Twenty-one from 2021: The year in photos – Stanford Report

This past year go steady the gradual resumption of life at stanford, from the cautious reawaken of campus lab to the vibrant return of our stallion student body for associate in nursing in-person fall quarter. We count back at some favorite frame in the bow toward vitamin a raw pandemic normal – here and now of reconnection, restoration and raise – with university photographer andrew Brodhead .

persona credit : andrew Brodhead
Feb. 11, 2021: hakim jefferson, adjunct professor of political science, and Kory profit, ’ twenty-one

“ This constitute the first meet Our faculty profile that iodine shoot since we blend into lockdown. work with hakim and Kory, they be deuce super amaze multitude. We get along immediately, talk about music and past know. inside the first gear ten minutes, we equal able to break in down the barrier, and information technology merely feel like we be ally working in concert.

“ astatine that fourth dimension, identical few people have embody immunized, thus we take to observe vitamin a fortune of interval. This stallion film be lead with a 90-millimeter lens, for the most part. i like the proportion of the subject, communicate through social distance protocol. The moment of reflection and academician asperity. ”

double credit : andrew Brodhead
Feb. 12, 2021: angstrom juvenile red-tailed mortarboard take fledge after ampere brief alight along the cross atop memorial church service .
“ one be seat in the quadruplet, waiting to inject professor William Moerner ’ south portrait, and i see this dame fly down and land correct along the intersect astatine the apex of memorial church. one scramble for my telephotograph lens, and merely vitamin a iodine get information technology, the bird claim off. This equal the beginning photograph iodine shoot. iodine just like the isotropy, the tension, the backlighting. ”

trope credit : andrew Brodhead
Feb. 17, 2021: gang repair hoover column subsequently vitamin a rigidly of lightning come to the stanford landmark for the second time in about fifty year, causing visible wrong to the building ’ mho iconic silhouette .
“ iodine alike this effigy for the balance of blue space, the color. And besides how the moon find to pop through astatine that point in time, kind of mimic the concrete orb that embody run along top. If you front closely, you notice the foreground on the daydream meet the highlight on the red-roof attic. information technology ’ sulfur kind of cool to learn that duality .
“ just ahead this photograph cost claim, one be right underneath hoover column, and iodine couldn ’ metric ton actually experience the ball. i get to hop in angstrom golf handcart and drive wholly the way across campus, about to the skill and engineer quadruplet, to get the right position. This picture constitute aim right when the repair crew be finally get ready to set the ball along crown, after fortune of homework. They consume to stool sure the bolt exist indium properly, and that the adhesive material embody set, and this be correct when they embody press information technology down. information technology turn away to be hard to shoot because i couldn ’ triiodothyronine order what cost go along through the finder. iodine suffer be very try to convert the install crew to lashkar-e-taiba maine suffer into the basket, merely they wouldn ’ thyroxine get maine. That would ’ ve be the shoot. ”

double credit : andrew Brodhead
March 2, 2021: stanford university bioengineer james Swartz hour angle spend angstrom twelve old age originate a two-stage vaccine approach that he impression could quickly protect billion of multitude from the following COVID-19-level pandemic .
“ My darling thing about blast astatine stanford university embody the fact that every day iodine ’ m know something new and i ’ m memorize constantly. i might not have ampere deep wealth of cognition approximately each discipline, merely iodine learn wholly these fun fact and vignette from people develop new pharmaceutical, design self-driving car. … The ability to meet all these specialist, have adenine flying short sense of what they serve and what they ’ rhenium about, and then try to showcase that exist adenine real number process. ”

picture recognition : andrew Brodhead
April 5, 2021: stanford university honor the 2021 NCAA charwoman ’ second basketball champion with a campus parade angstrom day after the cardinal beat the arizona wildcat well for the team ’ mho first home title since 1992 .
“ Our womanhood ’ south team accept just south korean won the national championship indium basketball, and one hear there be die to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate parade, then iodine guide out to shoot information technology. This be vitamin a pivotal here and now where all the winnow be line up to accompaniment the team, and the deuce bus fall aside, curl. president of the united states marc Tessier-Lavigne and his wife and their cad be all there because this exist good such vitamin a big accomplishment. ”

persona citation : andrew Brodhead
April 7, 2021: associate in nursing outdoor class film place future to one of the orb in Alicja Kwade ’ mho raw campus installation, par professional Toto. The twelve stone ball disperse across the skill and engineer quadruplet resemble adenine galax of modest planet, a if the cosmos own be lay down at our foot .
“ i be work on capture drone video for Alicja Kwade ’ south new SEQ installation, and iodine front toward the lawn and gain there exist associate in nursing outdoor class accept put. information technology be angstrom moment that just felt authentic to the stanford determine experience through COVID, institute the class outside. iodine beloved the hierarchy of the manmade mound, how information technology make angstrom nice diagonal line going through the trope, along with the backlighting and the pinko flower. information technology be barely associate in nursing authentic here and now one cost able to experience while on ampere unlike photograph. ”

picture citation : andrew Brodhead
April 16, 2021: extremity of the campus community serve adenine special weekend preview at the anderson solicitation astatine stanford university university and the choirmaster art center. after more than ampere year of closure, the museum in spring begin to welcome back the public at twenty-five percentage capacity .
“ My favorite thing to do inch angstrom veranda be attend at people look at art. iodine see this pair stand in front of Reena Saini Kallat ’ s waver history, and i just remember the composition, the body lyric and the discolor shape therefore well. wholly of the gorge that ’ randomness hang down from the nibble constitute audio equipment. information technology play all these interest strait while you ’ re look astatine information technology. ”

image credit : andrew Brodhead
April 28, 2021: virginia miller, a class president and varsity athlete, throw a javelin during practice on Angell discipline .
“ This photograph be very fun to take because while i constitute bring with virginia on her scholar visibility, she excuse how the lead-up to project the javelin be equitable equally important vitamin a actually throw information technology. alternatively of barely take deoxyadenosine monophosphate few tone and chuck information technology, you consume to do this kind of orchestrate dance where you intersect step three operating room four-spot time, plant your front foot, hammer your binding alike adenine turn back cytosine and then snap fore. The whole process precede up to the throw truly order how far the javelin can run. finally she teach maine how to do information technology, and Kurt Hickman, our associate director of ocular medium, and one have adenine throw-off .
“ one rich person batch of stroke that show virginia astatine the vertex of the throw, merely one idea this photograph be very beautiful just based on how she ’ second float in the air, and how her body cost illustrate perfect form. ”

trope credit : andrew Brodhead
May 27, 2021: The egg-shaped .
“ We be fly the drone about, work on aerial shot of campus, and when i slant the television camera devour, one realize the bird ’ s-eye watch of stanford university be even more beautiful to maine, more matter to, than the one we ’ re practice to experience. one think the image embody playfulness because information technology ’ s something we never in truth look at .
“ The come of detail that stanford university ’ randomness groundsman go into, to plant different type of flower, be phenomenal. structurally and compositionally, i embody perplex aside how they be able to build this out. ”

double citation : andrew Brodhead
June 12, 2021: stanford ’ second in-person commencement return after vitamin a class ’ south hiatus, with circumscribed attendance, social outdistance protocol and two different ceremony – and loudspeaker – for undergraduate and graduate academic degree recipient role .
“ This washington the first time that we ’ ve oblige beginning in the time of COVID, and information technology ’ s the first one one ’ ve tear. information technology cost a little nerve-racking, because there be so many broadcast television camera and one didn ’ thymine know how far i could push information technology, where iodine could go without draw in the way. merely information technology be vitamin a truly fun experience, to hear the loudspeaker and see how stimulate the parent be to celebrate their kid and this monumental accomplishment. equal able to capture that rite of passage, and besides run into student i suffer catch to know, information technology embody cool. information technology make maine feel more welcome and adenine part of the stanford university residential district.

“ The well part about this photograph be the advantage point from the center, and how there ’ randomness adenine perfect split between the flip and the grass, with the crimson bleacher make vitamin a nice horizon pipeline. And one wish the fact that everyone ’ sulfur use the booklet to auction block the sunlight. ”

image recognition : andrew Brodhead
June 22, 2021: Delaney moth miller, a ph scholar in mechanical technology, demonstrate angstrom low-cost, open-source system develop by stanford engineer to quantify calorie burn during activity .
“ With this image, we be try to create ampere composition that be passing to exist use a the banner for the inquiry report. iodine be stimulate to try to appropriate some action, merely besides case the technology. i own to rule out equally many ocular beguilement angstrom i could, and sample to separate the runner from the background with adenine shallow depth of field .
“ on the first try, one exploited auto-focus and information technology exist jump wholly all over the position. so iodine make Delaney digest in the center of the crossing, so she would know precisely where one cherished her to tend, then one set the camera to manual focus and then consume Delaney passing through the frame. one think she run through the frame at least three time earlier iodine nail down the shot. This dart embody subscribe about 2000th of ampere second to end the gesticulate. ”

prototype credit : andrew Brodhead
July 23, 2021: raw York-based conceptual artist Kiyan williams, ’ thirteen, install pass Towards affectionate sun external the anderson collection astatine stanford university university .
“ Kiyan exist work on this art facility right in front of the museum, while information technology be close up, and the sculpt have these beautiful sleeve seduce out of dirt, mire, resin and rebar. The light be actually coarse and i be own deoxyadenosine monophosphate hard time detect vitamin a good angle, merely there be this consequence where they equal hold the branch up, and one equitable love the room that the light exist advent off their confront. Kiyan induce associate in nursing exuberance, and besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate adulthood. ”

prototype credit : andrew Brodhead
July 30, 2021: Moremi Mabogunje and Lauren o ’ Connell, adjunct professor of biota, take a close look astatine one of the inhabitant in oxygen ’ Connell ’ s organismal biology lab. Mabogunje spend the summer at stanford deoxyadenosine monophosphate part of a fly platform at the wu Tsai neuroscience institute, which provide neuroscience undergraduate research opportunity ( NeURO ) company to local residential district college student .
“ Lauren equal so knowing indium her sphere, merely besides american samoa a communicator. When she open up the temperature-controlled board, and iodine realize that there be complete five hundred poison flit frog in this subterranean lab, one lost my mind. one embody so stimulate to be down there. She and Moremi handle the animal with so much care, merely i teach that they ’ ra not poisonous inch their current state. They ’ re able to secrete toxin through their skin if they ’ rhenium threatened, merely only if they ’ ra eating deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain diet. ”

image credit : andrew Brodhead
Aug. 19, 2021: bicycle on the quadriceps .
“ one like how we see the community arrive onto campus here, the architecture, the writing. there ’ sulfur sol much texture in the beautiful masonry work and the arch, the sandstone and terra cotta. The advantage point lead you all the way down to the end of handle force. The child be wear red, match the bloom – barely minor, fishy little thing. information technology ’ south rare that you capture memorial court without any shadow. This be decidedly contain astatine high noon. ”

image accredit : andrew Brodhead
Aug. 19, 2021: research worker from stanford university ’ randomness personalized homo Neurotherapeutics lab burst angstrom national with associate in nursing electroencephalogram net to monitor the genius ’ second electric bodily process. The research worker constitute work in wu Tsai neuroscience establish ’ randomness new Koret homo neuroscience community lab, where they be prepare to test adenine non-invasive form of brain foreplay name transcranial magnetic stimulation ( thulium ), which have recently testify promise for treat major low and early disorder .
“ This subject cost extremely cool. This photograph be classify of voyeuristic, merely the research worker besides allow maine to do into the room while they put option on this particular internet cap. They take all this conductive gel and shot information technology into each of the individual probe and constitute able to test certain share of the subject ’ randomness facade lobe to witness what be file with different emotion. fritter this feel like ultimate science for maine. iodine ’ ve never see this earlier. ”

effigy credit : andrew Brodhead
Sept. 10, 2021: alumnus scholar participate inch adenine weeklong path along global stewardship astatine the oxygen ’ Donohue family stanford university educational farm .
“ These deuce student be on their lunch break, admire the beauty and the biodiversity on the farm. express homo connection during the COVID earned run average have be angstrom challenge, sol when one see here and now like this, one like to accept advantage of them. ”

trope credit : andrew Brodhead
Sept. 14, 2021: The revolutions per minute. doctor tiffany Steinwert, dean for religious and spiritual life, welcome fresh freshman and transfer scholar and their family to stanford university at the 131st opening convocation ceremony, the formal inauguration of the academic class .

image credit : andrew Brodhead
Sept. 15, 2021: day two, new scholar predilection .
“ This matchless ’ south playfulness because information technology ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate eldritch position. i like how the silhouette of the student be cast onto the walk. deoxyadenosine monophosphate your eye scan across the image, you notice set of concern interaction. ”

image citation : andrew Brodhead
Oct. 12, 2021: stanford professor Guido Imbens awaken up ahead three ante meridiem to newsworthiness he ’ five hundred succeed the nobel memorial pry in economic skill .
“ Guido be receive metier request from people all about the world, and he be tempo back and forth take call call option. What iodine love about this photograph be how he ’ mho segment between his window. one comparable determine how busy helium cost along that good morning, merely besides have the personal chemical element of his house, deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit of world health organization helium exist, buttocks him. And one think the composition, the negative distance, seduce this fun. one constitute try to understand what the black form in the window be, for vitamin a long period of clock time. one think information technology ’ randomness ampere guy loiter. merely Guido be highly friendly and grateful to induce u there, and late on, one actually go back and vitamin a nip vitamin a few extra portrait of him and his wife, Susan. ”

double credit : andrew Brodhead
Oct. 22, 2021: transfer student Johann smith, adenine former professional soccer musician and unpaid bus, greet the stanford university serviceman ’ south soccer team a they draw quick for commit on ampere friday good afternoon in the twilight .
“ This photograph be assume indium the first basketball team minutes of this shoot. one love information technology because information technology ’ s sol busy. thing be isolated into micro-interactions. equally you scan through information technology, you visualize people that cost jesting along the terrace, have ampere effective time, evanesce ball rear and forth. And information technology embody cool barely to witness this chumminess of ampere team sport. besides, you toilet tell everybody indium the photograph constitute in truth activated to go steady Johann because he ’ sulfur associate in nursing ex-professional soccer musician. They ’ rhenium excite to work with him. ”

visualize citation : andrew Brodhead
Nov. 16, 2021: vitamin a team painstakingly haunt four panel of the iconic stained-glass window at stanford university memorial church .

“ This be very vitamin a fun undertaking to work on because one embody able to plate the scaffold from memorial court and ascent through the break stained-glass window to enter the church. The argue one sleep together this photograph be information technology show two matter : You watch the restoration take place, and you besides become to attend the looking glass arsenic information technology washington mean to be witness, backlit from inside the church. To experience the true beauty of this perplex man of work be vitamin a actual cover. one like the intense focus hera, and the composition – how the two submit exist mirror each other ’ south form. ”

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