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An option to traditional Usenet access is to download from on-line newsgroups with a web-based Usenet supplierbest web-based usenet image not every Usenet supplier requires a separate newsreader app ( sometimes called a newsreader app or Usenet browser ) to download newsgroups. alternatively of installing and using a classify newsreader app to search newsgroups and snap up files, these web-based newsgroup providers allow you to do it all from within your web browser. But what are the benefits of web-based Usenet ?

well, for starters, it provides you the flexibility of accessing newsgroups from more devices – anything with a world wide web browser on it whether desktop calculator, laptop, pill or even your smartphone. Relying on your web browser means that there is besides one less program to download and install. A web-based Usenet provider can be a great option for newer users – or those who merely want to avoid some of the fuss involved with Usenet such as configuring a newsreader or dealing with multi-part files .

Best Web Based Usenet Providers

With all that in mind, here are our picks for the best web-based Usenet providers :

# 1 EasyNews

Putting EasyNews at the exceed of the tilt is pretty much a no-brainer. not only is it one of the best web-based Usenet providers, it ’ south one of the best providers period. In fact, it ’ randomness among Cogipas ’ favored newsgroup providers. EasyNews ’ web based Usenet plans have a distribute to offer :

  • great retention (up to over 2,758+ days)
  • free 14-day test
  • great speeds
  • servers in both the US and Europe
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • plans starting from $9.98 per month
  • and even a free VPN for some of their plans

It ’ s a great option for newly and veteran Usenet users alike. For exemplar, if you finally “ graduate ” to normal ( NNTP ) Usenet access with a standalone newsreader app you can decidedly do that with EasyNews. The service lets you add unlimited NNTP access to your account through its Add-Ons allowing you to use both ways to access on-line newsgroups. EasyNews Big Gig design gives you both right from the catch go, but is a bit costly for those on a close budget. Sign up for absolve today and give it a try !

# 2 nzblord – NZB Downloader

The adjacent entry on our tilt, nzblord, is quite the step devour from EasyNews in terms of features. Their service is identical dim-witted, allowing users to search for and download newsgroup files immediately from their web browser – but not much else. Nzblord is more of a web based NZB downloader for Usenet newsgroups than a dependable web-based Usenet newsreader. You ’ ll need to know how NZB files work, but that ’ s not hard. retention is reasonably humble at 700 days and speeds are capped at a maximal of 15Mb/s. That being said, prices are decent, ranging from $ 8.23 per calendar month ( $ 98.75/yr ) or $ 14.95 month-to-month. And if you ’ re just looking for a bare service with a simple apparatus, nzblord can be a good option. right now, nzblord has a trial offer for $ 6.95. Sign up today and see what they ’ re all about.

# 3 GoGoUsenet

In the third and concluding touch on our list, we find GoGoUsenet. And like nzblord, this one is reasonably barebones, offering a web-based newsreader, outright downloads, and not much else. unfortunately, they don ’ thymine give clear information on retention or speeds, though in our experience they are comparable to nzblord in that department. You can see the list of newsgroups they carry right on their web site. There is besides a keyword search feature. Prices start at $ 19.95 for the first month, but drop to just $ 14.95 for each month after. At that price period, the main attraction would be that they provide more data than EasyNews ’ similarly priced plans. And of course, some people equitable prefer the simplicity and no-fuss apparatus. Try GoGoUsenet today and see for yourself .

Web-Based Usenet vs. Standalone Newsreader

Which are better : web-based Usenet or a standalone newsreader with traditional ( NNTP ) access ? well, that ultimately comes depressed to personal preference, since there are advantages of each. on-line Usenet readers provide public toilet, while normal newsreaders are more full-featured. As you might have gathered, web-based newsreaders are not the norm. thus while there are decidedly some identical good choices in that sphere, like EasyNews above, your options actually open up if you ’ ra volition to work with a standalone newsreader. We have already outlined some of our favored standalone newsreader apps .

Best of Both Worlds ( Bundled Usenet Newsreaders )

There ’ south besides a one-third choice. A few Usenet providers offer a loose ( included ) newsreader app specifically tailored for their and alone their Usenet servers.

These bundled newsreaders are precisely as easy to set-up up as web-based Usenet newsreaders – in fact, they are pre-configured so there is nothing for you to fiddle with – so far as full moon featured as standalone newsreader apps. Newshosting and Giganews both offer free, bundle Usenet browser newsreaders with their Usenet plans .

Best Web-Based Usenet Providers Wrap-Up

Which way to access Usenet newsgroups will you choose ?

  • web-based
  • standalone
  • bundled
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