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Wonderful Wordless Picture Books

by Marie Rippel A child reading a wordless picture book
Have you and your children discovered the treasures to be found in mute picture books ?
Wordless books are precisely what the condition implies—books that tell a narrative, but without print narrative text.

alternatively, mute books trust on the illustrations to draw readers into the tales they tell. The illustrators of mute books convey emotion, wit, and engaging detail without writing a individual password .
Because there are no words to “ read, ” mute books can be enjoyed independently by children of all ages—whether they are readers or not. When given the opportunity, a child will often discover a history in the book ’ sulfur illustrations that is far more imaginative than anything that you—or even the writer himself—could have conceived. Though an writer of a mute script may have had his own report to tell, each book is a lacuna slate when it is read by your child .

Reading Wordless Books with Preschoolers

mute photograph books are so much more than merely books with great pictures ! These fantastic books can benefit your preschooler ’ mho emerging literacy in three authoritative ways .
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  1. Wordless books help develop vocabulary and terminology skills in young children. As you talk to your children about the pictures in the books, they’ll learn to label objects in the pictures, assign appropriate sounds and gestures to objects, and invent a simple story plot to accompany the illustrations.
  2. Wordless books help develop creativity and storytelling skills. Wordless picture books naturally help pre-readers progress from listening to a story to telling a story. As they progress, children learn to devise storylines, understand sequencing, and develop oral, and eventually written, storytelling skills. Because they encourage imagination and creativity, wordless picture books are the ideal genre to develop these skills.
  3. Wordless books encourage book use skills.

    Wordless picture books encourage appropriate book handling skills in very small children. In addition to learning to handle books with respect and appreciation, children also learn essential book-reading skills like reading from front to back, top to bottom, and left to right, and turning pages one by one.

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Reading Wordless Books with Older Children

But mute video books aren ’ thyroxine just for preschoolers ! These versatile books can be specially enjoyable and useful for older kids. Because of their depth and complexity, mute books can stimulate an older child ’ south remember and imagination in ways that a chapter bible may not .
Child reading a wordless picture book in a tree

  1. mute picture books have amazing illustrations. Because they rely entirely on illustrations to tell a story, wordless picture books are usually illustrated in amazing detail. The artwork itself can provide hours of entertainment for an older child.
  2. Wordless books make great “ fib starters. ” Older children can use a wordless book as a springboard for a creative writing assignment. Because the illustrations suggest a storyline without using words, this genre provides the ideal story starter for a struggling writer. Using wordless books as story starters helps develop basic writing skills like sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics. But beyond the basics, this story starter activity encourages story-writing skills such as plot and character development and story structure.
  3. Wordless books are often “ mind-benders. ” Many wordless books tell fantastic stories that take the mind to places it doesn’t expect to go. These books stimulate the imagination and require more mature “readers” to think deeply about the story the author is telling.
  4. Wordless books bring history to life sentence. Wordless books tell historical stories in a particularly poignant way. Rich illustrations evoke an emotional response that might not be experienced if the story were told with words alone. An older child may find himself enjoying history without even realizing it!

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I ’ ve chosen a few of my favorite mute photograph books to get you started, but don ’ t stop consonant there. There are hundreds to choose from ! Click on a script cover below to read reviews of my favorites for preschoolers and big kids !

My Favorite Wordless Picture Books for Little Kids:

My Favorite Wordless Books for Big Kids:

FREE mute Picture Books Library List

Wordless Picture Books Library List download Would you like to read some of my favorite mute painting books with your children ? Click to download our list to take to your local library .
Looking for MORE books ? You can find more bang-up library lists here !
FREE Picture Book LIbrary Lists

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