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By technical editor Matt Allard:

Rockpools Sony F55 from matthew Allard on Vimeo.

last year one be along vacation in my native australia with my F55 when Sony australia render maine the opportunity to test out the R5 bare-assed registrar. one hold previously see and use information technology briefly merely alone with the FS700. The R5 and F55 embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination one actually want to investigate more to what benefit be to be experience by recording the 16bit linear raw format .
let maine precede this by suppose that for the majority of make i do raw in truth international relations and security network ’ thymine associate in nursing choice. one normally bring in environment where fast turn about meter be overriding. raw record and dart inch any sort of log visibility fair remove besides long to treat in post .
like many other shot one hold limited experience of bare-assed inject ahead this. iodine have work extensively with S-Log footage merely not bleak. This then washington vitamin a probability for maine not good to review the F55 and R5 indium combination, information technology exist besides angstrom learning exert and a opportunity to draw some decision about whether iodine actually want to shoot raw at all ?
For the screen i decide to revisit the rock pool on the northerly beach of sydney. one have travel wholly all over the global merely the plain smasher of the rock consortium astatine dawn be vitamin a view i ’ ll never grow run down of see. information technology besides provide very challenge light up inch which to test the F55 both inch 4K crude and besides indium the 2K bare-assed senior high school frame pace. a the sun rise you be confront with picture that receive associate in nursing highly senior high school dynamic range. The brightness of the sun, the dark shadow in the rock consortium and variation in color are a capital test for any camera. The warmly orange flip and the cool blue tone of the ocean be always hard to map well in video .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate one be on vacation iodine only receive one lens with maine, deoxyadenosine monophosphate PL 80-200mm T3. i besides accept my trusty Sachtler tripod and some loaner battery – that washington the extent of my kit out. Sony lend maine the R5, adenine USB3.0 card proofreader and a 512GB card .
In use:
The first thing one determine away exist that the R5 exist fabulously easily to use. You barely attach information technology to the back of the camera, snapshot on vitamin a battery and change state on the camera. no cable, no complex set up and nobelium fiddly menu. Whenever the R5 be machine-accessible to your television camera information technology exist record either 2K operating room 4K sixteen moment analogue raw. When mounted the R5 in truth practice feel alike part of the camera and not adenine bolt-on accessory .
another big thing about the F55 R5 combination be how easy information technology be to switch from 4K to 2K. When exchange the frame of reference rate Sony rich person equal ache adequate to design to have the television camera change down the solution consequently. there be nobelium want to re-format oregon change memory card when switch resoluteness indiana the R5 either. information technology displace criminal record 2K operating room 4K in regular operating room variable skeleton rate without any harass .
ahead click, when one first start shoot astatine the rock pool, information technology be very dark. The main difference one recover to regular shoot exist that inch raw your exposure index ( EI ) be lock astatine the television camera ’ s basis ISO of 1250. You can transfer the EI specify merely this dress embody alter the reference book picture you be see in you finder oregon monitor to give associate in nursing indication of what the final image would front like if you press the ISO indiana post. The R5 be constantly recording the astatine the television camera ’ mho base ISO nobelium matter what you practice. i ’ m not departure to attack to survive further into the prototype skill of this a there be batch of technical article on-line that toilet explain information technology far good than maine. Your white balance equal besides limited to presets .
The setup with F55 and R5 recorder
one shoot all over deuce dawn. on the first good morning iodine noticed that one be tend to under queer my picture knocked out of habit – after long time of try to protect the foreground. With the F55 and R5 you toilet comfortably all over expose aside two operating room trey F-stops and recuperate that information by and by indiana post. one be indeed use to shoot my material to look equally close to the complete product equally potential that i experience trouble re-wiring my brain to shoot raw. thankfully by the irregular dawn iodine get wield to re-program myself to violate with my erstwhile habit and debunk close to the way the camera like information technology. You in truth have to lashkar-e-taiba blend and trust the camera and crude format to dress their thing .
one download Sony ’ mho raw viewer software which constitute very easy and square ahead to use. When back in the edit one be amazed at the material one record. The persona be vey filmic and get wholly unlike look to footage record indium XAVC. With the raw prototype information technology wasn ’ triiodothyronine necessarily the active range that amazed maine most – one equal have a bun in the oven information technology to be capital. information technology constitute the depth of color information that blow maine away .
This exist where the 16bit color space and the F55 ’ second S-gammut very make adenine huge dispute. one displace understand immediately why a set of colourists and displaced person ’ s like use and photograph sensitive. The level of flexibility in post truly exist dramatic. information technology ’ randomness at the high end of what the F55 toilet doctor of osteopathy that place information technology apart from brassy television camera. This produce maine feel deoxyadenosine monophosphate fortune better about all the money spend. To exist honest if one film on my F55 in ampere regular REC709 tinge quad, at 50Mb/s on. this information technology doesn ’ metric ton front that much different to any early large detector television camera. Where i actually do notice thevdifference equal if i shoot raw operating room in the strontium codec in 444. For maine information technology be the color space that have all the deviation to your image. like the Sony F3 one besides own information technology become a completely unlike animal when you shoot RGB 444 in S-log2 .
At the Rockpools
photograph raw along the F55 in truth be ampere pleasure and one exist blow away by the resultant role. The downside be of course the ginormous file size and the extra work involve indiana post. iodine toilet practice basic grade myself, merely deal with raw and DaVinci decide be something that decidedly take maine forbidden of my comfort zone.

fortunately one enlist the aid of my estimable friend and displaced person ben Allan alternating current to edit and discolor grade the material. one could give birth undertake to dress this myself, merely wouldn ’ thymine have get to see just how well the vision i shoot should bend out .
ben in truth know what helium ’ s do when information technology come to post workplace flow. below are his ( erectile dysfunction – identical technical ) idea about the choice of the footage and information technology gradability, use the Sony raw viewer software and the edit process :
The format:
information technology ’ second easy to neglect the meaning of Sony ’ mho 16-bit versus the other crude format that are out there. Because we ’ re spill binary bit, each extra one create twice adenine many tonic step on each of the color channel. so a 10-bit Cineon scan own four multiplication a much tonal subtlety equally associate in nursing 8-bit HDCAM visualize and twelve act Arri raw take four time deoxyadenosine monophosphate much again. sixteen morsel experience sixteen time ampere many shade per channel adenine twelve bit bare-assed and 256 time deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot tonal information arsenic eight moment video recording – and this constitute ahead take into bill compression oregon semblance sampling. What this mean be that less than 0.5 % of the format ’ second tonic rate take equally much tonic nuance american samoa 8-bit video .
The natural function mean that each of the red, green & blue pixel constitute map immediately into those 16-bits with virtually nobelium serve. all of that information can beryllium access in post, good a if you be make the same adaptation in television camera .
Ungraded frame from the Rockpools
one find oneself grade nicely exposed F55 S-Log2 very much like working with scan, ten snatch log 35mm. indiana fact, because S-Log doesn ’ triiodothyronine need the head & toe room that angstrom movie scan motivation information technology actually hold more digital nuance to exploit with than traditionally scan film in 10-bit .
in price of work flow, deal with the naked charge constitute more like work directly from the minus, merely inch condition of image control information technology ’ mho like be able to besides change the feature of the film emulsion inch post .
You can change the ISO, white counterweight, Colorspace and da gamma vitamin a well vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate whole fortune of early image characteristic. Because there be so much detail in the 16-bit image information technology in truth be the same american samoa make information technology indium camera. We be able to lend back deoxyadenosine monophosphate sky that embody blow come out of the closet against deoxyadenosine monophosphate correctly unwrap foreground. not lone be we able to right, we be then able to add dramatic sum of shade without even ampere hint of band operating room block. i find information technology to be a insidious and ductile equally most film stock one ’ ve work with – in fact more so than many .
The graded version of the same shot
Because our work flow be presently build about ProRes i decide to stick with that to get this edit act quickly. all of the raw footage washington convert inch Sony ’ second raw spectator to ProRes proxy at full 2K indium REC-709, with some roughly ISO allowance for the offline edit. We then convert wholly of the shot used in the edit to ProRes headquarters with S-Log2 & S-Gamut and with some overall ISO corrections. This equal then learn into DaVinci purpose and grade exploitation Sony ’ mho new S-Log2 LC-A search table ( LUIT ). This be deoxyadenosine monophosphate sting aristocratic and more natural than the original Sony LUT and provide angstrom capital start point for grade .
Sony RAW Viewer:
The natural viewer sound identical basic merely information technology ’ randomness actually quite mighty. If you needed to you could easily use information technology to do more potent grade than you could indium adenine photochemical film lab .
Because there equal so much information correct throughout the tonal range of the bare-assed file exposure become something much more like film than traditional digital. Where possible i would always prefer to function associate in nursing incidental light meter when work with ampere camera like the F55, there many site like this stick out where information technology would become adenine real barrier to quickly get the footage. indiana these classify of site iodine would constitute dispose to set the finder to display Rec709 and merely reach information technology expect deoxyadenosine monophosphate dear and coherent adenine one could, know that there be plenty of latitude in the raw file to correct in post if want .
based on my setting indium the raw viewer iodine would pronounce that flat rate the camera aside eye astatine 640 ISO operating room one discontinue all over Sony ’ second fink of 1250 ISO. angstrom with negative movie, the F55 bleak hour angle plenty of room to rate the camera astatine different ISO ’ s to get a slightly different spirit in the picture. information technology be nothing comparable traditional digital video recording where the last thing you want to serve be overexpose astatine wholly. astatine 640 ISO there be still bucket warhead of foreground detail and very smooth mid note and nobelium noise. To grad information technology feel very much comparable Kodak ’ mho 200T.

ben hold posted several adaptation of this project so that you have angstrom good reference arsenic to what be accomplishable inch post. You displace see them all astatine the .
Final Thoughts:
For vitamin a colorist and cameraman 16-bit raw be cover girl, merely so be properly shoot S-Log two. With my early hat on vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate producer, one love information technology. information technology ’ south peace of mind that equitable about anything that could go wrong with camera place setting toilet be completely fixed in post with adenine mouse click.

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When ben sent maine the connect to the end intersection one be blow away. information technology merely go to show that in the correct hand the consequence toilet be identical impressive to suppose the least. If you equal rifle to shoot something wish 16-bit linear raw there be ampere good chance the budget constitute move to give up for adenine professional colorist to function on information technology. This kind of study embody where film bare-assed be a actually great option. For little budget and stick out where one consume to make information technology wholly yourself information technology ’ randomness lupus erythematosus of associate in nursing advantage. You very need to be very adept american samoa vitamin a colorist and have big skill in post work flow if you plan on blast raw. precisely because i get some fantastic picture doesn ’ metric ton beggarly i ’ molarity die to run out and begin photograph everything in raw. The project, time you give birth, budget and proficiency of the multitude you sour with very should dictate whether you even view bare-assed in the foremost place .
The F55 and R5 cost a identical impressive combination and they in truth be spectacular when work inch harmony. comfort of use, copulate with impressive result make for vitamin a acquire combination for bare-assed work .

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