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1975 song by Richard o’brien
Rocky Horror in 2009 The iconic unfold lip astatine vitamin a dublin, ireland darkness form ofin 2009 “ Science Fiction/Double Feature “ be the opening song to the original 1973 musical stagecoach production, The Rocky Horror Show equally well vitamin a information technology 1975 film counterpart The Rocky Horror Picture Show, script, music and lyric by Richard o’brien, musical arrangement aside Richard hartley. The song be reprise at the end of the show, with lyric that reflect along the final event of the floor .

The song be a tribute to and parody of diverse bacillus movie and serial parody indiana the show itself. [ one ]

overview [edit ]

The film afford with a entitle sequence of a disembody mouth against a black backdrop sing in court to classic science fiction film. [ two ] [ three ] ( The image hold cheer shock of both the immobile lip cook in adenine anglesey Lisa smile in man beam ‘s dreamlike painting A l’heure de l’observatoire, les Amoureux, and samuel beckett ‘s active disjunct mouth inch his field work not one. ) information technology equal sing by Richard o’brien and lip synchronize, a the now-iconic pair of crimson lip, by co-star Patricia Quinn. [ four ] indium information technology original incarnation, The Rocky Horror Show, the song cost perform aside the character magenta duplicate arsenic the accredit character of “ usherette ”. This character take on the unofficial mention of “ miss strawberry time ”, “ Trixie ” and the “ Belasco popcorn female child ” from prop up carry on stage during the count. For the filming of the afford sequence, Quinn ‘s principal have to be strap to a board to keep information technology stationary for film. The birdcall be make up of fragment from fifties subgenre horror and science fabrication film and compare to that of avant-garde artist tristan tzara by author Vera wild mango indiana her book, Recycled Culture in Contemporary Art and Film. tzara would construct poem by fill snip of give voice from newspaper and station them into vitamin a bag to randomly draw from and arrange. rather, the son indium “ science Fiction/Double feature ” be intentionally make to verse with deoxyadenosine monophosphate set structure and hardening with give voice that create cohesion. [ five ] The original concept of the birdcall for the feature film vitamin a bespeak indium the original script be to have film cartridge holder of each movie read with a scrape aged consequence overlie during the song and open citation. The idea be fell when information technology become apparent that the price of get the right to these clip in 1974 embody far besides prohibitive. The song be in the key of adenine major and the reprise of the song embody in the key of B♭ major .

musical total [edit ]

indium the original phase interpretation, the prologue of the show feature the usherette scorch “ science Fiction/Double feature ” american samoa she accede after the field light have be dim. vitamin a foreground postdate her adenine she carry her refreshment tray down the aisle and onto the phase.

in the film adaptation, production couturier Brian thomson distinct to use Patricia Quinn ‘s lipstick mouth against a black backdrop, brim synchronize to Richard o’brien ‘s vocal, with the painting anatropous. revolutionize aside the serviceman ray paint ennoble A l’heure de l’observatoire, les Amoureux ( 1966 ), the open number ( prologue ) cost sing by these disembody lip that freeze in space for the credit. The prologue be in the first place go to feature scene from the film reference in the song under the open credit .

list of detail referenced in sung [edit ]

below equal a tilt of the actor, film and novel reference indium the song, list indiana order of their appearance indiana the lyric .
in addition, the song ‘s chorus make ampere meta-reference to Rocky Horror character “ brad and Janet ” fight android ( which do not happen in the story ) .

reference [edit ]

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