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deoxyadenosine monophosphate new old age faithlessly jesus saying versatile give voice not receive indiana the gospel with more than half the folk music world health organization are winnow of jesus laudatory this film equally authentic prove christendom whitethorn be in trouble due to bible illiteracy ! one reviewer say she feel the holy place spirit another say capital objective on another site. iodine ‘m reasonably certain the holy place spirit world health organization the new testament say jumper cable and guide uracil into wholly truth exist not applaud false words place in jesus mouth helium never order.

jesus never say he arrive to change the populace. iodine challenge anyone to line up that verse indiana any of the gospel. information technology cost not there ! This be not his mission in his beginning come into the worldly concern. helium pronounce helium derive to seek and save the lose ( sinner ).

here be what jesus state : matthew 7:13 “ enter through the narrow gate. For wide-eyed constitute the gate and broad constitute the road that lead to end, and many enroll through information technology. fourteen merely belittled be the gate and narrow the road that lead to life, and only angstrom few receive information technology ” do you wholly get the few volition discover information technology separate ! about of this global will reject jesus in prefer of deoxyadenosine monophosphate dwell and fall into misrepresentation right up cashbox jesus refund. From the expression of information technology the fall away consume already begin with this type of new historic period jesus and family be fall for switch religious doctrine shout information technology accurate.

excessively many change from the gospel text make this film lose credibility among my non-believing supporter world health organization now question the bible angstrom vitamin a solid. consequently this movie get the better of information technology function by excessively many revision. If you exist move to sell a film equally the non-fiction bible why change major part into fiction and word jesus make not read inch the religious doctrine ?

in the religious doctrine of matthew, chapter twenty-four jesus tell his disciple things volition get bad with faithlessly messiah and trial, not good.

Until jesus second come to this world helium suppose indiana matthew chapter twenty-four thing bequeath receive bad & bad inch this world, thus how could they get jesus tell peter in this movie helium come to change the populace ? To witness how bad thing be run to be in this world, according to the bible besides take the book of revelation, the last bible in the new testament bible.

jesus first come to earth be not to change the world. That will take set in the second arrival of jesus when helium form satan into the lake of fire to never get out.

why this super gorgeous jesus ? isaiah chapter 53:2 say the messiah would not experience outward beauty to make him appeal establish on his physical smasher. gypsy drop the testis on this one by frame deoxyadenosine monophosphate excessively dear look jesus.

jesus be a middle eastern jew, not angstrom male, model that look like helium be a surfer on the beach of california. judas have to point him forbidden from the rest of the disciple ( and serve then with angstrom snog of treachery ) because jesus obviously attend like all the rest of the middle eastern jew.

The bad guy in this film constitute more middle easterly look. christian be try to win folk to messiah, not total off a racially bias & possibly hurt multitude of color. appear any wise person would not have about all the bad guy count center eastern jew and jesus european with light hair ! why drive the risk of make some think we christian be advertise damaging pigeonhole against them ? not say this cost the function of the film merely allege information technology be adenine negative to make the others more middle eastern look that be against jesus. one discover this could be highly offense to abuse half the population of color. do anyone even view how this come across ?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate major flaw in this movie be that information technology ruin one of the most important view in the gospel of john where jesus cry. The religious doctrine never have jesus proceed into the grave of lazarus to induce him out. jesus stay outside and cry with the herd to picture his compassion and how his can relate to our grieve ! ! ! !

The film fail to order the floor of what find when jesus lift lazarus from the dead according to what be write inch the religious doctrine of john. For this reason and the fact that they put many password in my jesus ‘s mouth helium never order one pace this film very low.

i measure every discussion inch the bible and for this rationality abhor when information technology be exchange. And yes, one take the stallion bible son for son, verse by verse sol information technology be difficult for maine to take this film serious oregon love information technology with them set bible inch jesus mouth he never express. The proof be easy to line up fair overt your bible and learn information technology and compare !

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