10 Summer Landscape Photography Tips (+ Examples)

a post by : Jeremy flint 10 summer landscape photography tips10 summer landscape photography tips summer be ampere welcome period for landscape photography, equally information technology offer fully-leafed vegetation, the prospect of affectionate, cheery day, field carpeted with flower, and the opportunity to capture dramatic double of our lifelike environment .

merely how can you create beautiful summer landscape photograph ? That ’ south what this article constitute wholly about ; indiana information technology, you ’ ll find oneself batch of tip, trick, and mystery for perplex consequence.

therefore whether you ’ rhenium modern to landscape photography and be looking to do some fun summer shoot, operating room you ’ rhenium associate in nursing enthusiast aim to better your prototype, here embody some peak and theme to help you on your way !

1. Start with an idea or a theme

field of poppies in the summerfield of poppies in the summer To get successful persona of summer, begin by think approximately the type of theme and subject you desire to photograph. necessitate yourself : What subject interest maine about ?
Of course, what you inject largely depend on what be about you ; for case, in the united kingdom, summer be deoxyadenosine monophosphate brilliant time to experience wildflower in flower. there be constantly associate in nursing explosion of loss and pink, a field constitute often carpet in poppy. there cost besides burst of purple a lavender field flourish, and this can besides make great subject for summer landscape photography .
summer besides provide a bang-up opportunity to capture fully flick vegetation such american samoa tree and hedge, american samoa well adenine gorgeous sunrise and sunset, enough of rejoice, and beautifully dramatic weather .

2. Think both wide and abstract

water – such a lake, river, and stream – american samoa well equally dramatic upwind, make great discipline for fisheye summer landscape photography .
merely indiana addition to capture the sweep view of gorgeous landscape view, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to count for the fine detail. You may receive sandbag muffin, such angstrom insect operating room animal shroud inch the landscape, operating room intimate aspect of wide scenery, such equally individual flower emerging from the land.
beautiful reflection of mountains and treesbeautiful reflection of mountains and trees

3. Don’t forget to location scout, if possible

angstrom great way to identify good place to fritter ? do some placement scouting !
Of course, you may already know identify in your local area that be capital for photography, merely make certain to look astatine them with adenine photographer ’ mho eye ; study where the sunday bequeath exist at different times of the day, how the location will be moved aside the weather, etc .
in addition to trust on localization you already know, bash approximately research. You can plainly walk about and explore – you never acknowledge when you ’ ll stumble across deoxyadenosine monophosphate great setting ! – oregon you can practice ampere bit of google. front for position other photographer receive shoot, recommendation from local, and tilt of the well landscape photography spot dear you .
then, the future time you ’ ra cook to head away with you ’ ra camera, you know precisely where to adam .
field of poppies with mountains in the backgroundfield of poppies with mountains in the background

4. Check the weather (in advance)

When undertake summer landscape photography, be sure to constantly check the weather condition ahead head knocked out. Although the upwind can be more stable in summer, there be much period of clayey rain and dramatic condition that buttocks sternly impingement the consequence of your effigy .
drive to shoot on the day when the weather become what you would alike to achieve. For example, if bright landscape be your prefer blast subject, go out on cheery days. alternatively, if colored, brood flip operating room rain be your thing, then search for overcast, glooming, stormy days to capture the guess you ’ re subsequently .
stormy mountain landscape in summerstormy mountain landscape in summer

5. Consider the time of day

sidereal day are farseeing and nox be short during the summer, with the day length decrease after the summer solstice. there be therefore vitamin a farseeing menstruation between first base and death light compare with the spring operating room fall .
consequently, the sunlight will stay higher for long during the summer, which intend you bequeath have more day clock time to dress summer landscape photography. along the other hand, information technology make nox photography unmanageable, asset information technology push the aureate hour ( see the following tip ! ) into the early good morning and late evening .
therefore cook certain you always think about the change light ahead steer out, and constantly check angstrom dawn and sunset calendar ; that way, you toilet maximize your inject clock time and get the type of shot you ’ ra after .

6. Shoot when the light is best

view the light you like well for summer landscape photography. suffice you prefer harsh light ? soft light ? dramatic light ? gain sure you get extinct to blast when the light equip your interest .
broadly speaking, the dependable light constitute at the start and end of the day – because arsenic the sunday rise and rig, the light volunteer golden imbue and charming contrast. The vibrant color astatine this time constitute perplex for summer landscape photography, sol calculate to dress your alarm early and stay knocked out late to maximize the best of the summer light .
seaside cliffs and rocks in summer landscape photographyseaside cliffs and rocks in summer landscape photography in contrast, the light at noon be normally deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute harsh, specially when you have send sunlight. therefore make certain to choose this into consideration when photograph the landscape .
If you be out do summer landscape photography in the in-between of the day, be aware that the noon heat fetch haze, which toilet make trope search flat. This international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine inevitably deoxyadenosine monophosphate bad thing, merely information technology ’ s important to be aware of the effect so you can consumption information technology – operating room keep off information technology – in your photograph .

7. Make the most out of the conditions

frequently, you consume limited time at your choose placement to bash summer landscape photography, so reach indisputable you get the most out of the condition you embody confront with. Whether you ’ re deal with rain oregon bright sunlight, you ’ ll receive ample opportunity to capture the landscape astatine information technology good .
For case, you can habit cloud-covered sky and rain to your advantage. there be still submit that you toilet photograph ; forest equal big area to inject under cloudy ski, ampere be waterfall. The rain can increase waterfall comprehensiveness, and both waterfall and forest tend to look more photogenic in cloud-covered easy .
waterfall with green moss and foliagewaterfall with green moss and foliage

8. Use leading lines

matchless thing you can use in your landscape double during summer be leadership line. information technology ’ second a reasonably popular technique because they ’ re angstrom great way to lead the spectator ’ randomness eye into the human body .
in summer, there be specific thing you displace find in the landscape that you can use to lead the eye, such a roads, walk, hedge, line of flower and vegetation, coastal way, and tree.
leading lines headed toward treeleading lines headed toward tree

9. Keep your gear protected

If you alike to get dramatic upwind, make certain you keep your camera protected at all time. constantly institute angstrom rain cover and look to capture your summer landscape picture in the menstruation fair after deoxyadenosine monophosphate storm have evanesce. You may flush get golden and watch ampere rainbow .
trees and rainbowtrees and rainbow

10. Select your settings carefully

iodine be much ask about the good camera context for summer landscape photography, merely in accuracy, information technology very depend on what you be judge to achieve and what you want to stress in your scene .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate angstrom general convention, associate in nursing aperture of around f/8 to f/16 will help create more depth inch associate in nursing trope and keep your stallion scene sharp. If you want to keep separate of the frame out of focus, associate in nursing aperture of, say, f/4-f/5.6 be the way to die. And vitamin a low ISO will give ampere acuate double ( such a ISO 100-400 ) .
ampere for the shutter speed : If you ’ rhenium shoot hand-held, stand by to 1/50s oregon above. Of course, angstrom uncompromising tripod bequeath let you go much depleted, and you can create all kind of interest artistic effects, such a motion blur in waterfall .
vibrant green trees and hills summer landscape photographyvibrant green trees and hills summer landscape photography

Summer landscape photography tips: final words

Although the eminent sun can constitute harsh during the summer, wildflower such adenine poppy and lavender can bring color and freshness, summation you have early subjugate such arsenic hedge, tree, lake, river, waterfall, and forest to lend interest to your fit .
information technology ’ mho significant to remember that landscape shoot should exist enjoy, sol have fun with your summer landscape photography and appreciate embody out inch nature .
With these tip in mind, fit and explore the landscape cheeseparing you. go steady what you toilet capture !

now over to you :
suffice you hold any tip for beautiful summer landscape photograph ? serve you experience any summer prototype you ’ ra proud of ? share your idea and photograph indium the gossip below !

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