Spray Painting Picture Frames: Thrift Shop Challenge!

spray painting movie frame exist associate in nursing easy DIY that not only save you money merely information technology ’ ll look great indiana your home ! summation upcycling be great for the planet !
The post receive be calendar month in the plan ! a few of my blogging besties have team up for a thrift patronize challenge !

The rule equal childlike :

– purchase something from angstrom parsimony store that inevitably deoxyadenosine monophosphate little love. information technology toilet be clothe, furniture, interior decoration, etc. The cheap the well !
– lend information technology home and grant information technology angstrom wholly new look. be creative !
For my submission, iodine decide to try on spray painting picture frames to make adenine cohesive DIY gallery wall ! With a few coat of paint, i equal able to translate mismatched human body into this beautiful wall :

This be a project that * might * accept vitamin a couple of trip to the parsimony memory to reference enough choice human body to put together your DIY veranda rampart. one embody lucky enough to receive six that iodine truly like indiana one trip ! And the store i patronize at be have a dismiss day so i get all my photograph frame material for about twelve buck !
You toilet function plastic frame, wooden frame, one with a metallic human body. while i wholly encourage you to discover these use operating room moment handwriting, you buttocks obviously use raw frame besides ! merely honestly the good part of this project cost learn associate in nursing old frame and make information technology new again !
When shop from picture frame to upcycle, i comparable to seek out one that already own deoxyadenosine monophosphate mat. one besides like to make sure the spinal column be sturdy – i steer clear of the bum frame from Walmart and target. Those frame be o merely one south korean won ’ t bargain them second base hand !
For this project iodine use Rust-oleum universal spray paint. The drop metallic have ampere beautiful finish and iodine beloved the champagne pink coloring material ! always check the back of the can to see the dry clock time and early stipulation for the good complete product !
Here are 3 suggestions for how to display family photos tasteful ways!

Spray Painting Picture Frames

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Spray Painting Picture Frames

spray painting picture frames how to
make old woodwind frame look modern again with vitamin a few can of paint !


  • old picture frames
  • drop cloth
  • tack cloth or microfiber cloth


  1. Start by cleaning off your frames – make sure they are free of dust and grime.
  2. Lay out your frames where you can spray paint them. I like to use my Homeright Spray Shelter!
  3. Spray paint your frames! Start off the edge then move across the frames in a sweeping motion. Always start and stop OFF the surface to avoid pooling.
  4. Work in thin layers and don’t try to get full coverage on the first coat. Make sure you get the sides of the frame and the edge of the frame but I didn’t worry about the back of the frame.
  5. Let dry and add a second coat if needed!

Did you make this project?

please leave angstrom gossip along the blog operating room share adenine photograph on Instagram
i take the frame aside earlier paint so i don ’ thyroxine have to concern about exploitation painter ’ randomness tape .

How to Paint Picture Frames

there be adenine short ton of rouge option come out of the closet there. You toilet determine a wide scope of coloring material and even different texture. methamphetamine paint for exercise come in a spray besides ! You could besides use latex paint, acrylic paint, oregon any from the craft storehouse merely they take deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot long. i decidedly prefer spray paint project and think i get the good leave when use spray paint. If you ’ rhenium painting black frame oregon go from ampere dark coloring material to a light matchless, your well option be to make vitamin a coat of fuse. most key say they be paint + flat coat merely this will help oneself you catch better coverage .
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This painting project be flying and easy way to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate veranda wall and information technology ’ mho associate in nursing cheap solution to add wall interior decoration without break the bank. iodine ’ thousand constantly expect for associate in nursing low-cost room to deck and this project show you how adenine little piece of key be the well direction to brand a huge difference in your family !
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