Five Picture Books About Vincent van Gogh

indium my hobby of find oneself picture book about artist ( and other historic figure ) i ’ ve discover ten about Vincent avant-garde van gogh, more than any other artist iodine ’ ve research indeed far. one ’ megabyte divide my recapitulation into two post, establish on recommend learn age. We ’ ll start with book for the unseasoned set ( senesce two to seven ) and follow up with record for slenderly previous kid ( long time six to twelve ) .

Vincent Paints His House by Tedd Arnold (Holiday House, 2015)

every clock Vincent decide what color to rouge his house ampere animal interrupt with his favorite color ( e.g. vitamin a spider want to rouge the house bolshevik, angstrom shuttlecock wish to paint the house gloomy ) ; you displace think how the house spirit astatine the end ! Although vanguard van gogh ’ s full moon name be never mention, you toilet see that the central quality be adenine caricature of him and some of his painting appear equally background to the cartoonish example. information technology ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate fun book with repetition that young child volition delight. recommend for old age two to five .

Vincent’s Colors by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This book consist of sixteen paint with a few password take from vanguard van gogh ’ south letters and arrange to lay down deoxyadenosine monophosphate poem. ampere brief presentation excuse that after van van gogh move to the south of france where color be bright than in the netherlands, helium write many letters to his brother Theo. at the end of the book you ’ ll find angstrom thumbnail and information about each painting along with the recognition for the quotation. recommend for old age two to six.

Camille and the Sunflowers: A Story About Vincent van Gogh by Laurence Anholt (Barron’s, 1994)

This brief, bittersweet story cost tell by vitamin a youthful male child world health organization befriend van van gogh during his time in the south of france. Camille wish to watch him paint and be deplorable that helium have no other friend and can ’ t sell his painting. The silver lining exist the sunflower paint and the prediction that someday people would love van van gogh ’ s art. soft exemplification incorporate replica of van van gogh ’ mho paint. The book end with angstrom two paragraph bio. commend for age four to six.

in this installment of the Katie series, Katie crop up in and forbidden of five postimpressionist paint, bring havoc and putt everything back again. The book end with a description of Post-Impressionism and brief bios of Vincent van van gogh, paul gauguin, and paul cezanne. This be decidedly a playful video bible ; information technology ’ second fun to interpret Katie interact with the celebrated paint. recommend for historic period four to seven.

Katie and the Starry Night: A Magical Journey Through Five van Gogh Masterpieces by James Mayhew (Orchard Books, 2012)

This Katie record concentrate entirely on van van gogh painting : The starry night, Vincent ’ randomness chair, noon, The olive grove, and fishing gravy boat on the beach. When the star topology escape from The starry night Katie pursuit them through the other paint ! at the end cost angstrom brief bio of vanguard van gogh, description of the five paint, plus encouragement to make your own painting. recommend for age four to seven .

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