The Big Picture

The Story behind the Big Picture

The Big movie is born circa 1995 .
Pilot error, bankrupt crack inverted knees and blood. Making my way like a snail with a paraglider udder on my back down a cliff with my smash knees it was hard to imagine the eloquent lining that would become the boastful picture. Following a parasailing accident in Wales with a sentence of a branch in plaster for 8 weeks, I decided to take on a Picasso. Loving to paint but not thus good at drawing, I projected his breakthrough proto- Cubist masterpiece, the 8 sq. foot Les Demoiselles d’Avignon on to a canvas tent and enjoyed the following 8 weeks painting a reasonably good replica.

As I was mixing the semblance, I began to think, if this paint was actually being attempted by multiple teams, then there would need to be a lot of communication between members to ensure the colours matched and there was a seamless transition from one canvas to the adjacent. The large visualize was born and initially corporates plainly painted their version of celebrated masters paintings. We cursorily realised that there was an opportunity to tailor the output to include clients ’ messages and it transformed from one of copying art to creating billboard sized graphic designs with content and shock. As we refined the action, the overall quality improved, using detailed pre graphic designed questionnaires, bespoke software to transfer designs to canvas and we have a huge portfolio of glad clients. previous artwork we have, nailed the process to what it is today, a ticket artwork.

The spectacular curtain drop/finale

It ’ randomness moved a long way from ’ ’ painting by numbers ‘ ’ to a sophisticated exercise with extra art based challenges and techniques to guarantee that closely every team has to communicate with the early teams on the paint and no one has an overall picture of what they are creating, until the final examination spectacular reveal. The curtain drops, the confetti carom explodes and people stand in fear of their very own masterpiece, unable to believe they have jointly created such a high quality image in such a shortstop amount of time.

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With about 30 years history behind The Big picture, we know immediately, what a successful recipe it is for clients to engage their employees and parcel a message in a truly aesthetic direction. The big movie ensures multiple levels of communication between teams. This makes it the perfect demonstration of how collaboration, network and a large photograph concenter can lead to great results .

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