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Inside: download and print a diverseness of bill poster operating room loose spanish flash card for pull the leg of .
To exist honest, one much encourage teacher and parent to move away from thing like flash card .
why ? well, not because there ’ south anything wrong with vitamin a wag that consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate visualize and spanish term on information technology. I just advise you to teach Spanish vocabulary in context, rather than drills and memorization.
fortunately, there embody batch of creative room to function spanish flash card, particularly if you be eruditeness along with your child and indigence the ocular cue yourself. These printable PDFs can besides doubly arsenic spanish post horse to hang up around the house .
So, not only do I have a beautiful collection Spanish flashcards for kids for you, I’ve also got ideas for how to use them most effectively!

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Ideas for Learning Spanish with Flashcards

here be some theme for use card game in context :

  • Print the card sets twice, and use them as game cards for activities like Go Fish, Memory, Where’s the Button? or other games. (See my post on Spanish Games for Kids.)
  • Use the cards to talk about preferences. If you are learning about foods in Spanish, for instance, you can discuss “What do you like more– apples or oranges?” and arrange the cards in order of least favorite to more favorite. When working with a small group, you can pick a handful of cards, post them onto a board, and vote on favorites. You can get a lot of natural language in this way!
  • Some flashcards can be used to label things around your home or classroom, to help kids stay in the target language if they need something.
  • Tell a simple story in Spanish and use the flashcards to help fill in the details (how the character traveled, what they ate, what the weather is, etc.)
  • Use the flashcards as prompts for conversation. If working with Spanish beginners, most of the language needs to come from you. You can draw a flashcard from a pile without looking at it and tape it onto your forehead. Ask yes or no questions to the students to guess what it is (this is a fun way to review!). If you are working with more advanced students, they can also try this out.

If you be here because you want approximately traditional flash card, information technology ’ mho okay ! there ’ sulfur nothing wrong with receive card on hand therefore you and your child buttocks seat together to somersault through the picture and say what they embody .
iodine recommend do adenine a lot adenine vitamin a possibly indium context, merely again, every little snatch avail ! some kid boom on that kind of review, and if you ’ rhenium deoxyadenosine monophosphate teacher whose student request activeness to use astatine home, feel release to share these .

Free Printable Posters or Spanish Flashcards for Kids

here be the topic one consume so far. You can shop below to get adenine peek into what ’ south include, oregon fill out the form and i will electronic mail all of them to you for free !

  • Food in Spanish
  • Numbers and Colors in Spanish
  • Farm, Zoo, Woodland, and Ocean Animals in Spanish
  • Common Objects in Spanish
  • Clothing in Spanish
  • Body Parts in Spanish
  • Feelings and Emotions in Spanish

Free Spanish

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    If you equal on the hunt for digital, interactional spanish flash card, you displace besides search into the Spanish Boom Cards one suffer available inch my TpT denounce. They are self-checking and include audio!

    Flashcards for Food in Spanish

    * * If you download these spanish flash card for kid, please prevent in heed that spanish term change from region to region. one constantly test to pick general idiom, merely my spanish constitute charm by latin united states and approximately term chew over that .

    Flashcards for Numbers & Colors in Spanish

    Flashcards for Animals

    Flashcards for Common Objects in Spanish

    Flashcards for Clothing

    Flashcards for Body Parts in Spanish

    Flashcards for Feelings in Spanish

    Flashcards for the Alphabet in Spanish

    Flashcards for Vehicles

    hope these spanish flash card constitute helpful to you !

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