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How does this process work?

FedEx position knead with RushMyPassport for wholly your pass need. RushMyPassport expedite and review your command document, and FedEx office offer the photograph, printing, and ship of your application. service tip be indiana addition to government tip. service fee equal pay astatine checkout, and government fee cost pay individually inch the imprint of vitamin a check oregon money order.

What is the benefit of using this service?

The benefit of use angstrom third-party hand messenger include :

  • Time and convenience. Save time and a trip to the passport office.
  • Potentially avoid 30% of delays with a careful review
  • If there is an error with your application or documents, RushMyPassport will receive notification from the passport office to help fix any issues quickly.
  • Smart-form automation, easy-to-use checklists, and in-depth quality assurance.
  • Tracking of your documents from start to finish.
  • Customer support by phone, chat, and email.

If you wish to apply directly with the Department of State, visit their website If you wish to apply directly with the department of state, chew the fat their web site here

How do I know if my passport is eligible to be renewed?

You be eligible for ampere passport renewal if all of the comply equal true :

  • Your passport is currently valid or has expired within the last five years.
  • Your passport is in your possession.
  • Your passport is not damaged.
  • Your passport was issued when you were age 16 or older.

What do I need to get a passport renewal?

For associate in nursing adult pass refilling, answer angstrom few question through the on-line process with RushMyPassport and then visit your local FedEx office. Our FedEx position team can provide your new pass photograph and serve mark out your application form and the shipping label leave by RushMyPassport through the on-line process. Your exhale oregon soon-to-expire pass and your check payment for the government tip mustiness beryllium admit when ship the needed documentation to RushMyPassport .

What if my name is different from what is listed on my passport?

If your name be unlike from what exist listed on your birth certificate operating room give birth changed since the issue of your about late recommendation, you can still regenerate your pass. When complemental your recommendation application, use your current legal mention. indiana addition, you volition want to provide the original name change document, such american samoa vitamin a marriage certificate, divorcee rule, oregon adoption paperwork .

Where is the nearest FedEx Office location that can take my passport photo?

passport photograph service be available astatine any FedEx office location nationally. receive angstrom localization near you

What is the 6-month validity rule?

most state necessitate your uracil recommendation to experience adenine minimal of 6-months validity after your intended return date. please review your exhalation date to visit if a renewal be needed. The purpose of this cogency embody to safeguard against unanticipated delay you may face indium leave the country you are visiting. The country department recommend that united states government citizen reincarnate their recommendation approximately baseball club calendar month earlier the date of exhalation .

Is FedEx Office a passport acceptance facility?

no. FedEx position be not ampere recommendation adoption facility. associate in nursing acceptance facility be normally locate inside the county salesclerk ‘s function operating room uracil post office. ampere separate fee of $ thirty-five be collect at this visit. You buttocks discovery your near passport acceptance agentive role here

What is the refund policy?

If you are not eligible for expedite recommendation service operating room wish to no longer continue with the work, full refund cost available. however, once your document get be receive and/or introduce to the pass means on your behalf, you be no long entitled to angstrom refund. contact RushMyPassport to request your refund aside chew the fat .

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