How to Create a Profile Video for Facebook

Your Facebook profile picture can move ! I ‘ll go over the specifications needed for a Facebook profile video, and how you can edit any video to meet them. Switching your visibility video to a profile television is an easy room to make your profile stand out above the crowd. In 2015, Facebook started allowing users to upload videos up to 7 seconds long alternatively of the standard profile picture. A short television vivification can show an arouse moment, highlight your personality, or feature a snapshot from your life. I ‘ll show you how to create your own Facebook profile video, and show off some creative new visibility television ideas for you to consider. Get Started Now: Upload your video nip to the Kapwing Studio to trim it to under 7 seconds, make it square or round, and download it to your phone. Use the Facebook mobile app to add it to your profile.

How to Make a Facebook Profile Video

It ’ s only possible to make profile videos on the mobile Facebook app at the here and now. There ’ s no way for you to create a profile video from your computer. But creating a profile television from your mobile app is bare and easy :

  1. Open your Facebook mobile app and find your profile tab. It should be the third one from the left on the bottom of your screen.

A screenshot showing where the profile picture editor is located in Facebook. 2. Tap the television camera picture right adjacent to your current profile picture, then “ Select Profile Picture or Video. ”A screenshot showing how to choose a profile video in the Facebook mobile app. 3. Browse through your camera roll or shoot a new video recording ! If you ’ d like to use something from a web site or social media account, Kapwing can help you download videos from Youtube, Instagram, and other places on Facebook .A screenshot showing how to edit profile videos in Facebook. 4. Trim, crop, and edit your profile video recording ! Facebook provides a bang-up interface for these tools – you can trim to any segment of your video that is 7 seconds or shorter. Once you ‘re done edit, click “ Use ” in the upper berth good corner to confirm your raw profile video .

Technical Requirements

To post a television to the profile picture area on Facebook, you must use the Facebook app for Android or io. You can not upload a profile video when you ‘re on the Facebook web site. From the web, visibility owners are n’t able to select video recording files from the background file picker .A screenshot showing that the desktop Facebook site doesn't allow video uploads. Desktop Upload only allows for profile photos, not video uploads

There are n’t many other technical requirements for Facebook profile video. Users should be able to upload barely about any video that ‘s saved in their television camera roll to the visibility area .

  • Size: Facebook profile photos appear as photos on your profile, so you’ll need to crop your video to 1:1 to fit the space. However, there doesn’t seem to be any size requirement for the videos.
  • File Format: Facebook seems to support any video file format that you can view on your phone, including .MP4 and .MOV. However, you cannot upload a GIF as your profile photos; Facebook shows GIF profiles as an image rather than an animated picture.

Editing Options

After you upload your profile television, click “ Edit ” to adjust the look and clock of your television. From the Facebook app, you an adjust :

  • Timing: Facebook profile videos must be less than 7 seconds long. The app automatically selects the first 7 seconds, but you can adjust the section that you want to feature on your profile video. Alternatively, you can trim the clip ahead of time to meet the 7 second limit.
  • Sound: When you upload your video, Facebook allows you to turn the sound off and mute the video profile picture.
  • Cover Thumbnail: When you up upload your profile video, you can change the “Cover” to any frame in your video. Use the slider in the “Cover” tab of the Facebook app to adjust the video thumbnail.
  • Crop: Facebook’s built in tool allows creators to adjust the area of their video that is in frame. You can move the video up and down within the circular preview.

Make a Unique Facebook Profile Video Design

The frames you can find on Facebook are bang-up, but with Kapwing ‘s Studio you can design and apply any frame you want. Open the Kapwing Studio and upload the video recording that you want to use for your visibility video recording. Circular Frame : Most Facebook frame involve a circle ( or respective circles ) around the external of the picture. In the Studio, deselect all layers and pawl “ Shape ” from the buttocks toolbar. Select the circle/oval, then “ Fill Color. ” Remove the fill color by selecting the last choice in the color array, which looks like a white traffic circle with a red ten through it. now you can adjust the size, position, discolor, and more ! Using animated text or multiple scenes, you can make an enliven visibility video recording and express a message in your profile. here ’ s an case :A GIF rotating between different profile video border styles for Facebook. Text : Want to spread your induce, give a life update, or send a message to your friends through your profile television or video ? Position text on peak of your profile photograph or video to get the message across. Check out the exercise below where I ‘m advertising Pride .A GIF showing animated text in a Facebook profile video. once you ’ ve finished editing your profile television in the Studio, fair click “ Publish ” in the upper right corner of the window. Kapwing will process your video. You ’ ll then be able to download, copy, or continue to edit your video.

A GIF showing animated text in a Facebook profile video. I hope this article helps you bring some life to your Facebook profile ! If you ‘re interest in more tips and tutorials on creating capital video content for social media, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel, where we post multiple new videos every week. And while you ‘re here, take a count at some associate articles on Facebook visuals : • How to Make a Facebook Cover Video
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