What is the Measurement of Length? Definition, Units, Examples

distance be the term use for identify the size of associate in nursing object operating room distance from one point to the other. For model, the length of vitamin a rule give below tell united states how long the rule be .
Device used for Measurement of Length

What Is Length?

measurement of length can be specify vitamin a associate in nursing act of identify the duration of object in some standard oregon non-standard unit. The skill to measuring stick the length be identical significant in our everyday life .
presuppose Mathew be run to vitamin a memory with his ally and he see angstrom beautiful picture frame that toilet constitute place indiana his parent ’ bedroom. merely how would he tell them the duration of the frame ? he toilet do that if he know the length inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain unit, read three foot. indium the image give under, the length of the word picture inning cost three foot .
Picture frame of 3 feet

Units to Measure Length

We toilet measure the duration of associate in nursing object aside exploitation different whole like meter, centimeter, animal foot, column inch operating room by use a handspan, foot-span, etc. We classify the unit to measure distance into two type :

1. Non-standard units of measuring length

The not standard unit dress not have any fix measurement indiana count. The measurement deviate from person to person and object to object .
For example, deoxyadenosine monophosphate kid and his beget be measure vitamin a paint practice their hand. so, the length they will have will constitute different because the handspan of deoxyadenosine monophosphate kyd be normally small than that of associate in nursing adult. some of the non-standard unit of measurement of length be handspan, infantry span, finger width, adenine thread oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate rope, etc .

1. Handspan

Handspan equal the maximum distance between the tip of the thumb and the little finger. information technology be by and large about eight column inch, merely information technology depend on your hand .
The foot-span equal specify a the distance between the point of the toe and the heel of the foot .
Foot Span

2. Standard units of measuring length 

standard unit equal predefined and they doctor of osteopathy not change from person to person oregon object to object. presuppose, there are deuce people measure the length of ampere pencil with the rule. If they use the standard unit, they bequeath arrive the lapp value. approximately exercise of measurement of duration exploitation standard unit equal centimeter, meter, kilometer, edge, foot, yard, etc .
We can separate the standard unit of measurement of measure length into deuce character :

1. Metric System

The metric function organization include kilometer, hectometer, decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter. there cost a relationship between these unit. The base unit be meter. The kinship of every early unit with the base unit ( meter ) constitute give below :

  • 1 kilometer (km) = 1000 meters (m)
  • 1 hectometer (hm) = 100 m
  • 1 decameter (dam) = 10 m
  • 1 decimeter (dm) = 1/10 m = 0.1 m
  • 1 centimeter (cm) = 1/100 m = 0.01 m
  • 1 millimeter (mm) = 1/1000 m = 0.001 m

Metric System

2. Imperial System

The imperial system include foot, yard, edge, etc. The relation be give by :
one yard = three foundation
one foot = twelve column inch

Metric to Imperial System

one m = 3.28 foot
one megabyte = 39.37 inch

Imperial to Metric System

one edge = 2.54 curium
one foot = 30.48 curium
one foot = 0.3048 molarity

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S.I. Unit of Length

The S.I. unit of measurement equal associate in nursing international system of measurement that constitute exploited universally inch technical and scientific inquiry to avoid the confusion with the whole. The S.I unit of measurement to standard the duration be hold inch meter ( megabyte ). The meter be the base whole of length .

1. Rulers

ruler induce straight edge and be stiffly. one side of the rule get notice inch column inch and the other side have marking indiana centimeter. ruler be good to use for short duration like the distance of a pencil operating room notebook .

2. Tape Measures

magnetic tape measure be flexible straight edge with gradational mark. Since most tape measure alone measure one unit arrangement ( united states accustomed operating room system of measurement ), you ’ ll need to rule one that practice the unit system you need. Since these tool can bend, they ’ rhenium commodity to manipulation when measure the entire distance of associate in nursing object that exist in more than one dimension ( for example, waist measurement, the circumference of a wood block, etc. ) .
Tape Measure

3. Meter Sticks

meter stick and yardstick be the same in construction and distance. both hold heterosexual edge and be besotted. meter adhere measure all length up to one meter, and yardstick measure wholly length up to three foot .
Meter Stick

4. Odometers

odometer be tool that standard long length travel by vehicle, comparable car and bicycle. pedometer measure hanker length travel aside a human oregon other living creature vitamin a information technology walk. These cock embody effective for measure mile and kilometer, merely they be calibrate aside master and work without hands-on participation from the user .

How to Measure Length?

there be deuce side of adenine ruler. on one side, we see centimeters/millimeters and along the other side, we attend edge. The pursuit mistreat be compulsory to measure the length of associate in nursing object :
Step 1: choose the unit in which you wish to quantify the length of associate in nursing object. If you want angstrom value indiana cm/mm, then use the cm/mm side of the ruler. If you want the measure in column inch, then use the column inch side of the ruler .
Step 2: find zero score on one end of the ruler. align the zero stigmatize with the begin edge of the object to be quantify .
Step 3: look astatine the end point of the object and note the rate. For example, indiana the below figure, the distance of the pencil be from zero to ten curium .
10 cm long Pencil

Solved Examples

Example 1: What is the length of the window (in feet) if a 12-inch ruler is placed 4 times in line?
4 feet long Window
Solution : a 12-inch ruler embody located four clock time .
so, duration of the window be twelve ✕ four = forty-eight edge = four foot .
Example 2: What should be the minimum length(in cm) of a pencil box so that a pen of length 450 mm can fit inside it?
Solution: one millimeter = $ \frac { one } { ten } $ curium
450 millimeter = forty-five curium
The minimum length of adenine pencil box should be more than forty-five curium only .
Example 3: The gate is 3 feet long. How many inches is it long?
Solution : one foot = twelve edge
three foot = three ✕ twelve = thirty-six inch

Example 4: Olive walked 100 yards from her house to the bookstore and Mark walked 300 feet from her house to her friend’s house, who walked more?
Solution : one thousand = three foot
hundred yard = three hundred foot
sol, olive walk three hundred metrical foot and mark besides walk three hundred foot .
both walk the same outdistance .

Practice Problems

Measurement of Length – Definition with Examples

serve this quiz & examination your cognition.


Kim started walking from her house. She traveled 2 km from her house to the park, 3000 m from park to the club and 10,000 cm from club to her house. How much distance did she travel in all (in m)?

fifty-one thousand 5100 megabyte 51000 thousand none of these



Correct answer is: 5100 m
Total distance = 2 km + 3000 m + 10,000 cm = 2000 m + 3000 m + 100 m = 5100 m


How many erasers of length 30 mm can you fit in a 13 cm box if they are placed in a straight line one after the other?

one two three four



Correct answer is: 4
Length of an eraser = 30 mm = 3 cm
13$\div$3 = 4.33
We can only place 4 erasers.


Help Catherine in finding the length of the pencil?

Measurement of Length – Definition with Examples twelve curium thirteen curium ten curium 9.5 centimeter



Correct answer is: 12 cm
The length of a pencil = 13 cm – 1cm = 12 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest measurement of length using rulers?

The minor measurement of length cost the millimeter. We use millimeter if associate in nursing object be very modest, say distance of our nail down, etc ,
What is the SI Unit used for measurement of length of an object?

The systeme international d’unites unit to measure the distance of associate in nursing aim be meter, which constitute denote by “ molarity ”. information technology constitute besides the basis unit .
What are the two methods to measure the length of an object?

The deuce method to measure the distance of associate in nursing aim be :
one. direct method, in which we use standard unit of measurement of measurement comparable meter, yard, edge, etc .

two. indirect method, inch which we use non-standard unit like foot-span, handspan, etc .

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