An Interactive Lesson Plan: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Why is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde a dear choice for your english class ?
First of all, it ‘s a absorbing narrative, one that everyone will remember. It is besides an frequently quoted and referenced novel with numerous movie adaptations and at least one graphic fresh adaptation. second, its language is an excellent resource for language determine as it has more negotiation than the description in it, and through Oscar Wilde ‘s witty conversations we can read and learn about the advanced linguistic process of the English upper-middle class and nobility at the turn of the century. apart from providing a colorful and harbor lyric experience, the themes of the fresh ( youth and beauty, hedonism, Aestheticism, the purpose of art, the faustian dicker, and good and evil ) offer discussion points for your unharmed class. It is a fresh that will evenly appeal to the boys and girls in your class .
Helbling Readers Blue Series Classics The Picture of Dorian Gray
Before you start reading the novel and doing the Before Reading activities, have a shortstop synergistic lesson to raise interest, activate/provide background cognition and get your students thinking about what they are going to be reading .

  • Level of activities: CEF A2-B1 (Cambridge PET, Trinity 4-5, pre-intermediate level)
  • Materials needed: your PC, a projector or interactive whiteboard, an Internet connection

The era: fin-de-siécle and the Aesthetic Movement

Questions for class discussion and research:

  • What does ‘fin-de-siécle’ mean?
  • What is the Aesthetic Movement?
  • What do you know about the Victorian Era?
    • When did it start?
    • When did it end?

Watch this video to learn about the Aesthetic Movement:
Use these resources to learn about Victorian Britain:

Look at this illustration from the Helbling Reader The Picture of Dorian Gray.  ( Level 4 reader, adapted by Elspeth Rawstron, illustrated by Rossella Trionfetti )

  • Describe the people, their clothes, and their appearance.
  • Describe the rooms and the decoration.

What is a ‘dandy’? 

  •  Look at the clothes and the appearance of the men in the illustrations above. What do they look like?
  • Go to a dictionary or encyclopedia and read the definition of ‘dandy’.
  • What would a dandy be like today?


The language of Dorian Gray

project this page onto the wall or the synergistic whiteboard. First, read it alone, then do a function play. You will need three characters : dorian Gray, Basil Hallward, and Lord Henry Wotton. Set up the classroom as if it were Basil ‘s room. You can draw a portrayal on the board .
As you are reading the enactment, find examples of interesting lyric use, such as :

  • ‘I’m in Lady Agatha’s black books at present.’
  • ‘That’s very horrid of you.’
  • ‘Can I ask you to leave?’
  • ‘If Dorian wishes it, of course you must stay.’

How would you say these sentences in natural contemporary English ?

DorianGray_page18Page 18 from The Picture of Dorian Gray, level 4 Helbling Reader.

Film adaptation

imagine that you are a film film director. You would like to make a film adaptation of the fresh in a contemporary set up. Create the IMDB page of the film stick out. Write information about the follow details. here is an example of another film adaptation on IMDB .

  • Title – Year of production – Length of film
  • Summary of the film
  • Director
  • Cast
  • Storyline
  • Details

Remember, this film is set in the twenty-first hundred !

Photo and drawing project

Do you like taking photos and making sketches ? here are some tasks for you .

  • Take a photo or draw a sketch of your best friend’s profile.
  • You can also take selfies or draw a self-portrait.
  • Draw a picture of your friend and then draw a self-portrait. Ask your partner to do the same. Now compare your portraits.
  • Take a series of pictures of yourself when you have different moods. Describe how your facial expressions change.


Extra activity for fast students: Witty language

Oscar Wilde was celebrated for his cagey sayings. They are called aphorisms. Follow the radio link below and read his most often quoted aphorisms. Which one is your darling ?

  • Oscar Wilde’s most enduring epigrams – infographic (higher level)
  • Search the Internet for Oscar Wilde quotes.

Are you ready to read the novel?

It is a gothic repugnance history, and it is the only published novel written by Oscar Wilde. It first appeared in a monthly magazine. You can see images of the first publication on the web site of the british Library .
Here is a short summary of the story:

“ I ’ ll grow old and surly. But this portrayal will always stay young. ” Artist Basil Hallward sees dorian Gray at a party and on the spur of the moment feels that something bad is going to happen. But then the unseasoned and big Dorian becomes his friend and Basil paints the most fantastic picture of him. What does dorian wish for when he sees his photograph ? And why does dorian then hide his picture for no one to see ?

Want to read more?

If you are matter to in early stories written by Oscar Wilde, check out the Level 5 Helbling Reader The Canterville Ghost written by him .
If you are matter to in another gothic fib, read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by R. L. Stevenson .

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