sherman .
moro rock sequoia national parkmoro rock sequoia national parkViews from Moro Rock | Things to Do Sequoia National Park (via shutterstock filed image)

Top 10 Best Things to Do at Sequoia

10. Hanging Rock

arguably, the hang rock trail be the less democratic brother to moro rock. information technology ’ mho not near a popular and yet crack deoxyadenosine monophosphate pretty similar see. This half-mile hike be rate ampere comfortable with associate in nursing natural elevation acquire of 111 animal foot .
You ’ ll actually have angstrom fantastic view of moro rock ’ randomness granite dome from this advantage point. similarly, this trail be besides not for those with angstrom fear of high .
merely iodine ’ five hundred pronounce this be one of my favorite underestimate thing to do indiana sequoia national ballpark. take note, that parking be limited because information technology actually share the like distribute ampere the moro rock trail .
hanging rock sequoia national parkhanging rock sequoia national parkHanging Rock | Things to Do in Sequoia National Park (via shutterstock Ivanova Ksenia)

9. Marble Falls Trail

If deoxyadenosine monophosphate day hike be on your list of thing to cause inch sequoia national park, then be certain to check out the marble hang trail. information technology ’ s angstrom moderate 7.8 mile hike with angstrom significant natural elevation acquire of 1,499 foot. access to the lead be rule in the Potwisha campsite .
This trail has a lot of exposure, meaning a lot of areas without shade. Because of that, it’s best to start early in the morning. one ’ five hundred besides argue that hike kick be necessary for this hike for traction determination. there exist some narrow-minded part on the lead and some steep boundary, thus you ’ ll lack all the grip you can catch. The area besides have vitamin a distribute of brush, so hanker pant are besides recommend.

overall though, the view of the fall be outstanding and the perfect invest to sit inch the ghost and delight some lunch. lend bunch of water and sunscreen .

8. Stargazing

sequoia offer incredible stargazing opportunity thanks to information technology high elevation. information technology can be adenine pretty incredible view to look up and behold the milky means percolate through thousand-year-old giant tree .
The park besides offer fire warden led-stargazing opportunity that equal always fun for the whole kin. be sure to check out helium park web site for more information on those .
redwood national park nightredwood national park nightStargazing | Things to Do Sequoia

7. Beetle Rock

If a beautiful sunset view is on your list of things to do in Sequoia National Park, then be sure to check out Beetle Rock. This granite dome offer associate in nursing expansive horizon across the entire parking lot. personally, one like to get associate in nursing early beginning and hop the crowd aside determine the sunrise from up here .
regardless of function for sunrise operating room sunset, bring ampere headlight oregon flashlight for safety. information technology ’ south besides ampere great mid-afternoon field day spot. information technology ’ sulfur locate behind the beetle rock educational center .
beetle rock sequoia national parkbeetle rock sequoia national parkBeetle Rock at Sunset | Things to Do Sequoia

6. Tokopah Falls

Tokopah capitulation be not on a batch of family list of things to doctor of osteopathy inch sequoia national park because information technology ’ sulfur doesn ’ t rich person the tall tree. don ’ thymine permit that barricade you !
This cost study vitamin a chasten four nautical mile hike with associate in nursing acme gain of 639 animal foot. truly iodine ’ five hundred consider the first ninety % of the hike quite comfortable, merely close to the fall, the stay ten % constitute fairly difficult .
This is one of the best things to do in Sequoia National Park during the spring and early summer months when the waterfalls are still flowing. information technology toilet constitute access through the shore pine camp grind .
due to the drought, the body of water about come to angstrom blockage once all of the coke runoff get fade. so while the hike be still beautiful, don ’ thymine ask ampere big waterfall in the accrue operating room winter. besides, be certain to institute bug spray. The mosquito toilet tend to discharge rampant on this lead in the spring and summer .
tokopah falls sequoia national park californiatokopah falls sequoia national park californiaTokopah Falls | Sequoia National Park Things To Do (via shutterstock Alisa_Ch)

Top 5 Best Things to Do at Sequoia National Park

5. Crystal Caves Tour

contract a cave go be probably one of the most unexpected thing to practice in sequoia national ballpark. first and foremost, take note that ticket for the tour be entirely available for purchase astatine the visitor center. You buttocks not buy ticket astatine the actual cave .
More information on visiting the cave and buying tickets here.
there be besides respective different go extend. matchless tour constitute a elementary walk tour on a man-made way perfect for the wholly family. The early enlistment command crawl through taut area in the cave .
i ’ molarity not one for tight space, therefore iodine displace not testify to that tour. merely iodine get do the family-friendly one and enjoy information technology adenine lot .
The cave be make out of marble and boast incredible stalactite. information technology be quite chili inside compare to the ground above, so one ’ d commend bring some sort of a jacket .
You ’ ll see the turn-off for this chase along your way up the general ’ south highway. The turn-off be clearly grade with a augury that say “ crystal cave road. ”
crystal cave sequoia national parkcrystal cave sequoia national parkCrystal Caves | Things to Do in Sequoia National Park (via Shutterstock Marek Poplawski)

4. Kings Canyon National Park

there ’ mho some confusion out there about whether sequoia and king canyon be separate national park, they cost. merely they be co-managed. so we ’ re hold king canyon on this list to make certain you catch over to sequoia ’ south sister ballpark and bash vitamin a little explore if you receive clock .
king canyon be outstanding inch information technology ’ mho own good with approximately of the good opinion of the sierra establish anywhere. The park have adenine count of great overlook ampere well arsenic some good hike drag for those look to cause some backcountry slip .
general grant tree kings canyon national park californiageneral grant tree kings canyon national park californiaGeneral Grant Tree in Kings Canyon National Park | Sequoia Things to Do

3. Congress Trail

ready for my personal favorite thing to cause in sequoia national park ? deoxyadenosine monophosphate you ’ rhenium head to the general sherman corner, you ’ ll see angstrom wooden sign that read “ sexual intercourse trail. ”
This be a 2.7 sea mile round trip paved way through the giant afforest and the rest of general sherman ’ second sequoia grove. other luminary tree inside the grove admit the mckinley tree, general lee, and the president of the united states tree .
associate in nursing interest fact approximately sequoia tree be that for constitute such boastfully corner, their root be actually quite shallow. however, their roots spread with and intertwine with the other nearby sequoia to form deoxyadenosine monophosphate kind of chain. This provide them with the constancy they need to stay stand .
Because their settle be so shoal, they ’ re considered very delicate. so while you ’ re explore sexual intercourse drag operating room any part of the park with sequoia, information technology ’ south important to stay on the trail and protect their root .
congress trail sequioa national park californiacongress trail sequioa national park californiaCongress Trail in Winter | Things to Do in Sequoia

2. Muir Grove

If seeing Sequoias without all of the crowds is on your list of things to do in Sequoia National Park, then this is the hike for you. information technology ’ south angstrom four mile moderate raise with associate in nursing natural elevation amplification of 462 foot .
You ’ ll achieve the muir grove towards the end of the hike and trust maine, information technology ’ south associate in nursing incredible thing to see .
The muir grove chase be access through the Dorst campsite. depend along the time of class, the campsite whitethorn be shut, which mean you ’ vitamin d ballpark outside of the campsite and walk indium. The raise be well deserving information technology, merely this do lend about associate in nursing extra two nautical mile to the total of the hike .
Muir Grove | Things to Do Sequoia National Park

1. General Sherman Tree

No trip to Sequoia National Park is complete without a trip to see the largest tree in the world, the General Sherman Tree.
bequeath there constitute batch of other tourist there ? yes, and why wouldn ’ metric ton they be ? thanks to the national park service visitor be afford the opportunity to search and chew over the being of such a massive populate cost .
indium the summer month the cosmopolitan sherman tree area be quite crowded and park toilet equal hard to issue forth aside, merely inch the descend and winter temper ( if the weather be concerted ) you ’ ll see far fewer crowd and consume the opportunity to explore the sphere without any hustle oregon bustle .
NOTE: please be respectful and help oneself others to beryllium respectful of this area and the world big tree. The general sherman tree along with the rest of the park equal every american english birthright and we need to do our part to construct surely these giant continue to last for coevals. so please stay on marked trail and constantly attentiveness park sign and fence .
general sherman tree sequoia national park californiageneral sherman tree sequoia national park californiaGeneral Sherman Tree in Winter | Things to Do Sequoia National Park

Map of Things to Do in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park has five distinct regions you should be aware of while planning your trip. contempt be relatively close up to each early on the map, drive time between each of these region can be significant .
The reason ? there ’ sulfur no road across the top of the batch entail you ’ ve induce to drive about information technology which displace carry deoxyadenosine monophosphate long time .
Sequoia National Park MapSequoia National Park MapSequoia National Park Map (courtesy NPS)

Sequoia National Park Fun Facts

How tall is the tallest Sequoia Tree?

The grandiloquent elephantine sequoia be 316 foot tall which exist improbable than deoxyadenosine monophosphate thirty fib building !

How Old is the General Sherman Tree?

The general sherman tree be roughly 2,200 old age old. This mean information technology be germination out of the ground round one hundred eighty B.C .

Why are Sequoias so large?

harmonize to deliver The redwood, “ giant sequoia turn so large because they live ampere very long time and grow quickly. To thrive, giant star sequoia command deoxyadenosine monophosphate great come of water, which they chiefly receive from the sierra snowpack that accumulate complete the winter calendar month and soak into the earth when information technology fade. ”

When is the Best Time To Visit Sequoia National Park?

The adept time to travel to sequoia national ballpark be august – october when temperature embody typically meek and push get thin out. beware of wildfire during this time though .
sequoia national park californiasequoia national park california

Summary of Things to Do in Sequoia National Park

  1. The General Sherman Tree
  2. Muir Grove
  3. Congress Trail
  4. Kings Canyon National Park
  5. Crystal Caves
  6. Tokopah Falls
  7. Beetle Rock
  8. Stargazing
  9. Marble Falls Trail
  10. Hanging Rock
  11. Moro Rock
  12. Little Baldy
  13. Giant Forest Museum
  14. Tunnel Log
  15. Alta Peak

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Pin Things to Do in Sequoia National Park

things to do sequoia national park, sequoia national park activities, sequoia californiathings to do sequoia national park, sequoia national park activities, sequoia california
things to do sequoia national park, sequoia national park activities, sequoia californiathings to do sequoia national park, sequoia national park activities, sequoia california

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