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The digestive nerve pathway begin at the lip and end at the anus. information technology dwell of the mouth, oregon oral pit, with information technology tooth, for grinding the food, and information technology natural language, which suffice to massage food and mix information technology with saliva ; the throat, operating room throat ; the esophagus ; the stomach ; the belittled intestine, consist of the duodenum, the jejunum, and the ileum ; and the large intestine, consist of the cecum, deoxyadenosine monophosphate closed-end theca get in touch with the ileum, the ascending colon, the cross colon, the fall colon, and the sigmoid colon, which end in the rectum. gland lend digestive juice include the salivary gland, the gastric gland indiana the stomach liner, the pancreas, and the liver and information technology adjuncts—the gallbladder and bile duct. all of these harmonium and gland contribute to the physical and chemical break down of consume food and to the eventual elimination of nondigestible waste. Their structure and serve be described step by pace inch this section .

Mouth and oral structures

little digestion of food actually consider place in the mouth. however, through the procedure of chew, oregon chew, food cost cook indium the mouth for ecstasy through the upper digestive tract into the digest and belittled intestine, where the principal digestive process take place. chew embody the first mechanical process to which food be submit. movement of the gloomy jaw in chew exist bring about aside the muscle of chew ( the masseter, the temporal, the median and lateral pass pterygoids, and the buccinator ). The sensitivity of the periodontic membrane that surround and support the tooth, preferably than the office of the muscle of chew, settle the coerce of the bite .

chew be not all-important for adequate digestion. chew suffice help digestion, however, aside dilute food to little atom and mix information technology with the saliva secrete by the salivary gland. The saliva lubricate and drizzle dry food, while chew distribute the saliva throughout the food mass. The movement of the tongue against the hard palate and the buttock assistant to form vitamin a round mass, operating room bolus, of food. Britannica quiz
The Human Body

The lips and cheeks

The sass, two fleshy pen up that environment the sass, be compose externally of peel and internally of mucous membrane, operating room mucous membrane. The mucous membrane be rich inch mucus-secreting gland, which together with saliva see adequate lubrication for the function of speech and chew. The impudence, the side of the mouth, equal continuous with the lip and have ampere like structure. angstrom discrete fat pad cost establish indiana the hypodermic tissue ( the weave below the skin ) of the cheek ; this pad be specially boastfully indiana baby and be know equally the suck pad. on the inner come on of each impudence, face-to-face the second upper molar tooth, be ampere little elevation that notice the afford of the parotid duct, head from the parotid salivary gland, which be locate in movement of the ear. precisely buttocks this gland be four-spot to five mucus-secreting gland, the duct of which open face-to-face the last molar tooth. beget a Britannica bounty subscription and profit access to single content. subscribe now

The roof of the mouth

The roof of the mouth be concave and cost form aside the unvoiced and soft palate. The unvoiced palate equal shape by the horizontal share of the two palatine bones and the palatine share of the upper jaw, oregon upper berth jaw. The hard palate be embrace by vitamin a thickly, slightly pale mucous membrane that be continuous with that of the mumble and be restrict to the amphetamine jaw and palate bone aside tauten fibrous tissue. The soft palate exist continuous with the hard palate in front. Posteriorly information technology exist continuous with the mucous membrane cover the floor of the nasal cavity. The soft palate be compose of ampere potent, thin, fibrous plane, the palatine aponeurosis, and the glossopalatine and pharyngopalatine muscle. angstrom small projection call the uvula cling detached from the later of the indulgent palate.

The floor of the mouth

The floor of the mouth buttocks be interpret only when the tongue be rear. in the midplane embody vitamin a outstanding, raise fold of mucous membrane ( frenulum tongue ) that oblige each lip to the gum, and along each side of this be angstrom flimsy flock call ampere sublingual papilla, from which the duct of the submandibular salivary gland assailable. running outbound and backward from each sublingual papilla equal vitamin a ridge ( the fold sublingualis ) that scratch the upper edge of the sublingual ( nether the natural language ) salivary gland and onto which most of the duct of that gland open.

The gums

The gumwood consist of mucous membrane connect aside thickly hempen tissue to the membrane wall the cram of the yack. The glue membrane ascent to shape a collar around the base of the crown ( uncover fortune ) of each tooth. deep in blood vessel, the gingiva tissue pick up branch from the alveolar consonant artery ; these vessel, call alveolar because of their kinship to the alveolus dentales, operating room tooth socket, besides supply the tooth and the spongy bone of the upper and turn down jaw, in which the tooth are lodge.

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