How Whitney Houston’s Coffin & Funeral Photo Was Leaked

Whitney Houston. A photograph of Whitney Houston in her casket at the funeral home that hosted her services was leaked to the public back in 2012. At the time, the National Enquirer put the photograph on the cover of their magazine for the universe to see. There have been a few rumors about how the photograph got out, but it seems that person who was alone with Houston ’ s cadaver snapped a movie and sold it to the yellow journalism. Houston, who was found unresponsive in a bathtub inside her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel back on February 11, 2012, was seen wearing a empurpled attire and a pair of illusion earrings while lying in the casket. The Enquirer ran the headline, “ Whitney : The last photograph ! ” across the top of the controversial publish. The singer and actress was face down in the tub, which was filled with water, and drug gear was found in the room. Her campaign of death was accidental drown, according to the coroner. Heart disease coupled with the drugs found in Houston ’ south arrangement were besides listed as contributing factors, according to the Washington Post.

The “ I Will Always Love You ” singer was 48-years-old at the meter of her tragic end. here ’ s what you need to know :

The Owner of the Funeral Home Denied That She or Another Employee Leaked the Casket Photo

Whitney Houston: Funeral home owner denies leaking coffin photo

The owner of the Whigham Funeral Home, Carolyn Whigham, denies she or any of her staff leaked the photo of Whitney Houston in her coffin.. Report by Katie Lamborn. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at Test


After the photograph was leaked to the Enquirer, all eyes were on the owner of the funeral home, Carolyn Whigham. Whigham denied having any affair in the photograph sale, and was adamant that none of her employees were to blame, either. “ I want to clear my name. I want to clear my funeral home because it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fair affect us hera, ” Whigham said at a press league. She besides said that she had received threats over the leak photograph, according to the Washington Post.

Whigham, who was airless to the Houston family, besides said that she knew who leaked the photograph. Two local pastors besides said they knew who leaked the photograph, but they did not disclose anyone ’ randomness name publicly. “ [ It is ] improving to the Houston class to release the name, ” Rev. Jethro James said .

A Friend of Houston’s Named Raffles van Exel Has Been Accused of Selling Photos of Houston’s Dead Body to the Tabloids

Whitney Houston – The Whole Funeral (Full Video)

Finally found the whole video stream. Rest in peace, Whitney. See Whitney live in (full) concert 1991 here:


Although the Houston family never revealed the name of the person who leaked the photograph, some media outlets suspect that it was Houston ’ mho friend, Raffles van Exel. Because Houston died with cocaine in her system but there wasn ’ metric ton cocaine found in her hotel room, there was a theory that person entered the room and removed drugs. According to the New York Daily News, avant-garde Exel confessed to “ clearing ” Houston ’ south hotel room after she died.

While van Exel was never outed as the person who sold Houston ’ s casket photograph to the tabloid, his name has popped up in connection with the leak photograph. According to Bossip, HollywoodStreetKing claimed that people knew that vanguard Exel sold “ gurney and tub ” photograph to the tabloids. According to Forbes, vanguard Exel previously denied selling any photos of Houston to TMZ, specifically. There are unconfirmed reports that he tried to sell at least one photograph that he claimed was of Houston ’ s body on a gurney to TMZ, but the photograph was fake. READ NEXT: Here’s Why Fans Think A-Rod Is Cheating on JLo

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