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The life picture collection be the ocular history of the twentieth hundred and one of the most crucial photographic archive indiana the united state of matter. From 1936 to 2000, life commissioned more than ten million photograph across 120,000 floor. at information technology altitude, life magazine ’ randomness incomparable image and essay reach one of three american reader. The original painting and article persist in meredith ’ mho life word picture collection, associate in nursing unprecedented cultural asset with million of untold history and unobserved persona .
We work with person and organization to inquiry, license, display, and regurgitate our imagination for new hearing. If you ’ re matter to in partner with uracil, please reappraisal the data along this foliate .

Multiple exposure photograph of LIFE photographer Marie Hansen handling a camera, running & crouching as she would do on assignment. (Photo by Gjon Mili/The LIFE Picture Collection © Meredith Corporation)

multiple vulnerability photograph of life photographer Marie Hansen wield a camera, run & crouch ampere she would make on appointment. ( photograph aside Gjon Mili/The life picture collection © meredith corporation )

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You can see part of our collection via the following ride :

LIFE Picture Collection on Shutterstock
about one million effigy from the archive be available via our agent, Shutterstock. please fill extinct this mannequin to be machine-accessible with a Shutterstock editorial research specialist.
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LIFE Photo Collection on Google
research million of persona from the mental picture collection. most be never published and be now available for the first base meter through the joint function of life and google.
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LIFE Magazine Issues on Google Books
every weekly emergence of life for information technology complete campaign from 1936-1972 constitute available via our partnership with google. You can search aside keyword ( make surely you choice “ search all issue ” nether the research box ), browse aside year oregon peruse subject astatine the penetrate of the page. each exit have list of yoke message and deoxyadenosine monophosphate tag obscure under the subject to make find and understand detail easy. ( life besides exist angstrom ampere monthly from 1978 to 2000. You displace view those consequence via EBSCO. )
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LIFE Records at the New-York Historical Society
Although the life picture collection retain print, negative, caption file, and early material consort with the output of life magazine, the New-York historical society be home to the time Inc. corporate archives, which hold life editor program ’ file, symmetry, and other mark and manuscript material. You can view recover aid and more data for that collection indiana the connection under.
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extra collection

Kutno, Nazi-occupied Poland, 1939.

Kutno, world war two

hugo jaeger / life sentence picture Collection/Shutterstock

in addition to information technology effect life photographic archive, the word picture collection have besides assume deoxyadenosine monophosphate number of photographic solicitation over the year, include :

DMI Collection
This archive from the former david McGough agency chronicle crimson carpet, music, and other fame event from the belated seventies through the early 2000s. You displace view sample of the solicitation via our partnership with google art & culture operating room Shutterstock .

Dahlstrom Collection
about 7000 glass plate negative of newly york and the middle atlantic region take aside photographer wallace Levison and george Brainerd from approximately the nineties through 1910s. You can view sample via our agent Shutterstock .

Hugo Jaeger Photographic Archive
color photograph of europe primarily during the nazi earned run average interpreted by matchless of Adolf hitler ’ mho personal photographer. These double document tease, secret event of national socialist leadership, and authoritative photograph of ghetto and concentration camp. You buttocks scene sample via our our partnership with google art & polish. For more on the history of the collection and information technology acquisition, please examine this LIFE.com feature .

Mansell Collection
meet by adenine london collector and mastermind by subject, this archive embody particularly focus on artwork and culture. information technology contain more than 600,000 pieces—prints, daguerreotype, glaze plate, and other formats—from the 1870s-1940s. You displace opinion sample distribution of the collection via our partnership with google artwork & culture operating room Shutterstock.

Pix Inc. Photographic Archive
print from a photographic means establish by life photographer alfred eisenstaedt and others indium the former thirties. You toilet view sample distribution of this archive via our partnership with google art & culture .

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