21 Wedding Picture Frames That Make For Perfect Keepsakes

Display your favored marry day shots in style. You ‘ve spent months planning your marry day, and once it ‘s over, the best way to relive it for years to come is through beautiful photos. While photograph albums are a must-have for any newlywed copulate ( seriously—splurge on one as a first-anniversary endowment ! ), you should besides make a detail to display some of your favorite shots in cosmetic picture frames. not only do they add a sweet and sentimental vibration to your home interior decoration, but wedding visualize frames besides make a great addition to your wedding register .

The key to choosing the best photograph frame is to consider both your home ‘s aesthetic and your adult day vibration. If you planned a boho celebration, a rustic woodwind picture frame would be a perfect compliment. Likewise, couples who held a semiformal bash can opt for a word picture frame that ‘s satiny and dateless, like ash grey or Swarovski crystals.

here, we ‘ve rounded up 21 chic options for framing your beautiful, sentimental, particular marry photos .

Vera Wang Infinity Picture Frame

Silver wedding picture frame with infinity sign This silverplate photograph frame designed by Vera Wang oozes minimalist charm with a device ( quite literally ) —a braided eternity motif that adds indeed much charm .

Lenox French Perle Picture Frame

White wedding picture frame with dot and swirl detail This white painting skeleton is made from ceramic stoneware and features exquisite pearl-inspired detail. Place a darling 4×6 snap from your vintage-inspired marry in it—the root would perfectly fit the human body ‘s vibration .

Reed & Barton Silver Picture Frame

Simple silver wedding picture frame The no-frills design of this fashionable silverplate picture ensnare proves that sometimes less is more. Display your favorite photograph in the 8×10 opening—it ‘s backed by a deluxe velvet-covered door for a high-end partake .

Kate Spade New York Take the Cake Picture Frame

Elegant silver plated wedding picture frame with teal border Your marriage day photos deserve to be displayed uniquely, and this fashionable photograph frame from Kate Spade fits the bill. The elegant silverplate dash features a romanticist ‘Happily always After ‘ engraving and a chic bluish green frame .

Waterford Lismore Diamond Picture Frame

Elegant crystal wedding picture frame with diamond-inspired pattern This stunning picture frame will add then much edgy style to your live board. The attention-getting diamond-inspired radiation pattern etched into the crystal would beautifully complement a dateless black and white tear from your big day .

Reed & Barton Classic Double Picture Frame

Silver double-frame wedding picture frame Two is better than one ! This double frame sports a streamlined and elementary design, making it the arrant home for a wedding day photograph and keepsake ( like your wedding invitation ). Bonus : the fold style is well-suited to a tabletop, meaning you can well move the picture ensnare around your home as you please .

Wedgwood White Folia Picture Frame

Leaf-inspired textured white wedding picture frame This textured wedding word picture frame is crafted from precious china and features beautiful leaf-inspired motifs. If you had an outdoor wedding, this white design would stylishly fit its nature-inspired aesthetic .

Reed & Barton Mother of Pearl Picture Frame

Mother of pearl wedding picture frame Mother-of-pearl detail and a silverplate bound transform this 8×10 photograph frame into an ethereal and heirloom-worthy piece of base interior decoration. Its changeable egg white complete besides makes it a fit place to display a close-up shot of your wedding day overdress .

Kate Spade New York Grace Avenue Double Invitation Picture Frame

Double wedding picture frame for invitation and photo with bow detail This beautiful double wedding painting frame of reference touts UV glass that protects your favored photos from sun damage and languish. The capture ribbon and bow details add a elegant touch to the classical silverplate design, which boasts a point for a sugared snap and day-of newspaper goods.

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L’Objet Platinum and Swarovski Crystal Garland Picture Frame

Black leather wedding picture frame with Swarovski crystals If you two hosted a deluxe, semiformal bash, then you need an evenly glamorous photograph human body to match your wedding day pictures. Sparkly Swarovski crystals and slick black leather transform this picture frame into a classy study of art .

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Point Rectangular Frame

Sterling silver wedding photo frame orgy on this gorgeous greatest silver photograph frame that boasts an all-over diamond texture. Its dateless design will match a variety show of wedding themes and photography styles, which is great news if you envision yourself switching up the blast displayed frequently .

Aerin Wave Photo Frame

Wavy gilded gold wedding photo frame available in five sizes, this gilded photograph frame set is ideal for creating a fun gallery rampart display in your be room or bedroom. The crinkled form kind of reminds us of the beach, too—perfect for duet who swapped vows by the ocean .

Mariposa Best Day Ever Beaded Trim Picture Frame

Silver wedding photo frame with beaded border and "Best Day Ever" calligraphy Honor your “ Best Day Ever ” with this fashionable marry picture skeletal system that features a preppy beaded trim. Its horizontal predilection makes it a capital put to house your darling photograph of your bridesmaids or wedding party, besides .

Anthropologie Zelda Frame

Pale pink wedding picture frame with gold art deco accents This pale pinko picture human body combines a pretty blush ghost with artwork deco-inspired accents. It ‘s adequate parts odoriferous and glam, making it the perfect frame to display a blast of true love in .

The White Company Fine Silver Plated Picture Frame

Slender silver plated wedding picture frame This slender silverplate video frame of reference ‘s minimal design lends it a gallery-like aesthetic that puts all the focus on the photograph in the concentrate. Display it in your living room as a stand-alone frame or on top of your nightstand as a reminder of your happily ever after .

ArrowSarah Rustic Wedding Photo Frame

Custom wood wedding picture frame with engraving How pretty is this rustic wood picture frame ? It can be customized with your choice of forest dirt and engraving—it ‘d be a great endow mind for a match of newlyweds starting their life together .

Orrefors Diamond 5×7 Picture Frame

Diamond-shaped textured glass wedding picture frame This beautifully textured looking glass photograph human body deserves a spotlight on your marry register and in your home. The organic diamond-shaped traffic pattern oozes effortless elegance and is sure to catch the eye of any guests that swing by .

Michael Aram Heart Picture Frame

Silver wedding picture frame with heart-shaped accents This artsy and quixotic picture frame sports a multitude of cordate accents and a 4×6 opening suited to a horizontal wedding photograph. Display it solo to truly call attention to its unique shape .

Hollywood Gallery Frame

Gilded gold border wedding picture frame with leaf clusters on corners This gilded photograph skeleton ‘s elegant nature-inspired details make it an specially unique piece of wall artwork. If your big day had a vintage, boho or botanic aesthetic to it, then you actually ca n’t go amiss with this pick.

Michael Aram Calla Lily Easel Frame

 Silver-plated wedding picture frame on a gold easel embellished with a white calla lily Make a fashionable instruction with this wedding picture frame of reference designed with love in mind ( after all, calla lilies are a symbol of purity, love and romance ). The silverplate frame rests on a curvy easel embellished with a white calla lily for a dreamy, modeled look .

West Elm Acrylic & Metal Standing Frames

Acrylic and brass wedding picture frame set Couples with an ultra-modern aesthetic will love the combination of acrylic and boldness in this satiny skeletal system set. available in a trio of versatile sizes, the frames stand alone as “ blocks ” so they ‘re a great choice for thin surfaces ( like an entrance postpone ) .

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