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If you are the type of person that wants to gain as many followers as possible then you need a good Twitter profile. One of the ways to create a dependable profile is by having a dainty and professional Twitter profile photo. 
Although Twitter has issued instructions for profile image size, getting the size just right is calm a sting unmanageable. It ‘s because, evening though you meet the commend instructions, Twitter has a strange habit of cutting off a share of your visibility picture .

What makes a Twitter profile photo stand out?

When users look for our profile on Twitter, the first image they see is our Twitter profile image.
The basic principle of profile photography is that your face should be in the limelight.

however, having a profile word picture with a brilliant background is the first key to having not entirely a decent but besides an appealing and engaging profile photo. even if the Twitter profile photograph distance is limited, a visualize with a great background is just what distinguishes a basic and generic profile picture from a antic profile picture .
It ‘s highly comfortable to get this resultant role. You can modify the background of a picture you already have by uploading it to our app. You could always snap a late video and use it as your profile picture if you ‘re not satisfied with the one you ‘ve selected .
We could choose our favorite equip, apply constitution, and accessorize with our darling items. For the sake of comfort or lack of time, we would have not done all of the things we would ‘ve done on vacations. quite, you can now calmly put together a picture set .
Take into account the lighting deoxyadenosine monophosphate well ! Sunlight is always the best light. Position yourselves near the window on a cheery day so the boldness is well lighted. This will result in a high-quality photograph .

Guidelines on Twitter profile photos

Let ‘s go through Twitter’s suggested profile photo guidelines before we get into any optimization strategies .

  • The suggested profile picture size is 400px by 400px
  • The suitable formats to use are JPG and PNG. GIFS can also be used however, the animated ones will not be supported.
  • The maximum file size of a profile photo should be at least 2 MB

other than that, here are some tips on twitter profile photos:

  • Upon creating a Twitter profile photo, make sure that it’s professional. It’s also best to add a picture of yourself rather than random google images. However this depends on your Twitter profile niche. If you have a business account then you can add a logo as your profile picture while if your account is personal, related to you then add a photo of you.
  • Keep it simple. Do not add an image in your profile photo that looks crowded or includes many objects. It sometimes proves rather confusing. Instead, keeping it simple and clean makes your profile look more aesthetically pleasing
  • Think about what might make a good first impression. Your profile image is what most people look at when they enter your profile. This is an excellent opportunity to create a lasting impression. Consider what you want your profile picture to convey. What would you like the picture to imply to the people who see it, and what to remember about it?
  • Do not add text on your profile photo as it might be very distracting.
  • Keep a neutral facial expression – It is important to have a pleasant expression in your profile photo rather than an intriguing one.
  • Lighting – This is very crucial for profile photos in order that your face can be in the spotlight. As mentioned before, the best way to have perfect lighting in a profile photo is by taking advantage of natural sunlight. You can either stay near a window or go outside to snap a few pictures.
  • Don’t avoid the background – True, you might say that as long as you look good then the rest doesn’t matter, however, it does. You can’t just take a photo anywhere, for example, in the bathroom or some messy looking place. Instead, consider taking your photos in beautiful sightings or landscapes.
  • Use an application that can help in creating your Twitter profile photo. PhotoAiD is such an application that can automatically edit any photo and crop it to the required size. You do not have to worry about the background or anything else as the app will provide you with every necessary tools that you need for editing your photos.

Why you should have a Twitter profile photo

hera are some reasons why you should include a profile photo in your Twitter profile:

  • Makes your profile look professional. 
  • Can attract potential customers
  • It communicates what you do and who you are
  • It can gain you more followers if it’s aesthetically pleasing

overall, the importance of profile images should not be ignored.

It ‘s vital to have high-quality, aesthetically pleasing images that reflect yourself and what you do. Think of it deoxyadenosine monophosphate important as a invention feature on your main page, and keep in mind that social network is a democratic way for fresh potential clients to connect with you .

Twitter profile photo common mistakes

Having a bad Twitter profile photograph can make others who look at it leery of your profile. We ‘ve put together a list of the most popular mistakes to avoid so that your profile photograph looks deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional as it can .

  • Bad quality profile photos – In most cases having blurry or pixelated profile photos in Twitter means that you have a lack of skills unless the photo complies with your brand or logo.
  • Overcrowded photo – Having a profile photo that looks overcrowded doesn’t give a good taste.
  • Wrong size – You can not just find a profile photo online and upload it in your Twitter profile because that’s not how it works. The profile photo must be in the right size so it can fit the header and it can look better.
  • Profile photo does not correlate with your brand – Sometimes you can find Twitter profiles with profile photos that do not relate at all with their content. This happens mostly with new businesses or brands. Better avoid such a thing if you want to attract more people.

How to create a Twitter profile photo?

Are you looking for a nice looking and original Twitter profile photo ? then we have the solution for you. PhotoAiD is a instrument that can offer you many options and tools for editing photos on-line. You can create your own profile photo and upload it in the photograph editor for Twitter profile photos .

How does the Twitter profile photo maker work?

In the cases when you want to create your own profile photograph then PhotoAiD has the right edit tools to help you .
All you have to do is upload the photograph to the app, choose the type of document and our tool will automatically snip it to the required Twitter profile photo size. 
This is not everything though ! The Twitter profile photograph godhead can besides offer you different backgrounds to choose from. For example, you can choose the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the beautiful canals in Amsterdam, the choices are many .
Thanks to these features, you can besides trick your friends into making your photos look like you are on vacation in other countries. You can snap as many photos as you want to, try on diverse costumes, and choose your favorite. Our photography program besides allows you to snap photos with different haircuts to ensure that you are delighted with your snapshot. You can play around with diverse outfits and cosmetics.

What are you waiting for ? Take advantage of this incredible creature to make your profile photos look more professional. You can find the app available in GooglePlay arsenic well as AppStore .

PhotoAiD editing tools

Below you can find some of the best tools available on PhotoAiD to edit your photos :

  • AI Image Enlarger – You can enlarge your photos without compromising quality with PhotoAid image enlarger. Simply submit your photo and our software will enlarge it, for example, a 1000 × 1000 px photo becomes a 2000 × 2000 px one.
  • Darken tool – Do you want your photos to have more shade or look more dark? This darken tool can do just that.
  • Inverter and rotator– As the name suggests, the tool can help you invert or rotate your photos in any position you want them: upside down, right or left.
  • Blurring tool – Blur is one of the most popular tools that people use nowadays for their profile photos. It just makes them look better and gives better focus on your face rather than the surroundings.
  • Eyedropper – To specify a new forefront or background color, use the Eyedropper tool to sample color.
  • Colorize tool – This is a wonderful tool to use if you want to practice with colors. It can help you colorize your photos, making them more blue, red or orange or purple, it is up to you. 
  • Lighting tool – Similar to the darken tool, this one will increase the brightness in your photo instead. If your photos are very dark then you can use this lighten tool to make them brighter.
  • Grayscale tool – If you want your photos to look more black and white or gray then this tool can come to your aid. This is also a very popular tool since most people enjoy black and white photos and to be honest they look more professional sometimes.

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