Heirloom Locket Prints

How to order itty-bitty pictures for your photo lockets

Keep your sleep together ones close up to you affection with their photograph in a locket. Lockets are a great way to remember people, places, or moments and even to pass down to your children or grandchildren. Keep reading on how you can print a photograph perfectly sized for your needs .
Online Locket Prints Printed on Premium Fuji photographic paper, these keepsake photos will stopping point forever. With our archival engineering you can rest assured that your locket print will stand the trial of time, cherished through many generations to come. You can “ eyeball ” the photograph size by using our free collage software or try a collage app on your earphone. nowadays, we ’ rhenium sharing exempt locket templates pre-sized for you using the free Canva software .
Locket Prints

Design in Canva for Free

first, double check the size of your locket and how small your print needs to be. My locket will fit a photograph that is 2 centimeters by 2 centimeters .
Use Canva.com and create a new project, sizing it as 3 inches by 4 inches.

template lockets To make it easy, we ’ ve designed a 3×4″ Canva photograph template with 2 ellipse and 2 orthogonal photograph placeholders scaled to common locket sizes .

Upload the photos you want to use and drop them into the 3×4″ photographic print template. Adjust as needed .
CANVA TEMPLATE * lean : if you entirely need one visualize, duplicate it into all the photograph placeholders just in sheath the size is off or you make a cutting error. It won ’ thymine cost more to fill up the broad print .
Locket Prints

Size The Image

I cropped out parts of the effigy that I did not want included in my locket. The print is going to be little, we recommend adjusting it as close to the subjects face as possible.

Save & Print

Save your perfectly sized image by clicking the download button at the top right of the Canva page. Be certain the file is saving as a jpeg, quality > 100 .
then, upload it to your Persnickety Prints report and club your absolutely sized locket image as a 3×4 on photographic paper. To make transport worth it, you might a well order all of your prints. once you receive your bitty pictures, cut & insert into your locket and hold onto it everlastingly. < 3 For more tips on how to arrange from Persnickety, click here !

Locket Prints

Links to our favorite lockets:

We can not wait to see what images you will print for your locket ! share it on social media and tag us @PersnicketyPrints !

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