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Pill Identification: How to Identify Unknown Pills

Have you precisely picked up your prescription and want to confirm the pharmacist dispensed the decline drug ? possibly you ’ rhenium worry for an aged rear and indigence to know you ’ re giving them the proper pills at different times of the day. In some cases, you may come across an strange pill on the street or even in your postbox.

Whatever the scenario, learning how to use a pill identifier to recognize a pill can keep you and your love ones safe—especially at a time when potentially deadly fentanyl pills are popping up all over the area. In many cases it ’ s possible to use the take after identifiers to determine what pill you may be dealing with. If always in doubt, do not take the pill. rather, speak with your pharmacist or sophisticate first gear to get a professional opinion .

When Would You Need to Identify a Pill?

There are respective situations in which you may find yourself needing to identify a pill for base hit reasons :

  • Finding a pill in a child’s room or on the street
  • Caring for an elderly relative or administering medication for a sick friend
  • Cleaning up a spill in your bathroom or medicine cabinet
  • When picking up a prescription drug from a new pharmacy to confirm it’s correct
  • Placing your pills in an organizer or travel container

No matter what the circumstances, there may come a time when it ’ mho lifesaving to identify a pill correctly. here ’ s how to identify medicine and pharmaceutical pills when they ’ ra not in a notice container .

Learn the Signifiers of Pills

Provided the pill isn’t counterfeit, it’s fairly straightforward to identify a pill based on three components:

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Pattern

design refers to whether the pill is lined, two-toned, speckled or has early singular ocular features. These attributes may separate it from another of the same shape and color. Every legal pill besides has a singular identifier. The pill identifier is a combination of letters and numbers on the pill itself .

Use Pill Identifiers

Use the information you gain from examining the pill and looking at the identifier. then, go on-line and use a pill identifier by code joyride to determine which medication you ’ re dealing with .
once you ’ re on a web site that ’ sulfur FDA-approved to identify pills, you ’ ll be prompted to put in some information about the pill in wonder. This may include identifying its shape or color or inputting the pill identifier by code ( sometimes called an imprint ). The best way to do this is to start by typing in the imprint code. then, select the color and shape that best match the pill you have in front of you .
After inputting the drug information, you should be given a list of search results to choose from. The tilt contains all FDA-approved pills that match your description. You ’ ll be able to view photos of the pills to reference as a comparison with your own. Read the names of each one and what they ’ re used for to help you narrow it down.

If your search doesn ’ triiodothyronine turn up any results, consider checking the identifier code again and retyping it. With such modest font, it ’ second easy to misread or merely make a mistake when inputting the letters and numbers .
Some of the most reputable online pill identifier resources are:
If you still can ’ thyroxine determine what you have, don ’ metric ton consume the medication .

What Are The Risks of Consuming an Unknown Pill?

It may seem like common sense, but you should never consume a pill unless you can identify it. Depending on what the nameless pill is, it could interact with other medications in your system. You besides could experience unpleasant side effects that may be hazardous. This may occur if it ’ s a medication that ’ s dangerous for you to take, such as due to a preexistent stipulate .
For some individuals, certain medications are dangerous because of their existing aesculapian conditions. In extreme cases, consuming an unknown pill may lead to significant health consequences or even death .
If you can ’ triiodothyronine identify it, bring it to your doctor or drugstore to get a professional impression. It ’ sulfur critical to have a clear determination of what you ’ ra dealing with. If you decide not to take the pill you can ’ thyroxine identify, don ’ thyroxine throw it away or flush it down the gutter. Medication needs to be by rights disposed of so animals or children don ’ metric ton incidentally consume it at a belated date .
It may seem harmless to flush a pill down the toilet, but you must remember that flush drugs can make their direction into populace water supplies. This includes groundwater and nearby lakes and streams. Water filtration systems may not remove all chemicals found in water, meaning your medicine may finally impact person else. Medications on the FDA ’ s blush number are exceptions that can ’ triiodothyronine be safely stored at home plate or taken to a collector. Fentanyl patches are one case .
The FDA provides suggestions for the safe disposal of unused medications. These include :

  • Take-back programs offered by authorized DEA collectors
  • Disposing of a ground-up medication mixed into dirt or coffee grounds — it should be sealed in a container or plastic bag
  • Recycling facilities — for inhalers or empty pill bottles

If you follow the steps on the second bullet train steer, the container or sealed bulge can be thrown in the rubbish. Once you ’ ve identified an nameless pill, be sure to follow the FDA guidelines for its proper use or safe disposal.

Support For Medication Addictions

Are you struggling with pill recognition in your home due to a prescription medication addiction or abuse problem ? At FHE Health, our feel for team of healthcare professionals may be able to help. together, we can develop a discussion plan to help you get your life bet on on chase. Call us today at ( 833 ) 596-3502 to find out more .

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