Recording the Most Comprehensive Camera Sound Effects Library Available

by Julia Skubisz

Take an inside look at the recording process behind our new expansive camera sound effects library – Sonomar Collection: Cameras.

We are gallant to bring you Sonomar collection : Cameras – the latest library in the Sonomar Collection to enrich your sound design toolkit .
Following many imaginative, high choice Sonomar releases – including the abstract resonances of Bass Machine, the immersive vibrance of Crowds, and more – this newest addition features detailed mechanical sounds from 250 film and digital cameras spanning over 100 years, all captured in high settlement for outright creative reasoned design possibilities .
Read our interview with audio architect and recordist Martin Pinsonnault ( CODA, Dallas Buyers Club ) to learn what it took to record this impressive camera phone effects library, and get a taste of the realism and nuance you can add to every scenery.

available now – Sonomar Collection : Cameras

Pro Sound Effects : What was the experience of recording this library like ?
Martin Pinsonnault : It was a long process of buy, rent, and gathering the solicitation of cameras before recording. This besides included houseclean and cataloging each of the 250 cameras, along with pictures of each one to be incorporated into the metadata, and getting most of them in working decree with allow batteries… A real challenge ! very geeky .
We carefully handled all the cameras to make movements, actions, and precise maneuvers with many different versions. It took a few months to record and a set of tweaking to get to the final results. ultimately, it took six months to accomplish, with intemperate work from the stallion Sonomar team at multiple levels of the creation serve. The resulting library is quite low-cost compared to the production price !
We recorded identical insidious sounds at unlike speeds and with different hand manipulation, at different paces, different versions, zooms, auto-focus, ring movements, electronic flashes – covering the sound of the mechanics and electronics of each camera individually, according to their own specific sonic properties. We recorded with care to the position of the camera to the microphone, to differentiate the stereophonic images from each other. We made countless movements ; grabbing and playing about with each television camera to get each potential sounds. Some recordings are pretty uncoiled advancing, but others reveal treasures .

“It is as important to be realistic as it is to be artistic.”

martin IMG_1319 (1)

Martin with his camera collection

What were your goals in the record work ?
To have arsenic many cameras as possible to play with and improvise with – with consideration to the fourth dimension period they were produced and the engineering used then. This is very crucial for audio designers, if you want to be accurate to what you do sound design on ( if you want to respect naturalism partially ), it is american samoa authoritative to be realistic as it is to be artistic. Both can be achieved at lapp time using this library ! Blend of real and resource .
We have selections of early cameras with solid leather bodies, and ones with thin carton boxes, or more bulky and fat box like the Nikkormat with the Minolta SRT 101 cooler made of hard metallic body. There is besides the Canon AE-1 ( which is the classic camera shutter sound used in iPhones ! ) and the Nikon F4 before the midst credit card Nikon FX90, not to mention the well-engineered Leicas, which make exceptionally visualize sounds… You can reproduce any reasoned a photograph television camera can make, and with some manipulation these sounds can be used for early designs as well .
We recorded in a operate environment with high sampling rate and sensible microphones ( Pair of MKH8040 in X/Y ), enhancing the sonic possibilities of each television camera to the limit. And it was all edited into a well-cataloged library with over 7,000 files ready to be used and searched through quickly and efficiently .
35mm SLR Camera Nikkormat FT2 1975
What inspired you to record these sounds ?
I have a heat for photography merely adenine much as I have one for phone. This collection combines the two together .
Sounds of cameras and flashes are some of the most use sound elements in many sound plan scenes. Of course there are hundreds, thousands of television camera voice effects out there and in our own libraries, but do we always have what we need, when we need it ?
What if there was a library that would cover the subject more cautiously in decree to enhance the possibilities of sound design and sound effects editing ? After missing material from this category for many years, we at Sonomar decided to take the time to do it and make it available for others to use in their own heavy design .
What will sound artists find most utilitarian about this library ?
New high timbre sounds of cameras, with cameras ranging from the last hundred and different popular brands of professional, prosumer, and consumer cameras, all listed by brand and camera .
We covered the biggest photography brands ( Nikon, Canon, Leica, Lumix, Pentax, Zenit, Yashica, Kodak, Polaroid, Minox, Minolta etc ) and most types of cameras such as Box, Polaroids, Pockets, Panoramic, Disk, Folding, Instant, Point and Shoot, Range Finders, TLRs, SLRs… There are besides many versions of electronic flashes, made with many different dart medulla oblongata, all of which are utilitarian unique complements.

We focused on many early sounds such as zooms, auto-focus, flashes, rattles, and handling movement, all described by type of television camera and chief military action description. All of these sound effects have a broken noise floor, recorded in pristine conditions .
These television camera sounds can be used for indeed many things other than cameras : some have humble motors for zooms or auto-focus, some have electricity sounds with the flashes, some have eldritch rattles and grinding sounds, some are very ruffianly and full-bodied, and flush aggressive, while others are extremely fluent and have unique, distinctive sounds .
We recorded the changes between mechanics and electronic photograph cameras with robotics, which can be used for servomechanical machines, robotics, vehicles, and even punchy and brassy scenes, barely ampere well as they can be used for very delicate, precise, and minimal sounds for any electronic device. We besides paid close attention towards lens bowel movement, manual of arms and automatic zooms, and car concenter, which are quite rare materials .
Recording all the different speeds a camera blast on seems a moment cockamamie as first since who would notice you used the television camera at 1/30 of a second alternatively of 1/500 and edited the proper speed into the action, but if you listen to it cautiously it sounds identical different, even more so when manipulated and slowed down. I will consider this in my next camera scenery whenever it is… scrolling through all the different speeds available offers thus much material and can all be well convertible for future specific use .

“ This library lies between sound design, sound effect, and Foley. ”

Box Camera Kodak Brownie Hawkeye 1949-1961

The possibilities are endless. There are more buttons than you could need in your life as a sound interior designer. You could easily regroup all sorts of finical corporeal and throw it in sound engines where you can continue to manipulate these sounds and create countless alone sounds .
Sound plan is the result of tons of pieces transformed to embellish word picture and this library has got all these short elements for you to find and add to your design. The easiest way to get a good solution is to use good material as the key component, and this is a great summation to every sound artist ‘s sound effects library. If you start to use these sounds for more than barely what they are, it is because you have started to create, and that is where the fun and magic trick starts .
This library lies between reasoned design, sound effect, and Foley and can enhance every department of fathom by adding textures, punches, releases, preciseness, clearness, diverseness and color to any sound design. To our cognition, it is the largest television camera audio collection on the market veracious now plus with a high gear choice standard .
Sonomar and Pro Sound Effects teamed up their efforts to create this identical exclusive, generous, accurate, and up to date sound collection of photography cameras with film and digital formats, covering cameras from the last century .
Range Finder Camera Holga 120 CFN 2015
What makes this different from early sound libraries ?
More than cameras with cranks, flashes and shutter releases, it ’ south besides belittled motors, grindings, squeaks, handling in action and minimal lens movement, clicks and pops. very small sounds recorded close to the microphones .
Because of their high quality these sounds could be transformed and processed indeed I suggest exploring them close in ordain to actually hear the differences between substantial time and slower movements, this is actually where this library is different from others. Having used the Sennheiser MKH8040 in ST with high frequency content, we have access to sounds which can ’ thyroxine be heard at convention hearing. Those sounds can be transposed in slope and accelerate, and due to their identical gloomy noise floor, you can maintain most of the sonic properties while hush having lots of room to create and manipulate .
This solicitation was built thinking about creative sound designers who are in search for more than merely common television camera sound effects, but rather new material they can manipulate freely to create pristine and impressive strait design .

“ The easiest manner to get a thoroughly solution is to use effective material as the keystone ingredient, and this is a great accession to every sound artist ‘s sound effects library. ”

35 point and shoot camera Fujifilm DL-270 ZOOM 1994
We ‘re excited to discover what you create with these fresh sounds ! Keep an eye out for more inspire releases from the Sonomar Collection in the future .

available now – Sonomar Collection : Cameras

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