Get your collectibles and heirlooms ready for ‘Antiques Roadshow’

Hunt down your heirlooms, rummage through your rarities and collect your collectibles if you want them appraised for release because the “ Antiques Roadshow ” is coming to the Bay Area and is looking for interesting items. You barely might make a television appearance in the process .
The 27th season of PBS ’ s popular television appearance will visit five cities on this trip, including Filoli in Woodside on June 22 ,
There will be about 65 appraisers, covering approximately 23 categories that day. It should be fun, excessively. The atmosphere at by “ Roadshows ” has been described as festival-like .
Every ticket holder will be able to bring two items, although not all ticket holders will find themselves in the final tap episodes. however, everyone will have their items verbally appraised by experts from the area ’ s leading auction houses and independent dealers. occasionally, the prove admits, some items stump even these experts but, most frequently, they can answer your questions.

close associate items in a solicitation may count as one detail depending upon the appraisers, and you must be able to carry or maneuver any item yourself at the event, including on grassy and other surfaces, and inclines both indoors and outdoors and possibly through doorways or shuttle buses. The event will be wheelchair accessible .
Vehicles, stamps, malcolm stock certificates, wallpaper currency, coins, bicycles, tools, fossils, glass fire extinguishers, ammunition, explosives, hazardous materials or items that are largely made of elephant ivory or rhinoceros horn — although exceptions might be made for minimal or cosmetic amounts — will not be appraised .
If you ’ d like to enter one of the three contests to win a couple of spare tickets, read the rules at The social media sweepstakes ends good before midnight Feb. 28 and the “ Antiques Roadshow ” contest ends just earlier midnight March 21. Winners will be drawn at random and do not need to know which items to appraise when they enter the slate contest .
The third contest is “ Knock Our Socks Off, ” where compelling items are submitted to the producers in advance who then choose the most compel items. The deadline to enter that contest is just ahead midnight on March 21 .
Winners will notified respective weeks after the deadlines with their particular time slots for the event between 7:30 ante meridiem and 4:30 post meridiem All guests must be in conformity with the COVID-19 policies in station at the time of the event.

A heart for all seasons

Joann Noren, of San Rafael, had a clever mind four months ago .
Her local burn department told her she had to remove all the junipers that had been growing in the front yard ever since her house was built. She did and then decided to turn her lemons into lemonade, or more accurately, her bare landscape into a heart human body .
“ I used the heart shape because I thought it would be perfect for the space and the design gives me an opportunity to plant fresh flowering plants on a even footing whatever the season calls for, ” she says. “ last workweek, I planted primroses. They are even little, however, they will grow and spread out a little more, and I like the different colors. ”

Her neighbors love the design and have asked her for help with their gardens, but she declines. At 83 years old, she says, she has to have a helper aid her twice a week .
“ The most fantastic idea is that I look at the affection when I am in my kitchen and it gives me lots of joy, ” she says. ”

Show off

If you have a beautiful or matter to Marin garden or a newly designed Marin home, I ’ five hundred love to know about it .
Please send an electronic mail describing either one ( or both ), what you love most about it, and a photograph or two. I will post the very best ones in approaching columns. Your name will be published and you must be over 18 years previous and a Marin resident .
PJ Bremier writes on home, garden, purpose and entertain topics every Saturday. She may be contacted at P.O. Box 412, Kentfield 94914, or at pj @ .

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