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Like a garden, a collection needs to be weeded regularly in order to thrive. many weeds are beautiful, but left to their own devices they will take over a garden and drown out the things you are actually trying to grow. A library is the same. We must weed out grubby and unwanted items to make room for popular titles, and attractive copies of classics, and early materials to round out our collections .
When I began in my current library, the solicitation needed to be weeded badly. popular items were falling apart, and other items ( including a vintage 1983 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles chapter book, which I failed to take a picture of ! ! ) had been sitting indeed long that glue dust flew from the tie when opened. By the meter I finished Juvenile Fiction ( chapter books ), more than 1500 items were discarded or replaced. Look how pretty the stacks look now !
juvenile shelves post weeding
Do not put off weeding until you are in this situation ! Sit down right now and make a weed plan. Decide the order in which collections will be addressed, and/or assign collections to staff members to focus on. Determine the criterion you will use for weed, and how you and staff will regularly fit fourth dimension into your schedules for this important job. Look at your budget to determine how much money can be allocated to replacing moth-eaten copies, or filling gaps in series and subjects.

If you have a large weed project like mine, make a plan for how you plan to use the extra shelf space- displays ? extra pull out collections ? a passive program in the stacks ? -to get jazzed about the possibly daunting tax before you. Motivate yourself and your staff by keeping track of circulation statistics and taking before and after pictures .

Go forth and pot !

Consider these sources for more on weeding:

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– “ Why We Weed ” from Awful Library Books .

-The CREW method ( pages 69-70 are particular to youth collections ) may be specially helpful if you are newfangled to weeding. Keep in mind, however, that depending on your community and the use of your collections, the count of years you allow an item to sit on the shelf may vary. In my library, most juvenile fabrication items sitting for more than one year motivation to be reviewed, as this is a high gear circulate collection. They may be put on display, or find themselves in the book sale .

– Weeding Library Collections : A Selected Annotated Bibliography for Library Collection Evaluation from the American Library Association

today ’ south blog post was written by Kendra Jones, a Children ’ randomness Librarian at the Tacoma Public Library in Tacoma, WA on behalf of the ALSC Managing Children ’ mho Services Committee .

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