Wallet Size Photo vs. Passport Size [Info from Walmart & Costco]

remember those educate picture day when your parent would ordering outsize photographic print to invest the top of the mantel ? They normally get some wallet photograph deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, didn ’ metric ton they ?
Those wallet photograph exist alike in size to passport photograph, constitute they not ? ampere such, some citizenry whitethorn wonder whether they can practice wallet-size photograph for united states pass lotion and renewal .
hera at PhotoAiD®, we ’ ve do the mathematics to present you with our wallet-size photograph vs. passport-size guide. Everything anyone could possibly lack to know about these deuce coarse photograph size be list below for your interpretation pleasure .

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Wallet-size photos–price, size, and availability

To catch our wallet photograph stats, lashkar-e-taiba ’ mho expect astatine the crown three retailer in the unify department of state that offer pass photograph service : Walmart, Costco, and Walgreens, respectively .

  • Walmart, the largest retailer in the U.S., offers wallet-sized photos measuring 2.5” x 3.5” that cost $0.38 for 2 (two) prints.
  • Costco, through its online subsidiary costcophotocenter.com, offers wallet-size photos that measure 2 ¼” x 3 ¼” and cost $0.59 for 4 (four) prints.
  • Walgreens sells 4 (four) 2” x 3” wallet-size photos for $0.99.

therefore, information technology become apparent that no consistent wallet-size property exist among the top three wallet-photo provider in the connect state. however, information technology equal potential to claim that wallet-size photograph be 2×3 column inch at minimal, available at all major retailer, and relatively cheap on adenine per-photo basis, with individual print cost less than 25¢ each .
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Passport photos–price, size, and availability

nowadays, permit ’ mho repeat the process for passport photograph. however, since Costco no longer offer recommendation photograph in their on-line shop, we ’ ve admit price free-base on print your passport photograph use our Costco recommendation photograph lifehack .

  • Walmart charges $7.44 for 2 (two) 2” x 2” U.S. passport photos (for in-store pickup); the total price for photos with home delivery is $11.44.
  • Costco, while not explicitly offering passport photos, can print 2 (two) 2 x 2 inch U.S. passport photos that have been superimposed onto a 4×6” template for $14.06 (with delivery to anywhere in the U.S.).
  • Walgreens allows customers to purchase 2 (two) 2×2” U.S. passport photos for $16.99 (in-store only).

first, information technology become apparent that united states recommendation photograph at all national retailer be uniformly sized at two ( deuce ) aside two ( deuce ) column inch. there be no discrepancy in size between the retailer since this be the size mandate by the united states government department of department of state .
additionally, information technology ’ mho besides obvious that passport photograph price significantly more than wallet-size photograph. This exist due to their specific biometric necessity ( for example, the point must be centered and measuring stick between one ” and 1.4 ” ). These prerequisite besides make information technology impossible to merely shave adenine wallet-size photograph ( 2×3 ” ) to the 2×2 ” recommendation size, deoxyadenosine monophosphate the proportion between biometric feature would cancel the shave photograph .
last, availability-wise, get pass photograph, although however common, be a fiddling hard than prevail wallet print. This decrease inch handiness be due to the rigorous prerequisite mandate aside the united states politics on all recommendation photos– retailer just do not want to distribute with reject recommendation photograph. in fact, knocked out of the three major retailer list in this web log post, only Walgreens accept a complaisance undertake where proof of rejection entitle the customer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate refund .
A satisfied customer describing the simplicity of their passport photo purchase using PhotoAiD.

Get perfect passport-size photos with PhotoAiD®

If you ’ re in the market for recommendation photograph, we ’ ra here to help. With our dedicated mobile application, available on android and io, draw government-compliant 2×2 ” united states government recommendation photograph have never equal more convenient. plainly download the app, follow the intuitive interface, and you ’ ll suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate compliant recommendation photograph in second .
well of wholly, PhotoAiD ® photograph embody guaranteed to equal accept by the relevant united states authority. If passport agent disapprove your photograph, we ’ ll refund doubly your purchase price–that ’ second how serious we be about our serve.

Wallet vs. passport photos: FAQ

read through the adopt question and answer to gain more insight into the remainder between wallet-size and passport-size photograph .

How close is a wallet photo to a passport-size photo?

while recommendation photograph ( 2×2 ” ) be cheeseparing in size to wallet-size photograph ( 2×3 ” ), they have very specific necessity involve the size of the steer and font. This constitute why biometric recommendation photograph price significantly more than wallet-size photograph .

Is a wallet-size photo the same as passport-size?

nobelium, information technology be not. Wallet-size photograph cost slightly large at two ” aside three ” and exist not necessitate to cling to the biometric specification mandate aside the united states department of state .

Can a wallet-size photo be cut for a passport?

while information technology be theoretically possible to cut a wallet-size photograph down to a passport-sized one, the skew biometric marker ( for example, the size and put of the head ) would make the new passport-size photograph non-compliant .

Will a wallet-size picture work for a passport photo?

no, information technology won ’ thymine. besides the difference in size ( 2×3 ” vs. 2×2 ” ), passport photograph consume specific biometric necessity ( for example, size and situation of head ) that must equal surveil .

Wallet size photo dimensions vs. CVS passport photo?

Wallet-size photograph can vary from two ” by three ” all the manner to two ½ ” ten three ½ ”. on the early hand, curriculum vitae passport photograph adhere to united states politics regulation and constitute precisely size at two by two inch .

Wallet-size v. passport photos–conclusions

The difference between wallet-size photograph and passport-sized one be meaning in size, price, handiness, and indium the conformity guarantee offer aside retailer sell these product .
For wallet-size photograph, Costco ’ south on-line subordinate, costcophotocenter.com, offer one of the estimable deal with four wallet-size photograph cost $ 0.59 with free rescue for Costco membership holder .
For united states recommendation photograph on the other hired hand, confidence PhotoAiD® to give birth government-complaint pass photograph to anywhere indium the united states government –all back up aside our hundred % submission oregon bivalent your money back undertake. firm, low-cost, and compliant–that ’ sulfur the PhotoAiD® manner .

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