16 Best Webcam (Camera) Software & App for Windows 10 PC

Webcam software are applications that enable you to capture video run from the camera of your laptop/desktop and record or stream the video on the internet. You can easily use them to deliver professional videos, streams, and on-line classes. These applications allow you to record television in WMV and AVI file formats.

Following is a handpicked number of the Top Best Webcam Software, with their democratic features and webcam software download links. The list contains open-source ( free ) and commercial ( paid ) software .
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ManyCam is a live streaming software that enables you to deliver professional video, streams, on-line classes with ease. The cock allows you to remove, replace, or smear background during a web conference.
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Best Web Camera App and Software for PC & Laptop: Top Free Downloads

ManyCam is a live pour software that well delivers professional videos, streams, and on-line classes. The instrument allows you to remove, replace, or smear backdrop during a vane conference .

  • Available for Facebook and YouTube Live.
  • It supports streaming and broadcasting.
  • This tool is capable of recording videos in WMV and AVI.
  • It can be synced with Skype and Yahoo messenger.
  • Available for multi-languages.
  • Offers numerous effects.
  • The supported platform: Windows 10, 8, 7 PC
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It does not have a watermark in the free version. There is no light enhancement feature.
You can stream up to 4K resolution. Most features need manual control.
It has real time drag and drops effects.  

Supported file formats: H.264 IP, MP4, MJPEG, MPEG, AVI, MOV .
Visit ManyCam > >
exempt download
YouCam is a detached webcam software that can be integrated seamlessly into television call services like Zoom, Skype, Facebook, etc. It allows users to well apply makeup and clamber enhancement .


  • It offers more than 200 effects.
  • This app provides customized titles and images.
  • YouCam includes animated emojis.
  • It has a face login and face-out facility.
  • Record video in MP4 or GIF file format.
  • You can add frames and scenes to images.
  • Provides protection through a password.
  • This tool allows you to adjust lighting and sharpness in the video.
  • It allows you to share your video with QR or a bar code.
  • Supported platform: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It has face beautification tools. Limited options in the free version.
Wide range of animated emojis.  
Customizable images and titles for live streaming.  

Supported file formats: AVI, WMV, and MP4 .
Visit YouCam > >
spare download

GoPlay is a web camera app that allows you to record video with your voice. This application helps you to add a caption to your television. It helps you to trim, cut, crop, and merge your video .


  • You can remove unwanted noise from video without any hassle.
  • It allows you to adjust audio on timeline tracks.
  • The tool offers varieties of video effects.
  • Share your videos with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • You can broadcast your video in many resolutions.
  • You can edit the audio and video speed.
  • Supported platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Offers custom screen recording It is not easy to edit the video.
It has numerous media libraries.  
Supports HD resolution.  

Supported file format: 4K-60 FPS
Visit GoPlay > >
free download

iGlasses is webcam software that enables you to enhance your television camera video for Google Meet, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc. This application contains more than 50 effects and styles .


  • You can zoom your video.
  • Record your video in HD quality.
  • It allows you to adjust brightness and color correction.
  • Fine-tune the video the way you prefer.
  • The supported platform is Mac.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It has a user-friendly interface. You cannot minimize the program.
Enhance and modify the video with ease.  
Supports a wide range of camera devices.  

Supported file formats: MOV, MP4 .
Visit iGlasses > >
14 Days Free Trial
ApowerREC webcam cock allows you to capture survive streaming videos, desktop activities, and so on. It allows you to record your action on full shield or within the custom-make region .


  • It offers real-time editing while recording any video.
  • You can record videos from a webcam.
  • This software allows you to create a scheduled task to record a PC screenshot/webcam automatically.
  • You can convert video into AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.
  • It enables you to adjust the volume and customize the audio source from a microphone or sound card.
  • Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Versatile options for capturing screens Lake of file management tool.
Supports image editing  
Intuitive interface  

Supported file formats: AVI, WMV, MP4 .
Visit ApowerREC > >
free download
BandiCam is a screen recording software that helps you to capture a screen that uses technologies like DirectX, Vulkan, or OpenGL. It allows you to capture video in AVI and MP4. This lotion enables you to record video from external devices like Xbox/PlayStation, webcam, IPTV, etc .


  • You can draw on your video in real time.
  • This tool enables you to record your video and system audio.
  • It allows you to record at a specific time.
  • You can add a mouse click effect while recording any video.
  • The supported platform is windows.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Record video in HD. Not suitable for people who are beginners.
Supports video up to 144 fps. Does not support live-stream videos.
You can record 2D or 3D videos.  

Supported file formats: TIFF, MP4, PNG, AVI, GIF, JPEG .
Visit BandiCam > >
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Windows Camera is webcam software that allows you to shoot pictures on any tablet or personal computer. It allows you to pause and resume the television whenever you like. It mechanically backup your photos to OneDrive .


  • It has digital video stabilization that allows you to shoot smoother video.
  • You can capture videos with ease in both dark and bright areas.
  • The supported operating system is Windows.
  • Compose pictures with a framing grid.
  • Supported platforms: Xbox One and Windows.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Simple to use the tool. Does not contain a built-in virtual webcam
It supports resolutions up to 1080p. Requires a camera that supports 4K videos.
Good for photographers.  

Supported file formats: ISO, 4K .
Visit Windows Camera
free software
Movavi Screen Recorder is a lightweight webcam and screen recording instrument which is used for video pour, capturing video recording calls, etc. It helps you to capture entire HD television at 60 frames per fathom .


  • You can download it to record a screen with a plugin, microphone, or sound or to record a voice.
  • Include a range of settings, including frame rate and volume.
  • Capture webinars or streaming videos with ease.
  • This software helps you to record videos even if you are away.
  • It allows you to share results to Google Drive, Movavi Cloud, or YouTube.
  • No special hardware is needed for capturing screen audio.
  • You can record from any source, including a mic, system sounds, and webcam.
  • Supported platforms: Mac and Windows.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Offers numerous transactions and effects. Copy-paste video effect is not possible.
Supports drag and drop functionality.  
Provides Readymade templates.  

Supported file formats: 3GPP, FLV, SWF, MKV
Visit Movavi > >
rid Download

#9) IP Camera Viewer

IP Camera Viewer is a television monitor system that enables you to view survive video from IP cameras or USB. It can be used for your home, office, or any other place where you need security. This camera app for personal computer supports more than 2000 different IP television camera models .


  • You can control and view up to 4 camera feed simultaneously.
  • This webcam software Windows 10 allows you to make video clear by adjusting video properties.
  • You can get a live preview from multiple cameras.
  • IP Camera Viewer provides a digital zooming facility.
  • The supported platform: Windows 10,11.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
This webcam program automatically uploads recorded videos to a server. It has no inbuilt media player.
The tool is compatible with all models of IP cameras. The application cannot adjust video and image quality.
It is easy to use.  

Supported file formats: JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 .
Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //www.deskshare.com/ip-camera-viewer.aspx

#10) Logitech Capture

Logitech is a tool that enables you to record video recording from multiple sources. This web camera software for Windows 10 helps you to record video in 9:16 ( width 16 units and height 9 ) format. It allows you to broadcast television to Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch .


  • You can adjust your layouts and apply transactions with ease.
  • Webcam settings can be easily customizable.
  • This webcam app for PC allows you to personalize video content with live text overlays.
  • It enables you to capture video in a vertical format.
  • The supported platforms are Windows and macOS.
  • You can adjust the layout and apply transactions.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
This camera app for Windows 10 offers numerous transitions and effects. Requires a Logitech webcam
Direct streaming to YouTube. Account registration for using Logitech Capture is mandatory.
Optimization for mobile devices.  

Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //www.logitech.com/en-in/software/capture.html

#11) Debut Video Capture Software

Debut is a tool that allows you to record webcam, screen, or a selected share. It is one of the best camera apps for personal computer that helps you to adjust discolor settings and add effects. It enables you to capture video from network IP television camera .


  • Record video in WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, MOV, and MP4 formats.
  • Record audio from the microphone.
  • Burn recording directly to DVD.
  • You can edit the recorded video.
  • This webcam software for Mac enables you to capture video with no sound.
  • You can create a photo snapshot of the video.
  • Supported platforms: Windows and Mac OS X.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Minimalistic UI. It contains a watermark.
You can easily share videos through various channels. Hard to record video in full-screen mode
Quickly record video from your webcam.  
Good selection of recording options  

Supported file formats: AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MPG, and FLV .
Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //www.nchsoftware.com/capture/index.html

#12) OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source, absolve live pour and video read software. It enables you to create a scene with multiple sources, including images, text, webcams, and more. This application allows you to switch seamlessly between video transactions .


  • It offers intuitive audio.
  • You can rearrange UI the way you want.
  • OBS Studio allows you to preview the scene before making it live.
  • Supported platforms are Windows, Linux, and Mac.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
You can capture video in real time. UI is not intuitive.
Offers easy-to-use configurable options.  
Output video quality is high.  
Supports lots of plugins.  

Supported file formats: MP4, FLV
Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //obsproject.com/

#13) AlterCam

AlterCam is Webcam software that enables you to add effects to your video old world chat. It allows you to hide your face with a mosaic. This application enables you to add a logo to the flow .


  • You can broadcast pre-recorded video or live desktop.
  • This tool supports HD video resolution.
  • You can change your voice in real time.
  • This webcam viewer provides virtual webcam video with effects.
  • AlterCam allows you to blur video.
  • It is available for Windows.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It has its own webcam drivers. Some features are difficult to use.
Preview effects.  
Animated overlays like penguins and frogs on images.  

Supported file formats: AVI, WMV, MP4 .
Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //altercam.com/

#14) Contacam

Contacam is a fast and whippersnapper video recording surveillance joyride that meets your security need. It is available in numerous languages, including english, french, chinese, italian, and more .


  • Integrated with a web server with password protection.
  • This webcam adjustment software supports Webcams, DV, WDM, and IP cameras.
  • You can watch videos remotely using a cloud client like Dropbox.
  • You can set up unlimited parallel cameras.
  • Easy to record video manually.
  • This PC camera software is available for Windows.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
This web camera application is easy to use. Difficulty in pairing with IP cameras.
Useful features.  
Available in many languages like English, German, Italian, and more.  

Supported file formats: RTSP, MJPEG, H.264, and H.265 .
Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //www.contaware.com/contacam.html

#15) Webcamoid

Webcamoid is a versatile and open-source webcam suite that is written in C++. It has a dim-witted and easy-to-use drug user interface. This exempt webcam software for Windows enables you to customize dominance for webcams .


  • Manage multiple cameras with ease.
  • This webcam recording software offers more than 60 effects.
  • Translated into numerous languages.
  • Capture from network or local device.
  • Capture from the desktop.
  • Supported platforms: GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Persistent configuration. UI is not user-friendly.
Camera control l for brightness and contrast.  

Supported file formats: 3GP, FLV, GIF, MP4, F4V .
Price: free
Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //webcamoid.github.io/

#16) Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a camera software for personal computer that enables you to instantly record any video from your browser. It is one of the best free webcam software that allows you to share, compress, and make changes in the video. This camera app for laptop has a built-in vane server .


  • This laptop camera software can work with built-in webcam and mic.
  • Offers easy video editing tools.
  • Provides privacy protection
  • Record video of resolution 360p, 720p, 480p, or 1080p.
  • Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Easy to record video. The user interface is not user-friendly.
Save webcam recording directly to PC.  

Supported file formats: 3GP, FLV, GIF, MP4, F4V .
Price: free
Link: hypertext transfer protocol : //clipchamp.com/en/webcam-recorder/


Webcam software is an application that enables you to capture television feeds from the television camera of your laptop/desktop and record or stream the television on the internet. You can well use them to deliver professional videos, streams, and on-line classes. These applications allow you to record video in WMV and AVI file formats .
Following are some of the best Webcam software for personal computer :

  • ManyCam
  • YouCam
  • GoPlay
  • iGlasses
  • ApowerREC
  • BandiCam

Following are the reasons for using Webcam Software :

  • Wide range of animated emojis.
  • Customizable images and titles for live streaming.
  • Capture from network or local device.
  • Capture from the desktop.
  • It allows you to record at a specific time.
  • Green screen option.

many mod devices with Windows 10 operating systems have a webcam. If you want to use it, you need app that helps you to record television, stream video, take pictures, etc. For this reason, Microsoft offers app called camera that is included by default in Windows 10 .

You can follow the below steps to use a network television camera in Windows 10 :

  • Step 1) Go to the start button or type Camera in the search bar
  • Step 2) Select the Camera App and open it
  • Step 3) Make sure you have the webcam inserted if you are using a PC that does not have a webcam preinstalled

Best Web Camera App and Software for PC & Laptop: Top Free Downloads

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