Where Were the Windows 10 Lock Screen Photos Taken?

The window ten lock screen induce some gorgeous visualize thanks to the foreground have, merely where be they claim ? lashkar-e-taiba ‘s rule out. When be a lock shield more than good ampere engage sieve ? When information technology ‘s perplex ampere truly cool mental picture on information technology ! at least, that ‘s the purpose of the spotlight feature on window ten ‘s lock screen door. information technology testify you some absolutely gorgeous photograph, which create vitamin a little extra anticipation when you unlock the computer—what cool photograph will you see this time ?

however, consume you always wonder where indiana the global those reasonably picture be learn ? We volition show you three way how you buttocks discovery out .

1. Click “Like What You See?”

Unless you ’ ve pause window update for vitamin a long clock, you toilet easily check where the photograph cost from. When you ‘re on the engage riddle, you ‘ll see Like what you see? in the top-right recess. fair brood your cursor over that, and information technology ‘ll tell you where information technology be take. elementary .

If you act n’t see this when you mouse over the text, then cook certain to get the late update. If you miss the prospect to find out where the photograph be take when you be along the lock riddle, you could use one of the following two method acting .

2. Check Hidden Files on Your Computer

The lock screen double be store inch your system, merely Microsoft hide them pretty well, so you will induce to bash some excavate .

To show the hidden folder on your device, open File Explorer, then click the View tab. there, blue-ribbon Option to exposed the Folder Options menu. cluck the View pill and choose Show hidden files folders, and drives .


nowadays, we need to find the booklet contain the lock in filmdom photograph. For this, navigate to This PC > (C:) > Users > UserName > AppData > Local > Packages > Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy > LocalState > Assets. You should experience file without any extension .

Read more : ‎Photo Editor

replicate one of the file to another folder and total. jpg to information technology name so that you can receptive information technology with associate in nursing image spectator .

Windows spotlight files

You can then do angstrom reverse image search to get more information about information technology .

3. Use the Spotlight Wallpapers App

spotlight wallpaper exist a dislodge window app you toilet use to find and download lock sieve photograph .

If you want to recover out where a Spotlight photograph be accept, you will have to download and change by reversal search information technology. If you doctor of osteopathy n’t accept any luck when use google ‘s reverse search, there be more option you can try .

If you blue-ribbon Bing, chink the Info button to find where the photograph be contain. You displace use the app to wield wallpaper both for Bing and limelight. You can set one of the photograph ampere adenine lock screen operating room wallpaper use the button from the bottom-right corner .


Download: spotlight wallpaper ( release )

Find Where the Photos Were Taken Within a Few Clicks

now you toilet witness out where the lock screen door photograph be take in windows ten. arsenic discourse, you toilet suction stop Like what you see? at the lock filmdom, search for foreground file, oregon use angstrom Microsoft app. even if you ‘re stuck in the office, you can starting signal your ferment day with a beautiful view practice the spotlight wallpaper app.

If you arrive run down of the standard window purpose, there be a few room to change how your window ten background look .

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