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picture It Custom offers high-quality metallic element prints that are perfect for displaying your favorite photos and memories. We offer a kind of sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect print for your home or office. Plus, our alloy prints are abrasion repellent and rainproof, so you can be certain your print will last for years to come .
Below, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions to give you a better estimate of picture It Custom ‘s metal prints .

How are metallic element prints made ?

The process of making a alloy print begins with printing your photograph onto special paper that has been coated with a heat-activated adhesive material. This newspaper is then placed onto a tabloid of recycle aluminum and run through a big heating system press. The heating system activates the adhesive, bonding the wallpaper to the metallic surface .

What are the benefits of metal prints ?

picture It Custom metallic element prints are known for their vibrant colors and sharp images. Our 24 x 36 metallic element prints are besides waterproof and scratch-resistant, making them a great option for indoor and outdoor displays.

Some other 24×36 picture prints benefits include :

  • metal prints are extremely durable and repellent to fading .
  • metallic prints have a alone expression that can very make your photos dad .
  • metallic prints are easy to clean and maintain .
  • ultimately, metallic prints are lightweight and easy to hang.

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so why should I choose picture It Custom ’ s 24×36 metallic element mark ?

There are many reasons to choose our 24 x 36 metallic photographic print over early types of prints. alloy prints are highly durable, meaning they can withstand being handled and displayed without fear of damage. Our metallic prints besides have brilliant, vibrant and slick colors that will not fade over time. additionally, you can choose either “ no hang ” or “ dominate strip ” for the 24×36 alloy prints. In summation, 24 adam 36 photograph metallic element prints are easy to clean and care for .

Do you have any tips for displaying metal prints ?

here are a few tips for displaying your metallic element prints :

Can I display my alloy photograph photographic print outdoors ?

Yes, you can display your 24×36 alloy print outdoors ! metal prints are extremely durable and weather-resistant, making them a capital choice for outdoor display. however, we recommend placing your print under an awning or overhang to protect it from mastermind sunlight and coarse upwind conditions .

What are the benefits of ordering from picture It Custom ?

When you holy order from us, you can rest assured knowing that your alloy photographic print will be made with the last concern and attention to detail. We use only the highest quality materials, and our team of skilled artisans has years of have in creating beautiful 24 adam 36 photograph prints. In addition, we offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident in your purchase .

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