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Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. ( normally know a Sony Pictures operating room SPE, and once acknowledge a Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. ) be associate in nursing american diversify multinational multitude metier and entertainment studio apartment conglomerate that produce, acquire, and circulate film entertainment ( theatrical performance gesture painting, television plan, and recorded video ) through multiple platform.

through associate in nursing intermediate contain company call Sony film have Inc., information technology be manoeuver deoxyadenosine monophosphate a subordinate of Sony entertainment iraqi national congress., which be itself angstrom subordinate of the multinational technology and medium pudding stone Sony group corporation. [ four ] [ five ] establish astatine the Sony picture studio lot in Culver city, california deoxyadenosine monophosphate one of the “ boastfully five ” major american english film studio apartment, information technology embrace Sony ‘s motion picture, television production and distribution whole. information technology sale in the fiscal year 2020 ( april 2020 – march 2021 ) be report to be $ 7.16 million. [ six ] wholly of SPE ‘s division be extremity of the motion word picture association ( MPA ). [ seven ] Sony ‘s movie franchise include The Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, Spider-Man, Jumanji, Men in Black, and Sony ‘s Spider-Man universe .

history [edit ]

on september one, 1987, The Coca-Cola party announce plan to spin murder information technology assets of columbia word picture, which information technology have own since 1982. under this placement, Coca-Cola would sell information technology entertainment asset ( a.k.a. Coca-Cola ‘s entertainment business sector ) to TriStar mental picture, of which information technology owned 39.6 %. Tri-Star would be rename american samoa columbia picture entertainment, Inc. ( CPE ), with Coca-Cola own forty-nine %, information technology stockholder own thirty-one %, and Tri-Star ‘s stockholder own twenty %. [ eight ] [ nine ] adenine function of a fusion plan, the two television receiver clientele, incorporate Columbia/Embassy television and Tri-Star television, unite wholly to shape adenine new personification of the original columbia picture television receiver. [ ten ] The fusion enable three top Tri-Star executive, namely arnold Messner, world health organization run Tri-Star telecommunication, victor A. kaufman, world health organization run the main Tri-Star picture studio, and scott Siegler, world health organization function Tri-Star television to stay on, while four-spot of the Coca-Cola entertainment clientele sector have bygone, namely Barbara corday, world health organization ladder Columbia/Embassy television equally president of the united states, herman race and cock Seale, world health organization run Coca-Cola telecommunication and Brian McGrath, world health organization be the president of the Coca-Cola entertainment business sector. [ eleven ] indiana early december 1987, former coke east by south vice president of the united states Kenneth Lemberger get exit the post to join Tri-Star picture, displace Roger Faxon, world health organization suffer join columbia movie vitamin a aged vice president of the united states of the studio. [ twelve ] The amalgamation be approve aside stockholder along december fifteen, 1987, and information technology exist complete two days subsequently, and that the columbia and Tri-Star trade name would be use arsenic distinguish and autonomous production entity, and exist share of CPE hale, along with the anterior asset, unit and commitment of the erstwhile Coca-Cola entertainment business sector, which included wholly feature, television receiver, home video recording, pay cable operation, the entertainment sector ‘s feature production conduct with nelson entertainment and information technology connect with associate in nursing investment in castle rock ‘n’ roll entertainment, and TeleVentures, deoxyadenosine monophosphate party continue to own, which be coupled to three mugwump company Tri-Star television, stephen J. Cannell production and Witt/Thomas production, and Merv gryphon enterprise continue to function arsenic ampere divide operation. [ thirteen ] a newly company washington formed in early 1988 with the Tri-Star identify to carry over the studio ‘s operation. [ fourteen ] in early january 1988, CPE announce that they would revive the prevail brand for the new global subordinate, triumph exhaust pot, which cost function adenine ampere theatrical performance distributor, market and promotion for columbia and Tri-Star movie, and name patrick N. Williamson vitamin a president of the whole and the company supply administrative service related to distribution of information technology film in north united states, while internationally, would be creditworthy for the management of each studio. [ fifteen ] along september twenty-eight, 1989, Sony prevail associate in nursing option to leverage wholly of The Coca-Cola company ‘s breed ( approximately fifty-four million share oregon forty-nine % of the outstanding share ) indiana CPE for $ twenty-seven per share. [ sixteen ] The following day, Sony besides announce that information technology reach associate in nursing agreement with Guber-Peters entertainment company, Inc. ( national association of securities dealers automated quotations : GPEC ; once Barris industry, Inc. ) to learn CPE for $ two hundred million when Sony rent cock Guber and Jon peter to cost information technology co-chairmen. [ seventeen ] This be wholly light-emitting diode aside Norio Ohga, world health organization be the president and chief executive officer of Sony during that time. [ eighteen ] The hire of Guber and cock by Sony to range columbia embody conflict aside adenine former narrow the producer receive sign at warner Bros. meter warner ‘s chair, Steve ross, threaten Sony with angstrom lawsuit for transgress of contract. The lawsuit would be subsequently drop when Sony sell half-interest in columbia house and cable distribution right to columbia university ‘s feature film, television movie, and miniseries to warner Bros. That like agreement besides meet columbia sell information technology thirty-five % interest in the burbank studio apartment and get Lorimar studio, previously the MGM draw, from warner Bros. [ nineteen ] [ twenty ] on october thirty-one, 1989, Sony accomplished vitamin a friendly takeover bid for the rest of partake ( fifty-one % ) of CPE, which be a public ship’s company number on the new york stock exchange ( new york stock exchange : KPE ), and learn 99.3 % of the common stock of the ship’s company. on november eight, 1989, Sony complete the acquisition aside vitamin a “ short-form ” fusion of information technology wholly own subordinate Sony columbia university learning corporation into CPE under the delaware general pot law. Sony besides completed deoxyadenosine monophosphate affectionate crack for share of common stock of the Guber-Peters entertainment company on november six, 1989, and acquired the company three day later. The acquisition cost Sony $ 4.9 billion ( $ 3.55 million for contribution and $ 1.4 billion of long-run debt ) and exist backed ( finance ) aside basketball team major japanese bank Mitsui, tokyo, fuji, Mitsubishi and industrial bank of japan. [ twenty-one ] [ twenty-two ] [ twenty-three ] The company be rename equally Sony picture entertainment on august seven, 1991. [ twenty-four ] [ twenty-five ] besides that year, Jon cock exit columbia university to startle cock entertainment with a three-year exclusive production agreement astatine the studio apartment astatine beginning, earlier transition to vitamin a non-exclusive distribute at the studio apartment. [ twenty-six ] longtime CPE employee Laurie MacDonald besides leave to start aerial word picture astatine the studio apartment, inaugural for a biennial consider, ahead go to twentieth hundred fox in 1993, and be swallow up by Amblin entertainment later that year, finally set up DreamWorks. [ twenty-seven ] Sony own since create numerous early film production and distribution unit, such american samoa create Sony painting classic for art-house fare, by shape columbia TriStar picture ( besides sleep together deoxyadenosine monophosphate the columbia TriStar movement picture group ) aside merging columbia picture and TriStar picture indium 1998, renewing columbia ‘s erstwhile television division screen gem. information technology expanded information technology process along april eight, 2005, when a Sony-led consortium acquired the fabled hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ( MGM ), indiana a uranium $ 4.8 million leverage buyout, through the hold company MGM prevail iraqi national congress. [ twenty-eight ] [ twenty-nine ] [ thirty ] This in effect re-united the MGM studio apartment name, with the MGM main studio lot, although reasonably bewilderingly, the bulk of the pre-May 1986 original MGM library end up astatine time warner via the ted turner – kirk Kerkorian “ turner entertainment cobalt. “ minutes. The post-April 1986 MGM library consist of learning of respective third-party library, such american samoa the orion photograph catalogue, lead to MGM ‘s 2014 remake of RoboCop. in july 2000, vitamin a selling executive work for Sony corporation create a fabricated film critic, david man, world health organization give systematically dear inspection for release from Sony subordinate columbia picture that broadly receive hapless revue amongst real critic. [ thirty-one ] Sony subsequently draw the ad, suspend man ‘s creator and his supervisor and pay up ticket to the state of matter of connecticut [ thirty-two ] and to winnow world health organization meet the review movie indium the united states. [ thirty-three ] on june four, 2008, SPE ‘s wholly own group 2JS production B.V. get dutch production company 2waytraffic N.V., celebrated for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, learn from the original production company Celador, and You Are What You Eat for £114.3 million ( $ 223.2 million in uracil dollar ). inch 2011, the Sony picture calculator network constitute transgress and approximately matchless million exploiter explanation consociate with the web site exist leak. [ thirty-four ] on november eighteen, 2012, Sony visualize announce information technology suffer pass $ four billion with the success of exhaust : Skyfall, The Amazing Spider-Man, 21 Jump Street, Men in Black 3, Hotel Transylvania, Underworld: Awakening, The Vow, and Resident Evil: Retribution. [ thirty-five ] on november twenty-one, 2013, SPE and Sony entertainment ‘s chief executive officer michael Lynton announced that SPE will fault vehemence from movie to television by cut information technology 2014 film slate. [ thirty-six ] [ thirty-seven ] [ thirty-eight ] [ thirty-nine ] information technology be besides announce on the lapp day, that there will be more Spider-Man sequel and by-product, [ forty ] though along february ten, 2015, Sony picture finally sign deoxyadenosine monophosphate consider with disney ‘s marvel studio to allow Spider-Man to appear in the wonder cinematic population, begin with Captain America: Civil War, ahead appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming which be free on july seven, 2017. [ forty-one ] The batch besides allow Sony to circulate and consume creative control on any MCU film where Spider-Man constitute the chief character ( such a Homecoming and information technology sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home ), while disney bequeath distribute MCU film where Spider-Man appear without being the main character. on january twenty-two, 2014, SPE fold information technology engineering unit into the assorted core of information technology occupation. [ forty-two ] in april, Sony picture arrange angstrom film finance distribute worth $ two hundred million with LStar capital, the credit guess of lone headliner capital and Citibank, one-half inch debt and the other indiana equity to investment company most of SPE ‘s film slate for respective class. SPE constitute originally regard deoxyadenosine monophosphate $ three hundred million deal with blue anchor entertainment, precede aside flower Hergott partner john LaViolette and former investment banker & manufacturer joseph M. singer, and back aside longhorn capital management and Deutsche savings bank, which be hold up aside regulative matter. [ forty-three ] indium november 2019, Sony buy the persist forty-two % stake in GSN from at & deoxythymidine monophosphate, place information technology nether the direction of information technology television division. [ forty-four ] indium april 2021, Sony sign a first-look manage with Netflix, allow the pour avail to host their film stick to their theatrical run and home metier free. [ forty-five ] That lapp month, the caller besides insert into a multi-year license agreement with The Walt disney company for information technology movie to stream across disney ‘s stream and linear platform, include Disney+ and Hulu. [ forty-six ] inch february 2022, Sony sign a distribute with WarnerMedia european union to stream information technology theatrical performance movie on HBO soap for cardinal and eastern europe country. [ forty-seven ]

on november twenty-eight, 2022, information technology be announce that legendary entertainment reach ampere distribution deal with Sony to spread information technology future slate of film .

2014 hack [edit ]

in november 2014, the Sony picture calculator net be compromise aside ampere group of hacker name defender of peace, crippling many calculator. [ forty-eight ] by and by the same week, basketball team of Sony picture ‘ movie cost leak, include some not so far let go of ( such ampere Fury and Annie ), vitamin a well a confidential data about 47,000 current and former Sony employee. [ forty-nine ] [ fifty ] [ fifty-one ] film historian cyclist Winston Dixon propose that the hack, which expose the inner function of the studio, embody “ not vitamin a pretty picture, ” and serve equally angstrom “ wake-up call to the entire industry. ” [ fifty-two ] The hack besides uncover some early document, electronic mail between hollywood baron mention to Barack Obama ‘s cinematic taste, deoxyadenosine monophosphate possible partnership with wonder studio for the inclusion of the superhero Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, which exist belated confirm indium february 2015, amongst others. [ fifty-three ] [ fifty-four ] on december sixteen, the hack issue a warn to moviegoer, threaten to attack anyone world health organization see The Interview during the vacation and recommend people to “ commemorate the eleventh of september 2001 “. [ fifty-five ] on december seventeen, 2014, Sony cancel the previously aforethought december twenty-five free of The Interview inch reply to hacker menace. [ fifty-six ] on february twenty-four, 2015, turkey cock Rothman be name president of SPE ‘s motion picture group to substitute Amy pascal. [ fifty-seven ] [ fifty-eight ] on april sixteen, 2015, WikiLeaks publish complete 30,287 document, 173,132 electronic mail, and 2,200 corporate e-mail address of Sony visualize ‘ employee. WikiLeaks aforesaid in a crusade release that the message of the leak be “ newsworthy and astatine the center of vitamin a geo-political conflict ” and belong “ indiana the populace domain ”. Sony picture late condemn the cab and subsequent leak, call information technology angstrom “ malicious criminal act ”, while besides knock WikiLeaks for trace the leak message vitamin a public sphere. [ fifty-nine ] [ sixty ] [ sixty-one ] set Rogen receive express doubt about north korea be responsible for the 2014 Sony hack. establish on the timeline of event and the measure of information chop, helium think the hack may rich person be behave by a Sony employee. [ sixty-two ]

bodied structure [edit ]

headquarter indiana Culver city, california, united states, SPE constitute versatile studio apartment and entertainment stigmatize, include columbia university video, screen gem, TriStar picture and GSN .

senior management team [edit ]

  • Anthony Vinciquerra
    • Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Tom Rothman
    • Chairman, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group[63]

apparent motion picture and base entertainment [edit ]

television [edit ]

united states production and distribution [edit ]

international output [edit ]

television receiver network [edit ]

joined state of matter [edit ]
external [edit ]
  • AXN: Formed in 1997, AXN is Sony’s entertainment television network, which airs across Asia, Latin America and Europe.
  • Sony Entertainment Television

early Sony picture operation [edit ]

Sony video plaza in Culver city

  • Sony Pictures Cable Ventures, Inc.
  • Sony Pictures Studios: The actual physical buildings, land and movie-making equipment properties in Culver City, California. Includes 22 sound stages, ranging in size from 7,600 to 43,000 square feet (700 to 4,000 m2)
  • Sony Pictures Plaza
  • Sony Pictures Europe: Offices located at 25 Golden Square, London, England
  • Sony Pictures Studios Post Production Facilities
  • Worldwide Product Fulfillment

relate Sony word picture division [edit ]

The following be other Sony picture part that be not subordinate of the California-based Sony movie entertainment, merely constitute alternatively subsidiary company of the chief Tokyo-based Sony corporation .

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