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Rear of the Year
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Awarded for Celebrities considered to have a notable posterior
Country United Kingdom
Presented by Rear of the Year Ltd.
First awarded 1981 (one-off presentation in 1976)
Currently held by Amanda Holden and Andy Murray
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Rear of the Year is a british award for celebrities who are considered to have a celebrated posterior. It was created by publicity adviser Anthony Edwards [ 1 ] in 1976. initially, it was awarded entirely to women, but in 1986 the first award was made to a serviceman. [ 2 ] By 2015 the award was generating a grade of media coverage equivalent to £4 million ( US $ 6 million ) Advertising Value Equivalent. [ 3 ] presently, it is normally awarded per annum to one woman and one world. The award is organised by Rear of the year Limited .

history [edit ]

Edwards initiated the award as a way to promote particular brands of jeans. Barbara Windsor won the first award in 1976, [ 2 ] which was presented as a one-off publicity stunt. [ 4 ] Five years late it became an annual event with Felicity Kendal receiving the award. [ 5 ] The 1982 achiever Suzi Quatro commented : “ I ’ ve been told since I was about eight or nine that I had a dainty fuck … so, when I won the award, I was actually quite gallant. ” [ 2 ] The singer Lulu, who won the 1983 award, was late asked by a diarist if she felt that she had been the subject of objectification when she won the award, and replied : ‘ I think you ‘re taking this all much excessively badly ‘. [ 3 ] On winning the award in 1985, Lynsey de Paul quipped “ I would like to thank the organisers from the heart of my bottom ”. [ 6 ] In 1986, the award was presented to a man for the first time ( Michael Barrymore ) [ 2 ] and 1991 saw Marina Ogilvy, the daughter of Princess Alexandra, became the first royal recipient role. [ 2 ] A male award was given to Richard Fairbrass in 1994 [ 3 ] and from 1997 the male award has become a regular part of the annual event. [ 4 ] The 2002 award to Charlotte Church attracted controversy as the achiever had only recently turned 16. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] 2010 winner Fiona Bruce accepted the award and participated in a photoshoot, happily posing for pictures in compressed jeans. [ 10 ] however, she subsequently described the award as “ the most hypocritical, pathetic, farcical thing I ’ ve always done. ” [ 2 ]

In 2014, Carol Vorderman became the first person to receive the award for a second clock time, joke : “ I always suspected there were a set of people out there who were glad to see the back of me. It now appears there were even more than I thought. ” [ 2 ] The winners of the award are selected by populace vote, a process that sometimes accrues popular campaigns for finical individuals. The winners are normally actors in soap operas, contestants in world television shows or pop stars. [ 2 ] Edwards has described the contest as “ an excellent admonisher of fashions in body supreme headquarters allied powers europe ”. [ 2 ] In 2012 he declared that female rears were starting to slim down arsenic more women took to the gymnasium, square up and keeping reduce during that Olympic year. [ citation needed ] In 2018 he said that “ the swerve is towards a shapely, well-toned and, above all, proportionate rear ”. [ 2 ]

A number of businesses have sponsored the prize including manufacturers of beauty products, Cadbury [ 4 ] and Wizard Jeans. [ 3 ] Award winners are given a commemorative brass [ 2 ] in the form of an engrave crystal trophy. [ 3 ] Until 2016 the award was promoted with a achiever ‘s photograph op that was reported in the UK ‘s yellow journalism newspapers. [ 2 ] The event, staged for some years at The Dorchester hotel in London, was attended by numerous urge photographers [ 4 ] and included a champagne reception. [ 3 ] Some winners have subsequently described ambivalent feelings about their photograph ops, during which they were photographed from behind. 2007 achiever Siân Lloyd described hers as “ probably the weirdest photocall I ’ ve attended in my life ”, [ 2 ] while 2003 achiever Natasha Hamilton has said of seeing her pictures in the press : “ I fair didn ’ t like it. It seemed a fiddling bit crass and scruffy. ” [ 2 ]

Winners [edit ]

Recipients include : [ 11 ]

similar contests [edit ]

In 2013 a University of Cambridge newspaper held its own version of the award in which the contestants were naked. [ 12 ]

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