All About Traceables For Canvas Painting

All you need to know about Traceables!!

On this page you will find data about traceables, how to trace designs onto a canvas, what products you may be able to use to transfer, etc. If you are new to acrylic painting you may see a fortune of tutorials online, including the ones on this web site, that include a traceable design template.

Of course you can constantly draw your own design onto the poll with a good-oh-fashion pencil drawing ! Drawing your own invention brings out your own style and personality with your painting. HOWEVER, often times it ’ s merely easier to trace the template onto the analyze ! In my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with using the traceable! The focus on my teach method is how to paint with acrylics ! Sometimes that means having the template draw out for you to give YOU the boost of confidence you need to proceed with the challenges of learning how to paint. I frequently use my traceable drawings to transfer to my own paintings because it helps to get the constitution right the first meter around without having to erase and re-draw. Drawing can be frustrating sometimes ! Continue to Content

How To Transfer A Traceable To A Canvas

How To Transfer A Traceable To A Canvas Learn the simple method of using graphite transplant newspaper to transfer a design onto a canvass for acrylic paintings. Active Time

5 minutes

Total Time

5 minutes


  • Graphite Transfer Paper 
  • Traceable
  • Canvas
  • Optional: Tape 


  1. Lay a sheet of graphite paper shiny side down onto the canvas.
  2. Place your traceable print out on top of the graphite paper with the traceable facing up.
  3. Optional: tape the traceable and graphite paper to the canvas to hold it steady.
  4. Use a pencil, pen or stylus to trace the lines of the traceable.
  5. Gently lift the traceable and graphite paper off the canvas to reveal the drawing.


point : tracing on a categoric surface preferably a canvass for better command of the transfer .


Common Questions about Traceables:

How do I print the traceables?

If a PDF version is available for that traceable, simply download it and print it. I optimize my traceables to be printed on a standard 8.5 ” x 11 ” calculator paper. Sometimes that means printing two – four sheets and taping them together so they fit on the canvas size I used. If it is a PNG or JPEG version, merely click the visualize or right click and save the picture. then proceed with following your computer/printer directions for printing the trope .

How do I enlarge the traceables to my canvas size?

There ’ s a few ways to do this. One method acting in my tutorial here, is how to do this if you have an HP lap-top and HP printer. The BEST method acting, in my opinion, is to use the Rapid Resizer software cock ( consort link ) which allows you to resize a traceable to any canvas size. This software is AMAZING and has been a unplayful game changer for me with designing analyze paintings ! You can resize any traceable to any size sail you are using. You can besides use this for creating traceables for a paint ! I use this software to create my own traceables because it turns my painting design into a template !

Can you resize the traceable for me?

I do this as a complimentary service in my membership ! You can find out more information here about my membership .

How do I get the design onto the canvas?

To transfer the traceable to canvas, simply function graphite paper between the effigy and the canvass. Graphite newspaper ( or carbon newspaper ) is a grey sheet of wallpaper that has a glazed side to it. When you put blackmail on it with a pencil, pen or stylus, the draft will be “ imprinted ” on the surface you are applying it to. Make sure the glazed side of the graphite newspaper is facing down. You may opt to tape the graphite composition and the traceable to the canvas in order to hold it brace, however, I do not normally do this. It’s also extremely helpful to trace with the canvas flat on the table versus on an easel.  Simply hold the traceable firm and use a pencil to trace onto the design. It will transfer to the canvass.

You can see a video of that process here:     


Where do I get graphite paper? 

From Amazon ! You can besides get graphite/carbon composition from craft stores such as Michaels. Graphite paper is a in truth small investment because the newspaper can be used many times for multiple paintings. You truly only need one sheet ! They even make light colored graphite composition if you are transferring onto a dark background !

Is there an alternative to graphite paper?

Yes ! If you do not have graphite transfer composition, you can apply your own “ graphite ” to the back of the traceable by plainly rubbing your pencil ( aka coloring ) on the back of the design. then identify it on the canvas tent and trace on the front side. This besides works with chalk, ashen charcoal, semblance pencil or pretty much any average. You can besides use a light postpone if you ’ re using a load canvas or canvas tent paper .


Can I trace over a painted surface?

Yes ! A lot of times I prefer to paint the background of a painting first and then transfer my traceable draw .

Can I outline the drawing with a sharpie?

Yes ! Outlining the traceable drawing with a sharpie is helpful so you can see the drawing/ painting design well ! This is besides helpful if you are painting with a bombastic group of painters. Sharpie will show through the first base few layers of paint and won ’ t bleed with your acrylic fiber paint. That means that you can paint the background over the draw and still see the designs.

How do you make your traceables?

I either hand draw them or use the Rapid Resizer software to scan my paint and turn it into a traceable design .


Where can I print your traceables?

My traceables are available for rid in my traceable library ! You can find them here. enjoy !

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