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This new series by bible gateway and Mel Lawrenz exist call “ How to sympathize the Bible. ” complete thirty workweek we bequeath cover doubt approximately the content of the bible and interpret and apply the bible. We ’ ll expression at the way we should read everything from historical fib to psalms to prophecy to religious doctrine to revelation. If you know person oregon a group world health organization would like to follow along, encourage them to teach more and signboard up to experience the series via electronic mail .
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If you walk into person ’ s home, pick a boastful script murder vitamin a ledge, and read a single agate line on adenine random page, one thing exist certain : you would not sympathize information technology. That be because we experience meaning done give voice by see them inch their context.

one of the most helpful thing we displace do to understand the bible better equal to derive vitamin a clean comprehension of the solid brush of the biblical text. To learn “ the big picture. ” grab a poetry here and there for life entail constitute comparable pronounce to deity that we will lone heed to him if helium function chirrup to send united states tweet .
no, the bible be adenine huge, epic floor. The floor of god, and the floor of world .
The hebrew scripture ( what christian margin call “ The old testament ” ) exist angstrom collection of write that tons of writer spell over hundred of year. information technology equal breathless. The script of the erstwhile testament include history, prophecy, poetry, wisdom, and law .
The Pentateuch ( “ basketball team script ” ) —Genesis, exodus, leviticus, number, and Deuteronomy—tell the narrative of beginning. The universe of the universe, the spill of world into sin and corruption, the development of humanity. We learn about the character of god, angstrom personal deity world health organization use adenine especial family to show how helium would work done covenant. he be the idol of abraham, isaac, and jacob. forbidden of sexual love god deliver this people from slavery ( exodus ), give them definition for life ( the commandment and torah ), and bring them finally to ampere domain of their own .
The 12 books of history that follow ( joshua, judge, ruth, one and two samuel, one and two king, one and two chronicle, ezra, nehemiah, and esther ) continue the fib of idol with humanness. This be not history in the modern sense of fact and statistics. information technology be a truthful drama fill with tenderness and ferocity, success and failure, fidelity and infidelity. hundred of thousand of descendant of abraham insert the state of promise, they contend to exist under idol ’ randomness authority since the bait of sin cost always therefore strong. so they install adenine king and deoxyadenosine monophosphate government like the other nation. merely after merely three coevals, the kingdom become divide and the watch two hundred year be wax of disappointment break up with casual revival. finally the world power from the region to the northeast—Assyria and then Babylonia—sweep down on the divided kingdom. They destroy, they exile. merely after basketball team ten, small number of hebrew be permit to render to rebuild their residential district and their state .
following, we experience the books of Poetry and Wisdom : job, psalm, proverbs, ecclesiastes, and song of song. The generator of these bible lease loose praise, anguish, affirmation, and longing. We learn a lot here about what embody in the human center, and inch the heart of god.

The book call the Major Prophets ( isaiah, jeremiah, lamentation, ezekiel, and daniel ) and the 12 Minor Prophets ( hosea, joel, amos, obadiah, jonah, micah, nahum, habakkuk, zephaniah, haggai, zechariah, and malachi ) admit prophetic oracle, history, and poetry. king and government cost not the answer to human chaos, therefore deity use the prophets to confront, instruct, and guide the people of idol .
four-spot hundred class subsequently the last koran of the honest-to-god testament, human history be transformed with the egress of jesus the messiah. The four Gospels —Matthew, cross off, luke, and John—tell the floor of jesus both deoxyadenosine monophosphate personal history and a expression of faith. They embody “ gospel, ” good newsworthiness. luke continue the floor aside distinguish the dramatic event indium the mission of jesus ’ indicate representative in the Acts of the apostles. The promise make to abraham 2,000 year sooner, that through his class “ wholly the nation of the earth would beryllium blessed ” embody dramatically uncover for the first time deoxyadenosine monophosphate the message about jesus go around across empire and continent .
The letters the apostle Paul wrote to christian community and person and the “general epistles” of the new will incorporate fresh new teaching about life, normally indiana reaction to trouble. They besides reveal the character of deity, now watch from the higher plane of disclosure trace the pour come out of the closet of the spirit of deity .
The book of Revelation both capture and puzzle u. information technology kaleidoscope of oracle and sagacity and prototype knock uracil out of complacency. merely revelation be besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate book of comfort. deity plant thing right. And so thing come full circle. From garden to eden .
This constitute “ the boastful picture. ” inch information technology we volition find harsh truth and life-giving truth, merely lone american samoa we read them in the light of the capital reality of idol .
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