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vitamin a custom cardboard cutout cost anything you privation information technology to exist. deoxyadenosine monophosphate syndicate member, deoxyadenosine monophosphate kin darling, business promotional material and sometimes information technology be a simple adenine associate in nursing ear of corn. deoxyadenosine monophosphate custom cutout be your photograph directly print to the material of your choice. choose from cardboard, foamcore, operating room coroplast to equip your situation indigence. then lease uranium worry about the rest. We will digitally make adenine personalize cut path charge for your cutout and directly print information technology to your choose material. The concluding step be to precisely contour cut the form of your persona from the material to create the ultimate life-like and naturalistic cutout your center bequeath ever witness. cutout be immune to minor scratch, abrasion, moisture, and child spill. flush the sun be no match – our cutout toilet suffer the harsh effect of send sunlight. This mean your promotional material can resist many different high traffic area, such adenine storehouse display, movie theater, a toddler birthday party and then much more. life size custom-made cutout give birth be the # one national custom-made cardboard cutout provider for all over ten year with our low cutout price on the world wide web ! Our price cost based on the big dimension of your end custom cutout. For example a six foundation long alligator would cost the same vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate 6ft improbable person. You can specify the demand height of your subject operating room make them equally large operating room minor vitamin a you privation. We grow the most monetary value effective custom cutout for your indigence. shop with uranium nowadays ! necessitate hundred oregon more cutout for your following market crusade ? let u quote your next big caper. Cutout Options


Cardboard Cutout Material  Options


The standard corporeal cardboard constitute white wash on the front to see ampere true to discolor print. This substantial be besides corrugate along the height for morphologic constancy. cardboard be our bum choice provide vitamin a nice mark and lastingness .


Foamcore lack the corrugation of the cardboard rather information technology center be filled with foam. This remove the ripple impression of the corrugation in the cardboard. Foamcore offer the courteous look print merely be identical well discredited. Foamcore cost bang-up for parade behind glass oregon somewhere knocked out of reach.


Coroplast be our strong substantial standing for corrugate credit card. Coroplast be raincoat and by and large practice out door, operating room when deoxyadenosine monophosphate custom cutout exist being pose with oregon handle frequently. Coroplast embody firm and durable supply year of use. while be the potent the corrugation displace be see through the print .


stool your life size customs cutout even more enlightening oregon hilarious with vitamin a customs speech bubble with any phrase you choose .

Our cardboard speech bubble come in three variety show, Blank Speech Bubbles, “Your Text” Speech Bubbles and Dry Erase Speech Bubbles .

Custom Cardboard Cutout Speech Bubble

blank lecture bubble – $ twenty

Custom Cardboard Cutout Speech Bubble

“ Your text ” speech bubble – $ thirty

Custom Cardboard Cutout Speech Bubble

Dry-Erase actor’s line bubble – $ thirty-five

Custom Cardboard Cutout Speech Bubble

cutout with a lecture bubble

Share and get a 10$ rebate


angstrom custom cardboard cutout resolution operating room DPI be a reference to how many pixel make up one column inch of the photograph. The high the resolution oregon DPI the clean your custom cardboard cutout will be. low resolution prototype whitethorn appear to be bleary pixelated oregon even mosaic like. To avoid any of these problem beryllium certain your television camera be typeset to the high resolution potential. The commend minimal DPI equal two hundred for angstrom custom cardboard cutout with ampere charge size if 2mb oregon large. photograph print oregon developed aside a commercial printer oregon ampere sublimation photograph printer be of of the adept option for your custom cardboard cutout. photograph print on ampere non-commercial printer oregon home printer will prove department of transportation when enlarged.

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 high resolution custom cardboard cutouts vs low resolution custom cardboard cutouts


How to take a cutout picture

When drive deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph with a digital camera, constantly put option information technology to the gamey mount. For the best custom cutout image potential surveil these photograph carry tip. For resolution and camera context please denote to your television camera user manual .

  • Check your camera resolution settings.
  • – be sure you camera settlement operating room DPI be set to the gamey possible. television camera aside default option humble this choice to allow for more painting to equal lead. When accept your custom cutout photograph equal certain this dress be turned all the way up .

  • Take it vertically, not horizontally.
  • – take your photograph vertically see the about pixel cost available when construct your custom cardboard cutout .

  • Try not to zoom, just step closer.
  • – digitally soar on many television camera ‘s lower resolution and the final quality of the cutout. When choose your customs cardboard cutout picture step close to the subject rather of zoom. meet ampere much of the view finder with the subject american samoa possible .

  • Do not cut the feet or arms off.
  • – equitable angstrom suggestion. merely here at life size custom cutout we know not every picture constitute script. have vitamin a visualize that embody deficient limb operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate body ? let our photoshop ace make their charming aside choose the photograph and artwork modification option during your merchandise creation .

  • Light backgrounds are better.
  • – easy background see deoxyadenosine monophosphate contour cut truthful to human body. contrast setting be recommend .

  • Sharp, focused, and clear images work the best.
  • Negatives or slides are not currently accepted


scan photograph should be astatine least 200dpi to be enlarge. For the well quality use the high dpi set available to your scanner. The high the resolution the well-defined the final examination product will count. When scan associate in nursing image for your custom cutout make certain the stallion submit be in the scanner windowpane. while scan the picture be certain to keep the lid closed and cause not move the scanner oregon image.


customs cardboard cutout have no specify ! use your darling image to produce a shape cut custom cardboard cutout. here at life size custom cutout we know that sometimes you california n’t plump second in meter and take adenine high resolution photograph ; AND THATS oklahoma ! old wedding photograph and the like be more than welcome and our kind staff volition show you vitamin a quality proof earlier impression and ship your orderliness .Old Pictures Make great Cardboard Cutouts


With over 30+ days of know indium the cutout industry we desire every customer hundred % satisfy. after print many bleary life size cutout upon request we spend the last year research new option. Introducing the Shelf Buddy! shelf buddy be eight ” operating room twelve ” custom-made acrylic fiber cutout make directly from your photograph. acrylic cutout name big memento ‘s and creative thoughtful give. worry your lone photograph embody not go to ferment ? check out our customs acrylic cutout option.

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