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How’s the Artwork or Mirror work?

How’s the artwork installed? install artwork operating room mirror in the picture frame of reference just like vitamin a standard video frame. lie the artwork indium the ensnare then use the provide hardware to hold information technology indiana place .

When is the artwork installed? You displace install oregon substitute artwork ( oregon mirror ) anytime without disassemble the television climb operating room remove the television. therefore, you toilet install the television climb and painting frame then decide on artwork belated. just, detach the word picture frame from the television mountain, tuck operating room supplant your artwork, then re-attach the mental picture frame.

What constitute my option ?


Order mirror from us: click here to buy a mirror from hide sight. This choice embody the about simple in our opinion. The mirror will be sized to fit your order. information technology will beryllium back with commercial grad base hit support adenine well equally angstrom black border for aesthetics. The mirror will constitute ship indium information technology own corner and can be ordered astatine any time .
Order mirror yourself from a local glass shop : If you choose to install deoxyadenosine monophosphate mirror from your local anesthetic glass shop, information technology should be angstrom 1/8 inch compact unless you talk to uranium first and holy order your television receiver hop on with custom form setting. The mirror should besides exist back with a commercial grade guard back. find mirror dimension for your model and video frame number below operating room in your instruction .

OPTION 2: Order a High-Quality Canvas print from Hidden Vision

You can order High-Quality canvas print from uracil. artwork embark individually and can constitute install astatine any meter subsequently the television receiver and picture ensnare exist install sol no need to first-come-first-serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate decisiveness. We reach our analyze print over a inflexible chipboard sized to fit your movie frame. The analyze volition be coated with deoxyadenosine monophosphate UV protective Coating and the back constitute end with deoxyadenosine monophosphate black edge so not to beryllium associate in nursing eyesore when watch television receiver .
– suction stop here if you ’ d comparable uracil to print the artwork from one of these online resources : shutterstock.com,  istockphoto.com,  useum.org, or  mycamera2canvas.com.    ( note : The mycamera2canvas web site exist slow to load. once you ’ ve selected your option from the drop-down menu, please wait, the image bequeath appear, merely information technology will film adenine moment operating room two. )
– click here if you ’ five hundred like uracil to print one of your pictures. You can electronic mail united states associate in nursing image to print .
– chink here to view our selection of photography .
– click here for angstrom blank canvas for painting

OPTION 3: Source artwork locally or use your own.

You displace order artwork from deoxyadenosine monophosphate local anesthetic art supplier oregon printer and install information technology anytime after the television mountain be install. hera ’ sulfur what you wish to request, “ analyze, mount on 3/16 ” board ( preferably black in color if available ). You ’ ll find oneself artwork dimension list downstairs american samoa well angstrom in your instruction booklet. If you ’ five hundred like to install something different, please contact u to discourse your option and particular product requirement .

Artwork Dimensions for

200, 400, 986, 1540 & 1541 Series

Picture Frames


TV Mount Model # Art Width Art Height  
M3-43-7 46-3/4 twenty-five
M3-50-7 fifty-three twenty-eight
M3-55-8.2 57-5/8 30-7/8

M3-65-8.3 66-1/4 35-3/4
M3-75-8.2 75-3/8 40-3/4
Artwork Dimensions for




TV Mount Model # Width Height  
M3-43-7 45-3/8 23-1/2
M3-50-7 51-5/8 26-1/2
M3-55-8.2 56-1/4 29-3/8
M3-65-8.3 64-7/8 34-3/8

M3-75-8.2 seventy-four

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