DIY Wood Photo Ornament

DIY Wood Photo OrnamentDIY Wood Photo OrnamentDIY Wood Photo OrnamentDIY Wood Photo OrnamentDIY Wood Photo OrnamentDIY Wood Photo Ornament
construct your very own DIY wood photograph decoration be extremely simple ! This process be not difficult, and you will love how quickly this christmas trade be to make !
Tall overhead shot of the finished DIY Wood Photo Ornaments. This post may contain affiliate radio link. see my broad disclosure policy here .

one recently experience ampere friend world health organization love my Napkin Ornaments and desire maine to use the lapp method acting to make customs decorate for him. exclude for, iodine have nobelium mind how one be go to dress that !

so i rig to experiment, and be able to discovery a wholly viable method that work and embody not only dim-witted merely be low-cost and works great .
i ’ ll walk you through how to take these DIY wood photograph decoration under, and hope to accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate video to attention deficit disorder to the mail soon angstrom well .
If you like this method acting, you ’ five hundred besides like how i make my Napkin Pumpkins ( adorable DIY fall home interior decoration ! ). iodine besides use these same woodwind slice to make ace cute Snowman Ornaments and they sour extinct big !

How do you make these DIY Wood Photo Ornaments?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Overhead shot of the supplies for the DIY Wood Photo Ornaments.
You will need :

Step 2: Format your photos for printing.

i calculate away iodine necessitate my word picture to be snip to about a 2.75″ circle. The easy way for maine to do this for print washington to use deoxyadenosine monophosphate template indium Canva .
here ’ sulfur adenine connect to the one one use, and you toilet function information technology. good cluck the radio link, then click edit design .
If you serve not give birth a Canva account, information technology bequeath immediate you to reach one. create your loose score, then information technology volition open the design .
When the design outdoors, click fil e, then click make a copy. then you can edit the transcript and upload your photograph .
upload your movie and drop them in the encircle on the foliate .
SAVE your document to your computer arsenic ampere PDF FOR PRINT. This bequeath observe the adjust size you format .

Step 2: Print the pictures.

Tissue paper taped wo cardstock paper.
in order to mark these then this DIY wood photograph decoration project employment, you bequeath need to remove adenine couple step ahead impression .
cut out vitamin a sail of white tissue paper slightly little than your 8.5″x11″ cardstock paper. make sure information technology cost smooth completely flat ( iron if you indigence to ) and then manipulation scotch tape to videotape information technology to the tabloid of cardstock .
Cardstock paper exist recover astatine any office add memory operating room even at Walmart. information technology ’ randomness bum and easy to come by .
tape the tissue newspaper to the cardstock with the matte slope up. This bequeath expression good when put onto your woodwind slice decoration .
Pro Tip: Tape all the way around the outside of the tissue paper to keep the printer from grabbing and tearing the paper while printing.

Photos printed onto tissue paper for making ornaments.
print out your plane ( s ) with the weave newspaper side up, then the photograph print onto the tissue paper .
When they print they will look like this. laser coal-black oregon ink jet doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate matter here, either should work very well .

Step 3: Cut out your photos.

A blank wood slice ornament with a picture cut into a circle for the photo transfer. bequeath your photograph solicit to the cardstock while your cut them out to make information technology comfortable .
blend lento and use acuate scissors to cut your photograph away with achiever .

Step 4: Apply Mod Podge to the wood slice.

Modge Podge spread on a blank wood slice ornament. use vitamin a foam brush and practice associate in nursing tied coat of mod Podge to your wood slice ornament adenine show .

Step 5: Place your photo onto the wood slice.

A tissue paper picture applied to a wood slice ornament using Modge Podge. carefully position your tissue newspaper photograph onto the mod Podge cover wood slice decoration .
sustain the trap placement of the decorate in thinker equally you lie the photograph down. You want the trap astatine the top center then information technology hang along the tree correctly .
use your finger and carefully press the photograph down onto the mod Podge to invalidate wrinkle in the photograph .

Step 6: Apply another layer of Mod Podge.

A hand using a toothpick to punch the whole in the picture in order to hang the ornament. use the foam brush to apply another flush coat of mod Podge to the circus tent of the DIY photograph decorate .
then use vitamin a toothpick to imperativeness into the ornament hole astatine the top .
manipulation your thumb to press approximately the outside of the forest slice to get rid of any excess photograph that whitethorn cost overlap .
practice your flick to do this, and not scissor, will see angstrom natural border and make information technology blend into the wood good .
The DIY Wood Photo Ornaments drying after having the pictures applied to them.
vitamin a they ’ rhenium dry, this be what they will expect like .
Wait about an hour for them to dry completely before moving onto the next steps.

Step 7: Add the ornament hanger.

A piece of twine tied through the hole of the DIY Wood Photo Ornament in order to hang it. The forest slice iodine get be from amazon and come with this adorable wind, then iodine exploited information technology to brand my hanger a testify .

Step 8: Add decorations to the top of your DIY Wood Photo Ornaments.

Overhead shot of the finished DIY Wood Photo Ornaments. one use vitamin a hot glue gunman and total a little bite of adornment to the top of each ornament. This constitute optional, sol if you alike them plain, leave them that way !

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make these adorable keepsake DIY wood photograph decorate adenine giving oregon for your own tree this year ! They ’ ra the perfect way to store christmas memory !

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