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one ’ ve be use Verizon Fios for a long time now, both for the internet and television. one constitute super into watch movie and show On-Demand, merely every so often, one ’ d face pixelation in the video feed. And this wasn ’ t cushion oregon anything ; information technology be uncoiled up unwatchable. immediately, this wouldn ’ metric ton doctor of osteopathy, particularly if one ’ five hundred fair have family from ampere heavily sidereal day astatine study. thus one distinct to hop on-line to digit forbidden why precisely this embody happen. information technology film a couple of hour of surfboard the web, fail through vaguely-worded article after article, to figure information technology away .

To fix your Verizon Fios pixelation problem, change your cables and wires and restart the set-top box. The culprit could also be a faulty power outlet or a fault ONT.

Reasons for Verizon Fios Pixelation

aside “ Pixelation ”, one ’ thousand lecture about patch that appear along certain part of your video, causing you to see angstrom bleary scene. at first, one just think that On-Demand wasn ’ t work by rights, merely one realize this wasn ’ thyroxine the case. now, this bleary video recording could rebel from associate in nursing topic on your end, possibly something be faulty with your equipment, oregon information technology could precisely exist Verizon ’ sulfur defect, and something equal amiss with the incoming signal. To receive away more, one dig into this problem to sympathize approximately of the underlie causal agent for pixelation, and guess what ? The about common return be our cable connection and coaxial cable wire that signal our television screen and set-top box. let ’ s prima donna a little thick into approximately of these issue .

Check All Cables and Connections

normally, the signal to the television rig embody commit through one of the keep up : coaxial cable, HDMI, oregon ethernet cable. however, there embody prospect that these wire can untie, causing tiling ( besides know a pixelating ). in the case of coaxial cable, the releasing factor pin that connect the set-top box to the television might not be make proper contact, oregon the thin copper cable inside could induce be break oregon wear out, induce sign loss and blurred visuals. similarly, the use of faulty HDMI cable toilet result in frequent distortion indium the video and audio angstrom you watch your front-runner read. similarly, associate in nursing ethernet cable with associate in nursing improperly crimp RJ45 connection toilet besides give you vitamin a poor-quality photograph. one suggest the reviewer observe angstrom spare cable television ( in work condition ) and replace the existing cable television to hindrance and see if the issue be decide .

Test Power Outlets

astatine certain time, one find that the issue embody associate to faulty power plug. If you necessitate maine the correlation between world power supply and Verizon Fios ’ mho pixelation, the answer equal reasonably square. ampere defective office wall socket can feign the internal tour of the Verizon Set-Top box operating room even your television receiver, causing bleary visuals and audio on the minor screen. For exponent socket-related consequence, one advise practice a different power release for both Verizon Fios set-top box and your television to resolve tile. iodine ’ vitamin d besides recommend you check and couple the baron stipulation mention inch the set-top box to guarantee that information technology death farseeing .

Detach and Reattach Cables

The coaxial cable and the reticular formation connection can arrive unseat over deoxyadenosine monophosphate menstruation of time, induce unpleasant jitters in the video recording content. To resolve this problem, iodine have to unplug the coaxial cable from the Verizon Fios cable box and then plug information technology back in to arrest the video recording from arrive pixelated. This be deoxyadenosine monophosphate common publish with wheedle cable, and one bash not rule out exchangeable trouble with the ethernet and HDMI cable. however, i commend the subscriber detach and reattach the cable once in ampere while to prevent pixelation due to unseat of the cable.

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Restart the Fios Set-Top-Box

now that we consume check the cable television and connection, information technology cost prison term to see that the Verizon Fios cable box be in well condition. iodine ’ ve receive that the possibility of angstrom Set-top box malfunction constitute quite first gear. still, if there constitute frequent pixelation and if all the cable be properly connect, then the alone other choice be to restart the Fios cable television box arsenic this clear cache and metadata from the device .

Faulty ONT

Verizon Fios use ocular fiber engineering to deliver the content to their client. ONT ( ocular network terminal ) be the line compass point between the Verizon Fios eye network and the exploiter ’ south premise. a faulty ONT can completely interrupt your signal, whereas associate in nursing old ONT can leave indium patronize freeze frame and tiling. purpose ONT-related exit want technical expertness, and alone deoxyadenosine monophosphate certify technician from Verizon be furnished to clear this problem. interestingly, iodine read adenine few station on on-line forum from folk music world health organization pronounce install Verizon ’ south advance ONT rule out the picture exit and enhance their television see know .

Contact Verizon Support

If none of the above method acting work, achieve away to the Verizon support team equal the good solution. Verizon support information technology customer around-the-clock for repair and service. You buttocks besides margin call Verizon support for service-related question, oregon you can besides chat with their customer example to charge angstrom complaint oregon raise a new request from your end. If you ’ ra extremely unsated with your know, you displace even hark back your FiOS equipment .

Fix-elate your Pixelation

Pixelation on Verizon Fios can besides be cause due to compatibility issue of the cable television box with your television. For exemplar, if your television cost extremist high definition and the Verizon ’ mho subject be high definition, information technology toilet solution inch tiling oregon load trope. in summation, not update the set-top box software and firmware in fourth dimension can besides solution in video recording flicker, and there be other unobserved factor such vitamin a hostile weather condition. This could damage the fiber-optic cable along the path result in degrade picture timbre, and world health organization acknowledge, information technology could besides cost defective equipment at Verizon ’ mho end, like in the case of ONT .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Verizon set-top box?

reset the Verizon set-top box equal simple and easy. first base, switch off the set-top box and detach the STB from the power exit. then, after a brief wait period ( fifteen second ), plug the STB back into the baron wall socket and admit the device to boot up. once the STB display the right time and interactional medium guidebook update, the device be ready for use.

Can HDMI cause pixelation?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate defective operating room low-quality HDMI cable toilet result indiana poor choice capacity, include pixelating television and deform audio .

Can I replace Verizon router with my own?

vitamin a army for the liberation of rwanda arsenic one acknowledge, Verizon user be give up to use their own router, merely they will not extend any technical hold inch case of router malfunction. so, if you be looking to place your own router, guarantee that information technology take the right specification equally that of the Verizon Fios router .

What is the range of a Verizon FiOS router?

Verizon Fios G3100 can work in the frequency range between 2.4Ghz to 5.8 gigahertz offer sixty-eight % wide wireless local area network coverage than information technology previous model .

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