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How to assemble the four-spot piece mirror & word picture box The four patch visualize & mirror box help protect your photograph, mirror oregon early piece of hang artwork during angstrom move. information technology toilet adapt size improving to forty ’ ’ ten sixty ’ ’ ten 3-½ ’ ’ ( LxWxH ) exploitation all four-spot nibble and can hold up to sixty-five cypriot pound. The four piece mirror & mental picture box can besides embody secondhand for mirror and artwork ampere small angstrom twenty-two ” x thirty-one ” ten 3-½ ” ( LxWxH ) and only command two of the piece .
Included with the Four Piece Picture & Mirror Box:

Recommended add-ons:

Box Assembly Instructions:

Preparing your picture or mirror for moving:

  1. Make sure any sharp edges from hanging brackets are taped over or removed to prevent snags while packing.
  2. Tape down any mounting wires
  3. Although not required, we highly recommend placing the picture in a Picture Protector cover to help prevent damage to the picture or mirror while it is being packed or inside the box.
  4. Starting at corner, wrap vertically around to the other corner using Enviro-Bubble®
  5. Repeat this step on the other side
  6. Once the two vertical sections are wrapped, use the bubble wrap again and go horizontally on the top and bottom of your picture or mirror.
  7. If you purchased Bubble Corners instead of wrap, simply slide a piece onto each corner of your picture or mirror

Your mental picture operating room mirror constitute now ready to be pack !

Assembling the Four Corner Pieces:

  1. After receiving the box, lay it down on a flat surface and use a box cutter or utility knife to cut the 2 plastic straps holding the 4 pieces together.
  2. Pick up the first piece to begin assembly. Note: all four pieces are identical; no particular order needs to be followed when assembling the pieces.
  3. Fold the box along the designated scorelines, (make sure the graphics are on the outside of the box).
  4. Fold in the flaps: Start with the small flap and then lay the two long flaps over each other
  5. Tape the flaps down by placing a long piece of tape over the exposed edge (only 1-2 pieces of tape should be necessary per corner piece).
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until all four pieces are assembled and ready for placement on the picture.

Packing the Box:

  1. Take your wrapped and ready-for-packing picture or mirror and lay it down on a flat surface.
  2. Slide one completed section onto the bottom corner of your picture or mirror.
  3. Slide a second section over the adjacent corner and secure the pieces together with tape.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the top of the picture or mirror and secure the pieces together with tape.
  5. Turn the box over and take the back side along the exposed edges to finish securing the box into place.

Your video operating room mirror be now ready to be safely enchant during your move !

suffer Your four part mirror & visualize box today !

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