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Ripple, the leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, today unveiled the final creators to join the first wave of Ripple ’ s Creator Fund. Selected Creator Fund projects exemplify the “ problem-centered utility ” of NFTs ; for case, in media, carbon paper credit markets, real estate of the realm and beyond. Through Ripple ’ s Creator Fund, creators can more well tap into the ultra-fast, low-cost, carbon-neutral XRP Ledger ( XRPL ) to bring their NFT projects to life .
The independent creators using NFTs to build their communities and functional manipulation cases immediately on the XRPL admit : Rare Air Media, producer of Michael Jordan ’ s ocular autobiography For the Love of the Game ; Zion Clark, wrestler, elect wheelchair racer and Netflix documentary star ; Jessica Ragzy, contemporaneous artist, entrepreneur and LEGO MASTER ; Women Helping Women, an advocacy group that prevents gender-based violence and empowers survivors ; and Chef Cecy, PancakeSwap interior designer and artist :

  • Rare Air Media – “ We changed the fiscal parameters of large-scale coffee-table books in sports and entertainment publication by adjusting expectations. Design was adenine important as photography which was american samoa critical as the editorial—redefining ‘ state-of-the-art ’ production brought it all together, ” said Mark Vancil, fall through and CEO of Rare Air Media. “ The XRP Ledger provides a platform that allows us to open our minds far wider to contemplate alone ways of communicating ideas. We are thrilled to be minting our first series. ”
  • Ragzy – “ I ’ thousand looking advancing to minting a new series on the XRP Ledger and delving deeply into how the daybook can help with entree rights and more, ” said NFT artist Jessica Ragzy. “ As an artist, it ’ mho authoritative to gain possession over our creations. ”
  • Women Helping Women – “ As an artist, the ability for NFTs to empower women in the technical school industry adenine well as the arts is something I could not have dreamt about until now, ” said Rebecca Jo, Artist. “ Women Helping Women wants to utilize this opportunity to truly empower, revolutionize and motivate women to bring what we ’ ve always had into the world through Ripple ’ s Creator Fund. ”
  • Chef Cecy – “ I ’ m super excited to have my project be share of the XRP Ledger and Ripple ’ s Creator Fund, ” said NFT artist Cecy Meade. “ The XRP Ledger will give me the opportunity to deliver a secure and capital experience for existing and new NFT collectors while developing my artistic vision. ”
  • Zion Clark – “ I ’ megabyte looking forth to making a positive shock driven by function and creating a unique residential district through an NFT series on the XRP Ledger. ”

Ripple ’ s Creator Fund is a $ 250 million commitment to help creators kickstart their state-of-the-art NFTs on the XRP Ledger. To date, more than 4,000 creators have applied to the fund which provides fiscal, creative and technical support to creators, agencies and marketplaces building new NFT use cases spanning gambling, metaverses, entertainment and more. The beginning creators to receive fund for their NFT projects include Justin Bua, xPunks and Steven Sebring. In addition, Ripple is teaming up with Momento NFT and WENEW Labs —building on existing market, infrastructure and creative representation partnerships with Mintable, mintNFT, onXRP, NFT PRO, VSA Partners and Ethernal Labs—to integrate the XRPL and deliver a seamless NFT experience to its users :

  • Momento NFT – “ We ’ ra excited to bring the celebrities and influencers using our direct-to-fan social network first access to create social NFTs on the XRP Ledger, ” said CEO Julian Rodriguez. “ Doing so get fans and collectors own personal, viral, and exciting moments from their front-runner creators. ”
  • WENEW Labs – “ Whether creating immersive experiences for the Web3 community or meaningful partnerships with advanced brands, we ’ re excited to continue dreaming the future with the back of Ripple ’ s Creator Fund. ”

ripple believes in the electric potential for NFTs to accelerate the godhead economy, inspire fresh business models and assailable access to broader engagement in the advanced fiscal system. With Ripple ’ s NFT standard— xls-20 —having been released as contribution of rippled v1.9.0, the XRPL community is one tone closer to delivering a fast, sustainable NFT have for creators, developers and their NFT applications. Key benefits and support for NFTs on the XRP Ledger include built-in royalties to efficiently move value at scale—without the need for Layer-2 protocols or bright contracts. What ’ s more, the XRPL is the first major blockchain to become carbon-neutral, allowing billions of NFTs to be sustainably minted, bought and transferred .
autonomous creators wanting to get involved with Ripple ’ s Creator Fund can apply for Wave 2 in the hail months. For more data, visit .

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