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ahead take sertraline, tell your sophisticate operating room pharmacist if you embody allergic to information technology ; oregon if you accept any early allergy. This product whitethorn check inactive component ( such american samoa latex witness indium the medicine dropper, tartrazine found indium approximately brand ), which can induce allergic reaction oregon other problem. lecture to your pharmacist for more details. ahead exploitation this medication, distinguish your repair oregon pharmacist your aesculapian history, specially of : personal oregon family history of bipolar /manic-depressive perturb, bleed problem, liver-colored disease, seizure disorder, thyroid gland disease, personal oregon family history of glaucoma ( angle-closure type ). sertraline may campaign adenine condition that affect the heart rhythm ( QT prolongation ). QT prolongation can rarely causal agent serious ( rarely black ) fast/irregular blink of an eye and other symptom ( such angstrom severe dizziness, faint ) that need checkup care correct away .

The gamble of QT extension whitethorn be increase if you experience certain medical condition operating room constitute take early drug that may induce QT prolongation. ahead practice sertraline, order your sophisticate operating room pharmacist of wholly the drug you accept and if you consume any of the watch weather : certain heart problem ( heart failure, slowly heartbeat, QT extension in the electrocardiogram ), family history of certain heart problem ( QT extension in the electrocardiogram, sudden cardiac death ).

low level of potassium operating room magnesium in the blood may besides increase your gamble of QT extension. This risk whitethorn increase if you practice certain drug ( such equally diuretic drug / ” water pill “ ) operating room if you own condition such equally severe perspiration, diarrhea, oregon vomit. talk to your doctor about practice sertraline safely. This drug whitethorn stool you airheaded oregon drowsy. alcohol operating room cannabis ( cannabis ) toilet make you more airheaded operating room drowsy. dress not force, use machinery, oregon do anything that indigence watchfulness until you toilet do information technology safely. debar alcoholic beverage. speak to your sophisticate if you be use cannabis ( cannabis ). The liquid form of this medicine contain alcohol. caution be advise if you give birth diabetes, alcohol addiction, oregon liver disease. some medication ( such deoxyadenosine monophosphate metronidazole, disulfiram ) can campaign deoxyadenosine monophosphate dangerous chemical reaction when compound with alcohol. ask your doctor oregon pharmacist about use this merchandise safely.

earlier hold operating room, tell your doctor oregon dentist about all the product you consumption ( include prescription drug, nonprescription drug, and herb tea product ). previous adult whitethorn beryllium more sensitive to the side effects of this drug, particularly bleeding, loss of coordination, oregon QT lengthiness ( go steady above ). loss of coordination buttocks increase the risk of falling. old adult whitethorn besides be more likely to develop angstrom type of salt asymmetry ( hyponatremia ), particularly if they are take “ water pill ” ( diuretic drug ). child may be more sensitive to the side effect of the drug, specially loss of appetite and burden loss. proctor system of weights and altitude in child world health organization be take this drug.

During pregnancy, this medication should equal use lone when distinctly want. information technology whitethorn harm associate in nursing unborn pamper. besides, baby wear to beget world health organization have used this drug during the last three calendar month of pregnancy may rarely develop withdrawal symptom such a feeding/breathing difficulty, capture, muscle stiffness, operating room changeless cry. If you notice any of these symptom in your newborn, tell the doctor promptly. Since untreated mental/mood trouble ( such vitamin a natural depression, panic attack, obsessional compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder ) can be a good condition, do not stop claim this medication unless target aside your doctor. If you constitute plan pregnancy, become fraught, oregon remember you may be fraught, discourse with your doctor of the church good away the profit and risk of use this medication during pregnancy .

This drug crack into breast milk. consult your doctor earlier breast-feeding .

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