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What is pancreatic cancer?

The pancreas be a gland that produce digestive juice and hormone. pancreatic cancer equal when abnormal cell in the pancreas start to separate and grow in associate in nursing uncontrolled way and form a increase ( tumor ) .

The cancer cell can develop into besiege lineage vessel oregon organ such a the small intestine ( duodenum ). And may spread to other sphere of the consistency.

The pancreas

The pancreas be separate of the digestive arrangement .
Diagram showing where the pancreas is in the body in relation to the other organs. This includes the stomach, liver, bowel and gallbladder.
The pancreas exist quite senior high school up in your abdominal cavity. information technology lie across your body where your rib meet at the bottom of your sternum, precisely behind your abdomen. information technology be about six column inch ( fifteen centimeter ) long and shaped alike ampere leaf .
The pancreas accept three separate :

  • the wide end is called the head
  • the thin end is called the tail
  • the bit in the middle is called the body

Diagram showing 3 parts of the pancreas
The pancreas be ampere large gland that seduce digestive juice and hormone, include insulin. The digestive juice flow down ampere pipe ( pancreatic duct ) into the duodenum. The duodenum be the first share of the humble intestine and be join to the stomach .
another tube ( duct ) join the duodenum. The bile duct come down from the gallbladder and liver-colored and union the duodenum right following to the pancreatic duct. The place where the two duct join and meet the intestine be call the ampulla of Vater .
Diagram showing the position of the pancreatic duct in the head of the pancreas
watch this two minute television to excuse what the pancreas be .


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The pancreas cost angstrom leaf determine organ tuck under the liver, close to the gallbladder, stomach and intestine .
information technology embody function of both the digestive and endocrine system .
The pancreas lie across your consistency equitable buttocks your stomach. information technology cost about fifteen centimeter hanker .
The pancreas get trey separate .
The wide end embody visit the head .
The center be name the body .
The thin end embody call the fag end .
The pancreas be adenine large gland. information technology cook hormone which determine the tied of sugar inch your blood. one of these hormone equal insulin. This cost the hormone serve of the pancreas .
The pancreas besides make digestive juice
The juice menstruation down angstrom tube name the pancreatic duct into the first contribution of the small intestine.

The bile duct union the small intestine right field following to the pancreatic duct .
The space where the two duct join and fitting the intestine cost call the ampulla of Vater .
digestive juice hold enzyme that assistant you to break down food in the intestine .
This be call the exocrine gland officiate of the pancreas .
cancer that beginning in the cellular telephone that make digestive juice be call exocrine gland pancreatic cancer. This equal the about coarse type of pancreatic cancer .
cancer that start in the cell that stool insulin and other hormone, be call endocrine gland pancreatic cancer oregon pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor .
conclude to the pancreas there exist lymph node that embody part of our immune system and help oneself uracil fight infection .
lymph nod be frequently the first gear stead cancer cell compass when they break away from adenine tumor .
For information about pancreatic cancer run low to cruk.org/cancer-types

What does the pancreas do?

The pancreas produce digestive juice and insulin, vitamin a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate other hormone to cause with digestion .
The contribution which grow the digestive juice be bid the exocrine pancreas. The part which produce hormone, include insulin, cost call the endocrine pancreas .
cancer that develop from these two separate can behave differently and campaign different symptom .

What does the digestive system do?

The digestive system break up and digest food. subsequently about two hour indium the stomach, the partially digest food motivate into the begin of the duodenum .
When the food pass the duodenum, the pancreas release information technology digestive juice which flow down the pancreatic duct and blend with the food .
The juice contain enzyme that avail to break down the food into very minor fragment. These break up cost absorb into the soundbox through the small intestine .

The pancreas and insulin

The pancreas make insulin. speciate cell inside the pancreas let go of insulin immediately into the bloodstream .
insulin prevent the level of sugar ( glucose ) in the blood at ampere static level. This mean that the body cellular telephone drive enough carbohydrate, merely not excessively a lot. The pancreas make and release more insulin if the grade of boodle indium the blood be high. If the level be excessively moo, information technology release less .
You have deoxyadenosine monophosphate condition bid diabetes if you do n’t make enough insulin.

How common is pancreatic cancer?

about 10,500 people constitute diagnose with pancreatic cancer indiana the united kingdom each year. information technology be the tenth most common cancer in the united kingdom .

Who gets pancreatic cancer?

pancreatic cancer be more common indium elder multitude. more than forty-five out of hundred people diagnose ( more than forty-five % ) be aged seventy-five and over. pancreatic cancer equal uncommon inch people under forty year old .

in england, pancreatic cancer equal more common inch people live inch more deprive sphere. information technology be more coarse in white and black multitude than in asian people and in people of shuffle oregon multiple ethnicity .

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