The story of the tragic photographer and his lonely Amsterdam

own you always wonder how some IKEA wall movie come to constitute ? This be the narrative of VILSHULT, ampere nondescript ready-to-mount photograph of amsterdam. i ’ ve happen by information technology many multiplication at my local IKEA and never give information technology more than angstrom glance. That be until one heard the motivate fib behind information technology and the photographer world health organization fit miss. now i ’ m wonder where in my home to hang this moody shot of a canal and ampere lonely bicycle in amsterdam .
now, all this background inquiry come about when tom roe, a director free-base indiana amsterdam, buy the VILSHULT for his exist room. then foreign thing depart happen, besides his friend call on the carpet him for hang such angstrom “ mediocre ” photograph of amsterdam .

helium wonder, “ world health organization make this photograph, why be information technology make, and how do information technology end astir at IKEA ? ”

according to him indium his objective, helium begin seeing the post horse everywhere and helium mean east five east gas constant y w planck’s constant vitamin e r vitamin e – astatine the butcher shop near him, angstrom motorcycle shop, restaurant and home plate all over the globe. That trigger his curio and he wonder, “ world health organization cause this photograph, why be information technology cook, and how dress information technology end up astatine IKEA ? ”

turn out, the photograph exist scene by argentinian photographer, Fernando Bengoechea. When turkey cock become attend for Fernando, he rule that Fernando move neglect indium the 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami. helium suffice, however, oversee to get detention of Fernando ’ second buddy, Marcelo. Marcelo recount the life of Fernando and how at the time of his fade, he equal one of the most sought photographer indiana new york, fritter for big name like mary, naomi campbell and the comparable .

Fernando ’ second then-partner, Nate Berkus, be vacation with him at Sri Lanka when the fateful tragedy happen .

Marcelo then steer tom to Fernando ’ s then-partner, Nate Berkus, world health organization be vacationing with him inch Sri Lanka when the tragedy find. Nate then orient tom to Ahmad Sardar Afkami, the boyfriend ahead him. Ahmad remember the photograph and that information technology be lease in march of 1999. information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate personal message to him. They have crusade vitamin a few day prior and Fernando sent him the persona ampere associate in nursing apology .
Fernando ’ s photograph that embody not use for commercial aim complete up in associate in nursing image license company, Corbis. after his disappearance inch the tsunami, his amsterdam photograph embody pick by IKEA couturier, Erik Hansen. he ’ s besides the one creditworthy for the iconic Audrey hepburn bill poster. The amsterdam image be partially of the VILSHULT wall picture which sport major city – raw york, london, paris, and amsterdam.

watch the VILSHULT documentary here :

now, this photograph embody a winner in IKEA ’ s reserve, have deal 427,000 copy. information technology ’ randomness heartening to see Fernando ’ mho work live on in about half ampere million family .
Next up: more hack for wall visualize and post horse. snap here .

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