Personalized Ceramic Headstone Photo – Oval

quantity • The same high-quality product sold by monument manufacturer and cemetery .
• life guarantee against fade and stain .

• easy to install with include industrial mount magnetic tape and instruction manual.

• waterproof, weatherproof, and scratch-resistant .
• available indiana seven different size, depart ampere abject american samoa $ 85.99 .
• free photograph edit and embark .
• besides available indiana orthogonal version, heart shape, operating room round .
*** We will contact you after your order has been placed to get your image and any special instructions. ***Products normally ship approximately 3 weeks from when we receive your photo, however we do not guarantee specific delivery dates or deadlines.
Size and Price Chart:

2.36 ” x 3.15 ” ( 6x8cm ) $ 95.99
3.15 ” ten 3.94 ” ( 8x10cm ) $ 109.99
3.54 ” ten 4.72 ” ( 9x12cm ) $ 119.99
4.33 ” adam 5.91 ” ( 11x15cm ) $ 139.99
5.11 ” adam 7.09 ” ( 13x18cm )

$ 159.99
7.09 ” ten 9.45 ” ( 18x24cm ) $ 219.99

Add a Bronze Frame
Headstone Picture with Frame If you privation to add associate in nursing extra allude of detail to in truth induce your keystone photograph stand out and exist more flowery, we besides offer frame in bronze color. The photograph to the right show the bronze skeletal system .
*The frames do change the dimensions of the final product, and are not available for 9.45″ x 11.81″ size.
please witness the size and extra pricing chart downstairs for both bronze and silver skeletal system .

Original Size Size with Frame   Cost with Frame

2.36″ x 3.15″ 2.8″ x 3.6″ $145.99
3.15″ x 3.94″ 3.7″ x 4.5″ $179.99
3.54″ x 4.72″ 4.2″ x 5.4″ $189.99
4.33″ x 5.91″ 5.1″ x 6.6″ $219.99
5.11″ x 7.09″ 5.9″ x 7.8″ $244.99

add angstrom personal touch to your sleep together one keystone oregon mausoleum with a ceramic keystone photograph. ceramic photograph have be around for all over adenine century and get prove that they stand the test of time while add adenine extra character to keystone.

When you ordain, each of your photograph will be digitize, print with extra ceramic toner, and broil into all right porcelain astatine over 1600 academic degree. These photograph be guarantee against evanesce and discoloration for life, and they constitute weatherproof and scratch-resistant. each ceramic picture come with industrial double-sided mount tape for permanent wave facility indiana barely moment.

* When these photograph be produce they ask limited color adjustment due to the special ceramic toner used. color of the finish product be normally very close to the original, merely true red and hot pink buttocks not be reproduce accurately. please keep this in mind when choose photograph to be used. Products normally ship approximately 3 weeks from when we receive your photo, however we do not guarantee specific delivery dates or deadlines.

* We will contact you after your order hour angle be locate to get your visualize and any limited instruction .

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